Lumia 1020 could hit End of Life status this September

It looks like the Nokia Lumia 1020 may soon be reaching "end-of-life" status. End-of-life generally refers to the point in time when a product is no longer manufactured or supported. For the 1020, that time looks to be September 14, according the Evleaks.

It would be a little odd for the Lumia 1020 to reach End-of-Life status now. The phone launched in late July 2013, just shy of a year ago. The device has a 41-megapixel camera with a Carl Ziess optic, along with a 4.5-inch AMOLED screen, 32GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, and a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor.

What do you think of the Lumia 1020 possibly reaching End-of-Life? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Evleaks


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Lumia 1020 could hit End of Life status this September



Waiting for nokia McLaren (hopefully rumoured to be the successor of 1020)...!!! ;D. But 1 year passed so fast since it was launched ..!!!

If McLaren is the successor to the 1020, then where's the successor to the 920?!?  Geez, Microsoft... why don't you listen to your customers?!?  No wonder you're still at 4% market share. Ugh!

It's not worthy enough of an upgrade to many people, including me.

And be nice. No need to bash others just because they don't have the sane opinion as yours.

It was worthy enough for an successor to the 920 for Nokia. The manufacturer of the product. So it's the successor to the 920 regardless of what you think. Just because you're not interested in the 930, it doesn't mean it's not the successor.

The 930 is more like a successor to the 925, which I have.

I'm also waiting for a successor to the 920, preferably available in the familiar all-plastic design.

If the 930 has more features, bigger app sizes for 1080p, and higher sizes more the more MPs, I would want more storage, or at least microSD support. I have like 3GB left on my 920, so I don't know how I can survive with 32GB with higher MPs and bigger app sizes.

And at least the iPhone has multiple size choices...

Adding on.. Successors should not have downgrades right? Like.. The 920 has expansion but the 930 does not?

Also. It has been said by windows phone central enough times that the 930 is more of a 5 inch version of the 1520. Or Microsoft said it.. I forgot who.

I'm not doing research. Just saying here.

I never said it does. I said that for new phones in 2014, it should have it now. Just because the 920 didn't have it doesn't mean it was fine for the 930 to get away with it.

@exkerZ: The L920 doesn't have microSD expansion either. The L930 is more of a 'downgrade' from the L1520 with the omission of the expansion and size reduction.


But from the L920 to the L930, it is obviously a huge leap forward when you factor in the processor, RAM, audio, screen size and camera.

It is a big leap from the 920, yes, but if they left the exact same internals and stuff as the 1520, like microSD, that would've been better.

The 920 doesn't have expansion, so it's not a downgrade.

They said it was a smaller version of the 1520 because they are the same specs otherwise (except the 1520 has SD card expansion).

@exkerZ, The 920 has no Micro-SD. There is no category in which a 929/930 doesn't beat a 920.

The 930 is the successor to the 925, not the 920.

They have far more similar designs, and neither has an expandable memory slot for a micro SD.

Even if Nokia had given more storage options to L930 it would be considered as an upgrade.But it has the same memory of L920 which cannot be expandable.Uhhh Nokia why u do this

LOL. Seriously...

Just because it's network exclusive or market exclusive it does not mean it is not the successor. Don't mean to shock you, but not every phone is available at every operator or market, even outside the US. My operator did not have the 1020, for instance, so the 1030 will not be a successor? Please...

It is the next step in the model numbering, it is an upgrade in SoC, screen, battery, camera, out of the box OS. It even has a new design.

I never said because of it not being on my carrier, it is not a successor, I said other reasons.

And the design is still big and heavy. I felt the Icon at a Microsoft Store. It needs to be thinner and lighter.

All I want is a 1020 successor that is the exact same specs (except the camera) as the 930, except a new Snapdragon chip and microSD support (and/or more internal storage).

Come on dude, to say that its not enough of an upgrade from the 920 is just ridiculous. It is much faster, has a much better screen and much better camera. It is a much more noticeable upgrade than any galaxy/iPhone and their previous iteration.

Never said it was a horrible successor, just it doesn't seem worthy enough FOR ME to replace my 920, as my 920 still works fine, and I'm not going to pay $700-$800 for a phone that will be replaced by something better soon, that I can pay for less on a contract.

