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King Poker for Windows Phone 8 + Windows 8, it's time to shuffle up and deal

King Poker

King Poker for Windows Phone 8 landed in the Windows Phone Store and offers fifteen video poker variations. What's neat with King Poker is there's a Windows 8 version of the game available that lets you sync game data and tokens between the two devices.

King Poker, on either Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8, can be played as a stand alone game. However, you can log into your Windows Live account to enable to two versions to sync together. That way your gaming stats and token counts follow you around.

Game play is like any other video poker game out there. You have a healthy variety of game types (Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, etc.) where you're dealt a hand, place your bet, and choose which cards you'll hold.

King Poker screens
King Poker on Windows Phone 8

Now here's the downside to things. The Windows 8 version of King Poker runs smoothly with no issues. The Windows Phone 8 version on the other hand is prone to crashing after you log into your Windows Live account. A reset of the phone seems to clear whatever bug is present but once you exit the game, the stability issues return.

The good news is that the developer has submitted an update that fixes this issue which should be pushed out shortly.

King Poker for Windows 8
King Poker on Windows 8

Our first impressions on King Poker is that it is a nice way to pass the time with, when it's not crashing, and the synchronization between devices helps this poker game stand out nicely.

We'll take King Poker out for a test drive, once the stability issues are resolved, and get a full review up shortly. In the meantime, if you want to try your luck with King Poker (it's free) you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.  The Windows 8 version of King Poker can be found here in the Windows Store.

QR: King Poker


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King Poker for Windows Phone 8 + Windows 8, it's time to shuffle up and deal


Would be great as I just got back from Vegas and am planning another trip, but my Lumia is 20 short of a current OS.

Wp8 vs wp7
1, wp8 is newest customers for Microsoft and they get good apps and games.
1, WP7 is first release of Microsoft. The customers believe and buy Microsoft phones when the windows phone wasn't proofed. But they are getting only disappointments from Microsoft.