Logoarama reachs version 1.2, adds more gaming levels

Logoarama Updated to Version 1.2

Logoarama is a trivia game for your Windows Phone where you have to correctly identify company logos. Version 1.1 offered eight levels of logo identification challenges. The version 1.2 update not only adds a second and bonus stages with more levels to the game but also gives Logoarama a new, clean looking redesign.  The update also offers a little more forgiveness towards spelling the logo's name.


All totaled more that one hundred new logos have been added to the mix. Some logos are partial, making the game a bit more challenging in identifying things.  The update also brings a few performance tweaks and bug fixes to the mix.  Overall, the update does a good job of improving an already nice game for your Windows Phone.

Logoarama may not appeal to everyone but we found it to be an enjoyable time waster when you have a few minutes to blow. The full version of Logoarama is running $.99 and you can find it here at  the Windows Phone Marketplace.

If you're already enjoying Logoarama, the update just went live so look the update notification on your Windows Phone here shortly.

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Reader comments

Logoarama reachs version 1.2, adds more gaming levels


i third that. at first I felt like this was a poor copy of the iOS app 'logo quiz' but its now evolved to be better than that, and its been nice seeing that play out and providing feedback along the way.

Think it's fun, I tried it out, but I don't like how you need to spell out the logos. Sometimes I know how it sounds but don't know the exact spelling.

Enjoyed the game, however many of the logos I have never even seen before, as I am in South Africa. Other than that its a pretty cool game.

Since the update I can't play it on my Focus. When I identify the 1st logo and press done, the game exits. Is it only me?