Once again MS is playing catch up. The 930 will be behind the times once the iPhone 6 comes out. The new big push is towards more sensors and integration, the 930 hasn't improve in either area.

So you won't upgrade to McLaren because it's considered a 1020 successor, but if they tell you it's a 920 successor, you'll jump on board?

If you wanted to bash me, you failed, as you switched your phone order. It should say 920 first, then 1020.

But no, I never said I wont upgrade just because of it's name, I said because the 930 didn't really appeal to me, because I can't just waste money.

What's so hard for people like you to understand that just because a phone is speced better, doesn't mean it appeals to everyone, as storage is very important. In these times, phones should either have more internal storage OPTIONS, as not everyone needs all that storage, or add microSD. Geez...

I understand you. I have a 1020. Not gonna waste my money on something I won't be happy with. I'm waiting for more phones to be revealed

Its not an opinion numbnuts, its a fact. 930 IS IN FACT the successor to the 920. He asked where the successor is, and he was answered with a FACT.

It has faster internal component, if you say I'd not worthy based on the storage and micro SD support then any iPhone I'd not a worthy successor of the previous iPhone, they have same storage options

Bottom line overall is that the 930 is not available in the US, and therefore not a true successor to a US product. You can argue that the Icon is a true successor, but I won't make it.


The manufacturer released a successor, but decided not to release it in the US. End of story, Plus, the reason was that it released said successor 4 months earlier as the Icon there - so even that's not fully true. Just because it is a carrier exclusive it does not mean it is not the successor.

The Icon is the same as the 930 just available on Verizon the only difference is the name and color choices exact same phone so therefore successor of the 920 928

Big difference is that the iPhone comes with different storage sizes, but ALL Windows Phones come out with only one option. Sometimes you can find an international variant that's different, but then you have to pay for shipping and worry about who will provide the warranty & support.

As it stands, if we think 16GB (or 32) is not enough then we just have to suck it up. At least on the iPhone you can pay a bit more to get 32 or 64 GB. MicroSD means that they only need to prouce 1 model and carriers only have to provide one model (as they currently do). They don't need to stock extra versions and there's no way carriers would even try with WP, as sales are already so low.

MicroSD solves all issues - if 16GB is already plenty then you never need to buy a microSD card. If you want more, you can add more. With microSD the amount of storage is only limited by how much I'm willing to spend on more cards. Unlimited Storage > 16 GB storage. 

Source please? So far I heard only conjectures and rumors about it; some say 1020 successor, others 920 one.

Oh so you know more about Nokia phones than Nokia himself? Wow! Talking about ignorance and egoism...

Show me where Nokia called the 930 a 920 successor. The 929/Icon was never positioned to succeed the 920/928 and the 930 is the just the GSM variant. If you're going off of the numbers and haven't learned by now that Nokia's numbering system makes no sense then I can't help you.

Your drunk! 900-920,928,925-icon,929,930. 930 is the successor of the 920. Just like Lumia 630 is the successor of the 620

How can you call someone stupid cos of their opinion?! I think WP Central should censor some comments, that's uncivilized. MS is a jerk, doesn't seem to understand the smartphone business. If old Nokia could support 920 till now, it doesn't make sense for MS to tell us 1020 will reach end of life in September. Soon, people will start dumping WP OS back to iOS!

930 is not successor to 920! It's a baby 1520. Nokia has not even mentioned its a successor. Also its called Icon. The 920 was/is an inspiring product that is loved by many. There's almost nothing like that in the Icon/930. Not feeling the hype.

The 930 is the 920 successor, however, it's only a relatively small improvement, like an iPhone 4 to 4s deal. I'm not upgrading my 920 until there is an SD card. What's the point of having such a good recording device for videos, live events, and pictures, has offline maps, and had a good music player if it always runs put of space? An Android or BlackBerry may not have the same build quality as Nokia, but if my 920 dies, I'll probably get a Nexus because even the 1520 isn't sold in Canada (not that I'd buy it... Too big)

My 920 is powerful enough, so a 1020 with microSD will be the perfect phone for me to upgrade

For heavens sake, When is the successor to 720, 820 gonna come out...
I have been waiting for so long..

Boom! People get so caught up in semantic bs. Anyone complaining about the 920 successor and how nothing else seems to be it, please define "successor".

