Finnish goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen teams up with Nokia for some impressive trick shots

Are you prepared to see something fairly awesome? This latest advertisement from Nokia sees the company team up with Finnish goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen. The end result is a spectacular montage of some trick shots knocking smartphones out the hands of their owners. These unlucky targets are subsequently reimbursed with a shiny new Lumia 630.

It's certainly a unique way to switch consumers from competitor platforms to Windows Phone. Enjoy the footage.

Source: YouTube; thanks, HaibaneReki, for the tip!


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Finnish goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen teams up with Nokia for some impressive trick shots


Yes, because a flash is so antiquated tech that nobody wants it anymore, and that is the reason why every single high end phone or camera comes with a flash. Some peoples children...

was he talking about a camera flash or the program made by adobe used for web video but is being replaced by html5?

For people with low end non Wndows phone its nice to get a new Lumia 630, But those with high end android phones it would still be a pitty. They ought to get better than the Lumia 630.

Altough I love Windows Phones a Lumia 630 for an iPhone seems like a bad deal to me.

They should have given them a 1020 and let them record a real trick.

Me too. If someone knocked my 1020 out of my hand by kicking a ball at me going 60mph I'd file assault charges. I don't care if you gave me ten free phones, that's just messed up.

What if the user already had a Lumia, but Lassi anyway destroyed it? Worst case would be if a 1520/1020/920/930 user got their phone knocked out of the hands and got a 630 as a replacement

This I really goofy. What if they had data or photos on their phone that weren't backed up? Regardless, I would be really pissed if someone did this to me. Hopefully it's just a gag.

I am just going with the assumption, that people with older phones, or horrible phones were targeted.

What irresponsible moron came up with this idea? There is such a thing as imformed consent and if you don't have it, you don't interfere in people's lives.

And as for the Lumia 630, you can insert it - laterally - up the orifice which gives you most discomfort.