LinkedIn email marketing for their Windows Mobile app?

LinkedIn for Windows Mobile?

LinkedIn, the service, is a professional social network that boasts a membership of over 160,000,000 that spans over 200 countries and territories.  The LinkedIn app for Windows Phone ties it all together and delivers the network rather nicely to your Windows Phone.

LinkedIn is apparently marketing the LinkedIn app through bulk emails but there's one slight problem. The graphic shows the app running on a Nokia Lumia 800 but references "LinkedIn for Windows Mobile". Not only once but twice.

Now we can understand that typos occur so we can cut the ad agency a little slack. But come on... it's been almost two years now since Windows Phone 7 took over as the Windows mobile platform.

The good news is the LinkedIn Marketplace description references Windows Phone. If you're a LinkedIn member or look to join the network and want a mobile solution, check out the free LinkedIn app here at the Windows Mobile...err.. the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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LinkedIn email marketing for their Windows Mobile app?


Well the 7 came from somewhere. Windows Phone 1 or Windows Mobile 7, take your pick. Though I am still looking for the other 50 or so Mario games before Mario 64... ;)

Lol, that and the hundreds of other games with "64" in the title. Seriously, though, it seems like MS did some creative branding/numbering to align windows with windows phone numerically. Helps with the whole convergence goal. Maybe they can figure out a way to call the next console "XBOX 8".

It wasn't that hard to get it to line up. Windows Mobile ended with 6.5 I believe. Even though they skipped all the decimal releases, the next whole number was 7. There was no fudging of numbers necessary.

Search out the history of the video game console. You will see that the 360 is actually in the 7th Gen of consoles. So if you think about it. The next Xbox is the 8th Gen console. So yes. WP8, WIN8 & XBOX8 is very much possible.

I see this not only in marketing but in blog comments and blogs and forums and everywhere, really. I'm beginning to think that after people see "Windows" they space out and gloss over the rest until they get to a number (or not).
"Oh look, it's Windows... hmm, it must be the mobile version of Windows... or perhaps Windows is mobile."
Then again, these guys capitalized the M so I have no idea.

Actually, looks like it says your Windows "mobile device" not "Windows Mobile" device. But I get the confusion.

Is quite upsetting, the first time it mentions Windows Mobile they're clearly wrong. And now 160 million users see the wrong name. The second time it mentions it it's actually not wrong. It says "Windows mobile device," which is proper.
But this is all the more reason for Microsoft to seriously consider renaming their OS.

Yeah, I was watching a baseball game on tv and they were talking about the at bat app and they also stated "Windows mobile" , pfft, but thankfully, with windows 8, all of this confusion will go away as it will simply be known as Windows. Period. And I can't wait! "download our excellent new app on apple, android and windows" :)

Hmmm I understand the messups (perhaps not at this level) but really so what? Windows Mobile whilst falling fail to the iPhone (like every other smartphone platform at the time) was brilliant for its time. Even Android was heading on the same path of Blackberry Symbian & Windows Mobile at the time. Be proud of the heritage I say. Its the Windows part that matters most.

I knew closing my LinkedIn account was the right thing to do. I unsubscribed from their mailing list also when I got this email. That service was even more useless to me than Facebook was.

To their defense, they made a spectacular app for Windows Phone. It is better than the IOS and Android versions. Still should of got name correct though...

The problem is Mobile and Phone are so easily interchangeable that most don't think about the difference being significant enough to differentiate.  They "mean" the same thing, but of course those more tech saavy know the real difference.

Microsoft dropped the ball in calling it Windows Phone in the first place, this was always going to happen and will continue to happen.