The 930 is the successor, just not one that I'd buy because all I really want is to record video (my 920 is better than my Nikon D7000 at video) without the damn thing running out of space after 5 minutes of recording (I also need offline music to when I get to places with no radio signal)

Yea, none of this really matters to me since I don't like any Lumias and plan on dropping mine for whatever HTC or Samsung releases. It just gets to me that people think the 930 is supposed to be "next" I guess.

I kinda understand Nokia doing this to encourage people to buy the new flagship. I am disappointed. Great camera phones what Nokia is known for. If it will not be manufactured anymore at least release a better camera algorithm for this phone!

My guess is this is not "end of life" for the 1020 as that normally means no updates or technical support, this is expected to happen 2-5 years after a phone is released, only the very worst companies end of life a product the day after it stops selling!

But there is mounting evidence that Nokia appear to have a replacement on its way, with the free hand grip promotion clearing stocks out I expect we'll see something new that somehow beats the 1020 as a camera in September.

 While I have only just brought a 1020 I am keen to see how they can top it, if it is that much better I might even consider upgrading to it early, although more likely I'll wait 2 years...

The McLaren will have a 20mp sensor similar to the 930 & 1520 the selling feature for that device will be the 3D touch feature, the true 41mp pureview successor will probably not even have 3D touch as the camera will be the hero feature on that device. Personally I couldn't care less about a gimicky air gesture system and would prefer them releasing the 1020 successor sooner rather then later as one of my contract are due for upgrade in September.

No no no, end of life doesn't mean the end of support. Just the end of the phone being sold. (replying to the a article, not you) No one panic! Author, please update the post because this is spreading FUD.

+1520  This really isn't that big of a deal.  I'm sure they have a 40+ MP successor coming which hopefully will be able to process pictures faster than the 1020 which takes forever between shots.

I too hope they have a 40+MP camera phone planned, but I'm getting the feeling they DO NOT. Which, as a 1020 owner, makes me very sad.

In the time of snapdragon 800s, Nokia flagships used snapdragon S4s, not even the pro version too. Maybe that's why my 925 lags with 8.1. I have to wait for the tiles to render when I go to the home screen.

You might want to consider resetting your phone. My old 920 does not have issues with WP8.1, nor does my 1020.

Neither does my 920. Its never lagged from day one no matter how many apps I have installed on it. It just doesn't lag. Running DP.

My 920 does lag. A little bit. But it's quite inconsistent. Most of the time it is as fast as it always has been, but sometimes it takes a while to show the tiles skin or it stutters in transitions.

I hope that will be fixed with cyan. But even if it doesn't get fixed, I can live with it.

Your 925 shouldn't lag with wp8.1
I'm very surprised that you have to wait for the tiles to render.
I have a 920 (basically the same specs as yours except the screen) and mine works fine. No lag, just like wp8.0 with more features. I don't have to wait for the home screen tiles to render, they're as fast (if not faster...) than 8.0

I'd try a hard reset on your phone just so it can have a refresh

My tiles will take a second to show up with info. If you scroll fast down the tiles will be clear and no name or icon buy then it loads in about a second.

I'm guessing your start screen is quite long then? Still shouldn't happen, I recommend a hard reset.

(I tried scrolling down through my really long app list and found no rendering problems, everything was 'there')

yea, what your experiencingf is a bug, or a problem caused by not having an up todate firmware, regardless, its not caused by the 925 being out of spec, its still blazing fast on 8.1, 925 still amazes me

Don't listen to these guys. I have the same issues with my 920 running 8.1 dev preview, and I've been operating under the assumption that the lag and tiles probs and whatnot are a result of us not having the official firmware to go with official 8.1. After were get official 8.1 AND official cyan firmware, IF the lag is still there, then you may want to consider the reset.

Well I guess it's only a few of you who are having the problem, so I guess it's not too much of a problem, if hard reset doesn't fix it them I'm sure cyan will

whatever is coming, it better have way better battery life than my 1020. My battery life has been pretty bad lately, so bad i actually wish it had a back battery cover to swap batteries.   cant wait to see what releases this fall.

The 820 is definitely gone, but I am not sure about its EOL status. I do believe that the 920 is still around though.

