Should this Lumia 1020 user upgrade to the Lumia 930?

Lumia 1020 and Lumia 930

WPCentral member, WillemC, has a dilemma. Perhaps you can help him out. He's been using the Nokia Lumia 1020 for about a year and now has an opportunity to trade it for a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 with his co-worker. Should he upgrade to the newer device or stick with the imaging monster, Lumia 1020? A few forum members have voiced in their opinions already. What do you think?

WillemC says photography is a hobby, so pictures are important. However, he has a dSLR. His main concern is the Lumia 930's low-light capabilities. Is it as good as the Nokia Lumia 1020?

Another forum member, dKp1977, says that because of the faster CPU, processing photos is a lot faster on the Lumia 930. He also says the camera app on the Lumia 930 is a lot snappier than on the Lumia 1020. Considering the fact that WillemC owns a dSLR, he recommends the Lumia 930.

On the other hand, forum member, buxz777, thinks the Lumia 1020 is noticeably better. He says every shot on the Lumia 1020 will have better bokeh, better details, better reframe, less noise, etc.

What do you think? Let WillemC know in the forums!


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Should this Lumia 1020 user upgrade to the Lumia 930?



The EOL (End of Life) date isn't until October... That means, they won't stop making it until October of this year. It's a great phone, with an amazing camera... I'm excited to see the reviews on the 930

The 1020 was good out of the gate, however its sluggish camera performance when using the Nokia Pro Camera app is a bit maddening when I really need to capture a pic quickly, which is why sometimes I load the native WP Camera app instead - it loads probably 4x faster, though you lose some customization with pre-shot settings.  Still, I'm ready to move on and am anxiously awaiting what I hope is a slew of good high-end phones from HTC, LG, Microsoft and maybe a few other OEMs.  The One "W8" is on my list right now but I'm waiting to hear what new phones Microsoft are intending to launch this fall.  I won't opt for a mid-range device since I own my phone outright and can spend $50 to get a new phone because of my coverage plan on the device, though I would take what looks like the 730 or 830 (according to rumors) if I ever lost my phone and needed to buy a new smartphone without spending $600+.  I'm keeping my hopes up for plenty of good options in the 4.7-5" screen size range with quad-core CPUs.

That's exactly where I'm at also.  I still like my 1020 but the camera performance is sluggish.  At this point the HTC looks like my next phone, but I'm hoping some more options will be available before I make a decision.  

Well you won't do quick shots on the pro camera. That's what I do also. If I know I'll compose, I'll use Nokia's app. If I want a quick one, them MS's app.

I really am struggling myself on waiting for a new phone. Broke a 920 and 925, and am currently using a sluggish 520. I have an upgrade in November, but have been fighting myself with using a next up grade and getting a 1520. Ugh. The decisions. LOL.

Better processor, ram, display.. N 5" screen which will b handy for max population other than undertaker type people.. Lol

He should upgrade to the 930. The only good thing the 1020 has is the camera. If you're reading this, upgrade your phone, bro. If you want a good phine go with 930 or 1520. Want a good camera? I'm sure you can find some online.

I agree with you. Though the 930/icon camera isn't really that far off from the 1020 in real world usage. Only issue I have with my icon which seems to never get fixed is after 8.1 I press power button to wake and it can take 5-10 seconds to wake, many icon/930 folks have this issue. Camera is still sluggish, not s bad as 1020, and maybe its just the app but viber either blows for WP or it's my phone, missing notifications, loss of connection etc. Other than that its the best phone I've owned, I've had both titan/titan 2, 920, 928. Tested 1520 to big, tested 1020 same as 920 but slow camera. This will be a serious upgrade and this person should upgrade. Nothing will beat out any time soon. The way Microsoft is doing things.

After 2 days with a 1520, my 920 feels too small.

I also like having the mic extend to where it should be. No one says "Hey, my land line handset is too damned long!"

And the 1080p display, quad processor and 20.1MP camera are no slouch either, or the 3000+ mAh battery.

