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Lock Widgets officially released [homebrew]

WP Central

Windows Phone Hacker has released Lock Widgets for the homebrew community, just in time with the recent release of Root Tools 0.9. Lock Widgets enables users, who have access to a rooted Windows Phone, to use small tiles on their lock screens to act as glance widgets. Information which can be displayed include Twitter feeds, RSS feeds and weather reports, to name but a few.

Feature highlights of Lock Widgets:

  • Weather widget
  • RSS widget
  • Twitter @user widget
  • Memory widget
  • Puts widgets on your lockscreen. Pretty simple.
  • Daily Bing wallpaper
  • Custom background

You can download Lock Widgets from Windows Phone Hacker's website, note that you'll need an unlocked and rooted handset to use this software. 

Source: Windows Phone Hacker


Reader comments

Lock Widgets officially released [homebrew]


Do you have WP7 root tools and if so do you have lockwidgets "trusted"? I had to do that to get it to refresh...

I'm very impressed with the talent in the independent side of development with WP. The big names may shun WP right now but these talented indi devs are doing a great job. Can't wait to get this app!

And just yesterday I used the tutorial to force update my AT&T focus and tried the interop unlock aswell.
Good timing indeed =)

Maybe but not practical. Only devices with custom dft roms can download from the open market. For the rest of us with just dev & interop unlocked phones, it has to go through a xap installer.

Neat trick could be a slippery slope to android land. I wouldn't mind a simple temp overlay though w apollo

Works great on my Omnia 7
Steps to install from a unhacked phone

  1. install window break
  2. Install Zune and Windows Phone SDK
  3. Load Application Deployment 
  4. install bazaar
  5. load up bazaar and install WP7 Root Tools (under root) and Lock Widgets (under tweaks)
  6. Launch WP7 Root Tools, goto policies and mark  Lock Widgets as trusted
  7. Launch Lock Widgets :)