Los Angeles County moving over 100,000 employees to Office 365

Office 365

Here's a big win for Microsoft and the Office 365 team. Los Angeles County, one of the largest counties in the United States, has just announced that they're moving more than 100,000 employees to Office 365.

The move to Office 365 will give 100,000 county employees across 30 departments access to email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, voice and video conferencing and other collaboration tools.

The partnership between Microsoft and LA County will help all departments get access to very useful productivity tools, even those that might not have been able to individually afford the upgrade. Now offices, like the Department of Children and Family Services, can spend more time working with cases and not stressing over the technology or the need to budget for said technology.

Hit up the source link for quotes and pictures of some of the decision makers in the county who made the move. Kudos to Microsoft on the sale.

Source: Technet

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Los Angeles County moving over 100,000 employees to Office 365


Indeed. There is no question anymore on my part that MSFT is doing the right thing by porting their services on all major platforms. All my doubts gone with the wind just like that. Congrats MSFT.

Still not sure about Cortana moving to any other platform though. Other than that I think they're doing a great job and I see where the multi-platform aspect comes in

Cortana has to move to other platforms because it is linked to Bing. And Bing is after Google search and the big bucks. It's a no brainer.

It's not just one of the largest counties, it is The largest county in the United States and this is a huge win for Microsoft.

I'm just gonna state for the record that land does not use software, people do. So we all understand what the context is when we're saying largest county.

Agreed. Alaska is the largest state in the US, and look at how many votes they have in the Electoral College.

People is really what matters in the context of something like a service, not land.

Google Docs, probably. One has to admit, it was previously one of the only good ways to collaborate on real-time with people, and Microsoft didn't have any directly comparable alternatives. Did they have solutions that worked? Of course, but Google Docs was one of the best and most well known real-time collaboration solutions.

But now Microsoft has caught up and even surpassed Google Docs in many ways, which is awesome, and it seems like people are beginning to appreciate that fact.

I've become so used to MS Word and PowerPoint that I can't use anything else. It's worth every single penny!


The link goes to an image asset...

Wondering exactly who approved the contract?

Would love to know the terms... Seeing as how gov documents are public record, shouldn't be too difficult to locate...

Isn't this the same county that gave all their school kids iPads, who then proceeded to do a simple factory restore to remove the school policy software from said iPads?

If so, I'm going to be a little bit more adamant before applauding them for implementing some new tech, given their past success. :P

More organizations will move to the cloud because it saves them money. They will overcome their security and control concerns after they see dollar signs. Google eventually will yield to reason and fully support Windows Phone and Windows because they have to. Congratulations to MS! It's ironic that the banner ad I see on this page is for Google Apps for Business.

Bear in mind that the population is around 10 million in LA County. You have 100,000 county employees (or 1%) managing the public resources for everyone else... that ratio is not too far out of line with other public agencies. My county is about .5% public employees to citizen ratio with a total population of around 500,000. Obviously that doesn't account for the differences in jurisdictional boundaries for city/state/federal workers that may be different in that area vs where I am but you get the idea... 

thank you!  

Services don't get materialize out of thin air, you need people to run those programs.   

My university is doing the same, not sure how I feel about it. On the other hand some departments have been adopting surface pro tablets, pretty thrilled with that. :)

lets just remember even if each one of them get a windows phone that is still a drop in the bucket. While thats nice still got a long way to go. But its a good step. Microsoft needs about 200 more counties like LA. And what about the rest of the world. Maybe the beginning of the long fight.