I'm looking forward to a 1530 variant that has the 41MP camera. Boom.

So, no, Don't bother with a 930. Wait for a better phone that is bigger, badder, and has the camera you've come to love. (For ref: my bro has the 1020 and I've used it - the better processor is definitely noticable hence why I'd wait and get the best of both worlds).

heh, landline handsets were not intended to be carried around in your pocket all day so that analogy doesnt hold weight.... if I wanted a tablet-esque device, I would get one. At least understand that some people dont want/need that size. To each his/her own.

It makes as much sense as saying 930 loses, screen too small.... Once you go to the 1520, you never want to go back, that's a fact, just ask Daniel Rubino.

I would like to hear from people who have a 1020 and already switched to a 930. What is their take? I have a 1020, and there is nothing compelling to me with the 930 that makes me want to switch. I also don't think that people without a 1020 understand how nice the camera is. I've been waiting for the 1020 successor for a long time now and I'm not aware of anything on the horizon. Couple that with the idiotic move to Verizon in the US and there is no serious WP phone for me to even consider at the moment. :/

So you buy a phone 100% based on camera. Maybe you need to test drive the icon/930. The pics are not that noticeably different. Lets look at the larger screen size but still not to big. How about the full HD resolution, faster and smoother processing due to a much better chip set. Better out/in speakers, better phone reception, better on call speaker, faster camera. We could continue. Its obvious your are in love with your phone, but if you're waiting for the next 1020 good luck. It was a test phone to see if it might hit the market hard, yet it didn't and to date is the lowest selling high end Lumia. It may happen one day, or the camera one day just might become the new Lumia standard. But that is still some time away. Fight the good fight, stick with your phone if you like it, but be clear that its only because of the camera, and not that the 1520/icon/930 isn't compelling. Cause that is just outrageous, when these three phone sit at the top of a large pile others phone, from all OS's.

I just switched from 1020 to 1520 because I am on AT&T and there is no 930 or Icon available. Stayed away from 1520 due to size, but 1020 battery and heat made me switch. Loving it so far & don't miss the 1020. Got used to the size & it takes great prictures as well. Battery is amazing so far. I am fairly heavy user, but battery life is great so far. Would love to see a 5.5" variant of 1520. I think it will sell really good. A lttle worried about WP future though. I hope all the new manufatures give it a new lease of life & good market share by end of this year. Hate to see the platform die.

Maybe I can help you. I have all the 3 phones, 1020, 930 and 1520. I kind of made the switch without giving in my Lumia 1020. Okay, I found the new Lumia 930 to be a better fit in every way except for 2: Camera and glance feature. 930 is snappier, has a gorgeous screen, it doesn't restart apps as often as the 1020 while resuming or switching between apps. Lumia 930 has better battery life, better sound quality, loading time has shortened incredibly. It's really nice to hold in the hands and it's so beautiful. However, I find the lack of the Glance feature to be a little annoying. by the time I bought it I didn't think I'd miss that feature as much. The camera on the Lumia 930 is really, really good, but it's no match for the Lumia 1020, except for speed comparisons.

I would have to agree that the camera on my 1020 was and is the main reason I bought it & refuse to settle for anything less. Very rarely do I ever miss a photo because of the camera's slow launch on Nokia camera pro (beta). The camera makes up for a lot and I hope a second generation 1020 will be released. There's nothing that the 1520 (other than size) or 930 have that will have me upgrade or downgrade my 1020.

Stick with the 1020 till a true successor comes...I can't downgrade my camera! Did it before with my N8 to Lumia 920...NEVER AGAIN!

I was the same when I upgraded to a lumia 800 which is even worse but I kept going back because I liked the ui. I just downloaded a benchmark app and my 1020 is so far down. The 930 is right at the top. I think a Samsung is top. It depends how he uses his phone. I have noticed a lot of slowdown and lag on my 1020 of late. A pain when I am trying to play a game. I would swap for the 930 if I had a decent standalone camera

my 1020 is soooo slow but i am on 8.1 and hoping i just need cyan to get it back to performing well. If no then i'll swap for something newer and stick to teh dslr for photgraphy - i do anyway really and the 1020 is nice but i rarely need the 41MPs

I never owned a N8, but from the way you're putting it, it looks like it had an excellent camera. Makes me wonder how they downgraded after that (with the exception of the 1020, of course).

