Last.fm takes on the Samsung Omnia W


We saw the other day YouTube featuring Windows Phone on its front page and tonight it's Last.fm's turn. Hopping over to the site and heading to the Radio area, you'll have your browser overtaken by the Samsung Omnia W and Windows Phone, including that $25 app card good for the Marketplace.

Although people have rightly complained about lack of exposure for Windows Phone in the past, it seems clear that everyone is stepping up a bit on the second go-around. Hopefully it will pay off in some sales.

Thanks, Sayon, for the tip!


Reader comments

Last.fm takes on the Samsung Omnia W


Oh the irony... why cant MS add last.fm scrobbling to Zune?
Do they have a reason? If so, what?
If not, then it just shows how fukken tired the zune-team is.

What does it have to do with it?! WP commercial on a site for a service that MS doesnt even support fully in their own music-softwares. Association, dumbass.

SmartDJ does'nt do shit for me as Zune is not available here in Sweden.


I want to scrobble my mp3's.

ALL mp3-softwares has a simple checkbox for last.fm scrobbling except for Microsofts products.