This is the end of life of the device, not of the operating system or of the warranty. It only means that it's not manufactured anymore.

I thought the end of life cycle for windows phone 8 was 36 months. And this isnt even 12 months old. Doesnt look good for wp...

its the end of life for that individual product which means the lumia 1020 wont be made anymore..windows phone 8 on the other will be supported till the specified time of 36 months.

Windows phone as an OS has 36 months, so your 1020 will be supported software wise for 36 months.


This end of life means they will no longer make new 1020's usually because an sucessor is coming or it has become redundant by another phone.

Well the Cdn. Ativ s is still sold new by bell $50 on 2yr. Term or $599.95 no term. Its a little sad their still charging this much since even though it has aws lte with pcs hspa+ its just to old even rogers/telus has stopped selling it with no successors in sight.

psh, the name 'ATIV' can very easily be translated to mean 'end of life'! (kinda sad, really)

Maybe upgraded by the newer version 1030? we wil see.

if the 1030 has an 4K camara resolution support I gonna buy him for sure.

I hope there will be a 1030... I love this phone and it would be really hard to go back to 20mp. But I do get frustrated with the slow picture taking...

Ah, but its going to have to be vry good to keep me interested! Android really has made headway with their cameras recently...

The 1020 is just so damn good, it's really hard to upgrade to anything. MS/Nokia is really going to have to make the 1030 or whatever it is going to be called insanely nice. I wouldn't mind some kinda of fingerprint ready cause I am getting tired of unlocking my phone. Maybe an optical zoom somehow. Battery LIFE should be twice as good at the 1020 which isn't bad at all. Qi, built in this time!!! I hacked a Qi unit into my speck case and don't want to have to do that again. Works perfectly on mine but, my wifes never worked well. FAST and twice the storage.

I would actually love to hear how you hacked Qi charging into your case. I have a 1020 and want the wireless charging while keeping my OtterBox

Would be great, plus maybe the same Dolby audio recording that they put in 930, which should supposedly work quite well.

Not in the U.S. Hall of Fame. It was only on Att with low sales numbers. That was the phone that could've been huge but exclusivity made it DOA in the U.S.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

"That was the phone that could've been huge but exclusivity made it DOA in the U.S."

+925 I am really hoping that McLaren will truly be available on all major carriers and that it will be a roaring sales success, if for no other reason than to show the carriers that exclusivity deals do not work for them as much as it doesn't work for their customers.

I just picked one up in Australia from a retailer for around $200 cheaper with free Camera Grip. Thought maybe that was happening, but it was too good an offer to refuse since I'm about to go traveling

That's not necessarily true. The Nokia 808 maintained a high sales price becasue there was a demand for it. This could be the case with the 1020. Although, I hope you're right so that I can pick one up cheap.

No. The McLaren will NOT have a 41mp. Please tone down your expectations about the McLaren unless you really really want to be disappointed.

Please stop stating rumors as facts. McLaren is still code named and people think they "know" what it will and won't be. So keep wishing and hoping. The 41MP should show itself on some device this fall.

Amazing image quality is what sets the 1020 apart from other smartphones, not the image resolution. The successor is already rumoured to come with less than a 41 MP sensor.

The only reason for the high resolution was the advantage of oversampling the image to reach a higher end quality. They could just have solved that in a smarter way than having more noisy pixels.

This is exactly correct.

But I've grown attached to the reframing zoom after taking a picture I hope this functionality can be equally well supported with "only" 20 MP.

I suspect we it will be a few years before we see a camera in a phone with the same quality as the 1020. There is no guarantee for a successor to appear just because the 1020 is eol.

It will be a loss. The distinctive camera has been recognized as a differentiator, even by windows phone detractors.

so, onward...

No it is not, the tagline "Zoom Reinvented" doesn't ring a bell to you? The 808 and L1020 was heavily advertised for it's lossless zoom capability

I think the zoom comes from great resolution, not megapixels. I use the zoom reinvented factor all the time. I don't want to lose it.

It's a marketing slogan. Try zooming in fully and tell me if it's truly lossless.

The oversampling was one of the tricks Nokia used to make the Lumia 1020 camera module what it is. The "zoom" reduces the oversampling effect, which reduces the end image quality. It's not "lossless".