From a camera spec point of view all of Nokia's pre WP handsets blew their WP successors out of the water. The N8's camera is still ahead of much of the competition, the 808 has the imaging chip that means you don't have to wait an age for the next photo and the N9 had a camera that managed to take shots that didn't look like they were shot in fog (unlike on the L800).

My Lumia journey has been 800, 920 and now 1020 and I've loved the design of each of them (especially the 800 which feels the most solid still) but despite decent cameras the rest of the specs have been way behind top Android handsets. The 930 and 1520 at least seem to have the guts to power the imaging magic. Lets hope MS don't leave it too long to release a new camera flagship.

You must not know anything about the Nokia N8. The 920s tiny camera sensor does not take better pictures than N8s sensor (only beaten in size by the 1020 and 808 Pureview) and the 920s weak LED flash cannot hold a candle to the N8s powerful Xenon flash.

The N8 has bigger and better sensor, optics, flash, camera glass, mechanical shutter and much more camera hardware than the 920.

The 920 has OIS and Nokia Camera software. Even without OIS and outdated software, the Nokia N8s 12 Megapixel Carl Zeiss camera takes much better photos than the 920, except in low light...if you prefer artificial night lighting.

I own a N8, 920, 1020, 808 and 1520 and have been an event photographer using Nokia devices exclusively since I bought my N82 in 2008.

I'd rather trust my 5MP N82 to take a xenon lit photo than a LED lit photo from the 920....even 1520 but that's another topic altogether.

Besides having OIS and more lenses elements, the 920s camera is vastly inferior to the Nokia N8s camera hardware. I'll take the 920s camera software though.

Oh and 808 PureView for the win! :P

My resume, experience, customers around the world and Fortune 500 employers and 3 terabytes of photos and videos of important people, places and events disagree with you.

Speak for yourself and your own experience, everything is relative and has it's place and use.

The N8 had a superb camera with a much bigger sensor and a proper flash. It took better/cleaner photos than the 920... No doubt about it.
Just check out the allaboutsymbian site for photo comparisons.
(Symbian still has better camera algorithms than Windows Phone)

I own the 1020 and I've had it since it was first released. Love the phone, but I'm due for something fresh and the Lumia 930 is next up

I am replacing my 1020 with another 1020 for now with the $100 replacement program that the Microsoft store has, just to get a newer undamaged phone till a true 1020 successor comes along.
I have a little corner and glass damage. I damaged it months ago and have been using it as is.

NO. As someone who has both, no. Unless he intends to leave the 1020 as a dedicated camera, no. The 930 has so many problems that he wouldn't be happy at all with the upgrade. A 920 would leave him more pleased.

Same question... I don't see anything wrong with my 930. Best phone I've owned so far (previous proud Ativ S user here, the 930 is even better).

Only problem I've had with the Lumia 930 is a scratch on the metal because of a fall. Fumble! I suppose the 1020 would have held itself better.

LOL from the way you're talking, I doubt you truly have a 930. In short, you don't know what you're talking about.

I don't own the 930 but I have the 1520 and had the 1020 last summer.

For me the camera on the 1020 was amazing and I loved it. It was the talk of all my friends and I enjoyed using it. You have a dslr and the 930(same as 1520) is still a top performing camera. You do lose some 1020 capabilities but there are so many benefits to the 930, that I strongly say it is time to evolve :)

Its funny when people dont read the articles LOL...he has the chance to swap with someone, no just asking to buy a new device.

Id say go for the 930, im a 1020 owner but that 1080p 5" display with updated specs is hard to pass up, especially since hes got a dslr.

I wish I was as lucky as this guy. If I were to seize such an opportunity, I'd change it in a heart beat. I do own a 925, though.

