Kinect Star Wars App now available and it'll surprise you

Kinect Star Wars for Windows Phone

Kinect Star Wars for your Xbox 360 was released just a short while ago and yesterday the Kinect Star Wars app for your Windows Phone hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. And it's not what you think.

You may be thinking that the Kinect Star Wars app turns your Windows Phone into a light saber or monitors your progress in the Xbox 360 game. Nope.

The Kinect Star Wars app is a social network app that will pull feeds from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, giving your social networking a Star Wars feel. You also have a Kinect feed full of posts from your favorite Star Wars characters.

Kinect Star Wars App

On each of the Twitter and Facebook pages, you have button controls to post, view your profile, search and view the Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 website. The profile pages breaks down your Twitter account rather nicely with pages for your account details, your tweets, mentions, messages, favorites and following/followers lists. You do have live tile support to pin your profile to your Windows Phone Start Screen.

When viewing your Twitter or Facebook pages, the Kinect Star Wars app supports horizontal view but in its own special way. We won't spoil the surprise but if you're in the mood for Star Wars, the landscape view won't disappoint.

The Kinect Star Wars app is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Kinect Star Wars


Reader comments

Kinect Star Wars App now available and it'll surprise you


That's pretty cute.  I haven't been playing my Xbox, let alone my Kinect much, so I haven't even bothered to pick up Kinect Star Wars.  

the game is okay, i wish it had more accurate motion tracking, but the act of swinging a lightsaber around is pretty fun for a bit. 

Looks neat but would prefer MS to be putting resources towards better endeavors. Even though this was most likely two interns ;)

Tried the QR code but still no luck in Canada. I don't understand why Microsoft can't release these apps to everyone, it's a PITA if you ask me and frankly I don't think it's smart when you're trying to win over people from other platforms.

Me too! Just too epic to hit landscape mode & hear the theme music while your feed scrolls in Star Wars style, I lol'd so hard. My girlfriend loves it too.

Is it just me or does this reek of a bored WP7 dev? Seriously I played around with it. It just doesn't make sense to me.

The kinect game has been slated in the reviews, which is unfortunate as I was looking forward To it.