The low light is not as good as 1020 but I am grateful for the slimmer frame and 5" screen those were deal breakers for me for the 1020, I not only take pictures I do other things too on my phone and it just looks better on a 5" screen, the 930 pictures are almost as good as 1020 and that's enough for me, I was thrilled to say good bye to that 1020 beast , I had to import the 930 as it isn't even available on at&t

I'm using a 930 with Aio/Cricket (same towers as AT&T) and am not getting LTE. The imported 930 doesn't have AT&T's LTE bands.

Wait... I will say to wait. Reason why is because everybody always say to wait. Wait until pigs fly, wait until the sun touches the Earth. You keep waiting and then you will wait some more.

Nothing beats the xenon flash on the 1020. LED flash photos just don't even come close. I've regretted upgrading to the 1520 so many times since I got it last year just because of this.

A dslr's xenon flash is good for properly light a subject not more than 2 meters away ... Speaking about flash on mobile phones is just ridiculous. One led, two leds, one xenon or ...... nothing is the same for me. You don't have to rely on it to shot your photos, otherwise you are doomed

As someone who upgraded from 1020 to 1520 I disagree. Agree with the flash pictures,  but other than that 1520 is a great phone. If you really into flash photography, nothing can replace a true DSLR.

He actually made a lot of sense although he said it in a sarcastic way. Future proof in technology doesn't mean once you buy a gadget, it will serve you to the end of life. Future proof in tech terms probably means 2 to 3 years. And the 930 has that. Among the three of you, you actually are making the least sense.

Need the microsd of the 1520, the camera of the 1020, the CPU power of this generations 930, the form factor of the 925, and the screen deep black glance enabled technology of the 920/925 with 1080 resolution.

Think you covered it and I'm not giving up my 1020 until they get something like 41MP Pureview, Xenon flash, microSd, latest processor, wireless charging, Battery Camera Grip, 32GB, Hi-def surround recording w/ 4 mic's, 5" 1080p screen with ink and glance ... Thats the ticket to my money ;)

Unfortunately mine doesn't so I'm just about to downgrade so I can get Cyan. I love the update but my live screen is glitchy and jumpy plus battery life is terrible now. Think I'm using way too many folders with way to many apps in them but want to see if Cyan will fix it first before I start changing it because I love having all that access on my start screen.

At this point, its easier to just wait it out for a 1020 successor. I won't be surprised if they announce it at the end of the year.

I upgraded to the 1520 and am very happy with it has a smartphone.  I still have my 1020 though and only have a few camera apps on there and use it exclusively as my camera now. (until I can get a full blown DSLR)

I'd do it simply because the 930 is worth more. Even if he dislikes it, he can sell it, get another 1020 and pocket about $300 in cash

The 1520 was never mentioned as an option here people. Yes its a great phone, but is options are keep the 1020 or swap and take the 930! I currently have the 1020 and love it, by my needs don't revolve around the camera necessarily, and I'd like a bigger 1080p screen. Therefore I would personally trade up for the 930.

If photography is his hobby and 1020 picture quaility is good enough for his daily usage - then no.

Also, I like how this thread is full of people who didn't read the "article" itself at all and are suggesting him to grab 1520.

For me, no.

Lumia 1020 is good enough. I love my Lumia 1520, but I won't you to prefer Lumia 930 because of spec. Wait for true successor is better than buying this.

next month some phones will be anounced if you can wait if not get the 930 the 930 is a cross grade not and upgrade.even the mid ranged 830 would be better as it 8.1 designed and has a newer pureview camera in it and may have a hint of microsoft to

While the 930 sure is faster and imo does macro better, the 1020 remains the true camera phone for me. In every other aspect, I like the 930 better, especially in just daily use (opening apps, using the keyboard etc.)

I think he should keep the 1020. I don't think MS will make another phone like the 1020 any time soon. As long a there is support for the device, nothing can de-throne it from the position as the best camera-phone in the world

Keep the 1020 a little longer. Im sure a new phone will come out in the coming months with a better camera than the 1020. And, that means, better processor to replace your other camera.

BETTER camera?.....I dunno, that seems like a stretch. 40MP already makes the phone 1/4 inch thick. Doubt that they will break 40, unless its just for the sake of doing it..like 40.1MP or some dumb shit like that.

Why does mp matter? The camera can be improved in a lot of features. Compare the camera on the 1020 to a hdlr. The 1020 is a lot smaller. The technology will improve of course. It might even get smaller. Who knows? All I know is, Nokia and Microsoft will always come out with new technology and developed products. There will be a lot more to offer in future products.

I'd ask for a month, or something like that, of testing period to my friend, after testing the phone you could make a better choice.

i don't have either phone, but keep the 1020, it is a classic, who knows if they will ever make a 41mp phone ever again?

I upgraded and not disappointed. I do miss the camera on the 1020 but the size, speed, screen and in built Qi charging made it a no brainer.

If mobile photography is important to you then keep the 1020 and wait for its successor. If you're ok with downgrading the camera then you can't go wrong with the 930, its a great phone as well. Just think about what's the most important to you

The 1020's camera spoiled me so I won't be upgrading until something with an equal or better camera comes out. I had the 1520 for a little while and while the camera was good not as good as the 1020. Good thing I won the 1520 so I just sold it lol

He probably shouldn't if he cares about image quality the most.

How much faster is the 930 compared to the 1020 when it comes to taking a snap? If it is SIGNIFICANTLY faster and speed is more important for him than IQ, then he might want to consider it more seriously. Otherwise, wait for the 1020 successor.

As a 1020 user who just upgraded to 930 a couple of days ago, I would not recommend switching, I'm putting my 930 for sale: It's just no 1020 replacement, its runs hot constantly no matter what you are doing as long as u are doing something, also has this purple hue when u move between environment of different light levels, there's no glance (which I miss) cos of the amoled screen. Camera isn't better than the 1020. Only going for this phone is an HD 5inch screen, faster processor (tho I don't notice it) It's a good phone for first time WP adopters or those upgrading from 8xx and lower, but for me who has used the 1020 since day 1, this is no upgrade, trust me you ain't missing nothing, be patient, lets wait for the 1030, hopefully Q1 2015. PS: unlocked LUMIA 930 for sale (US only)

I understand why it isn't there, what I don't understand is why they went with AMOLED in the first place? Is it cheaper? What?

Get the 930 as you have the dslr.

I upgraded to the 930 from the 920 and everything is better, faster etc. You may miss the 1020 camera but the 930 has Dolby sound, 1080 screen, quad-cores etc. You will love the vibrant larger screen running 8.1 with Cyan.

I don't think there is enough of the 930 to warrant the update. I'm very tempted by the HTC M8 but the camera I fear is not on par.

I used a 930 (tryed ny fathers) and have the 1020. My question to you is, do you use a lot of manual settings when you take photos? I believe you should have the answer then. On auto the 930 takes fantastic pictures and its so darn fast at it, that a slow 1020 user like me never noticed the camera take the photo. So used to wait.

930 has cheap display without memory so IT CANT DISPLAY CLOCK and notifications. (Glance screen) But 1020 has this KILLER FEATURE. So let's wait 1030 with memory card and 41mpix, and for godsake WITH BETTER NOT PENTILE DISLAY

Well the 1020 get better picture in the light and in low light its a fact, so if you prefer better picture over speed then stick with the 1020 and wait for the next device "1030" or something, if you dont really care then switch !!!

Difficult, I would say swap it if you can make the swap without any payment in between. And then if you are not satisfied with the camera in 930 (or the phone in general) then you can maybe get the next "1020". I've been using the 1020 and I just bought a 930. When it comes down to the phone itself I would say hand down that the 930 is a much nicer phone. Better looking, better battery, faster (camera app is alot faster, but not quality though), better screen and I think it's better looking. The camera though its way better on the 1020. The low light photos are very grainy on the 930 but otherwise it's not bad. I mean you can't find a better smartphone camera unless you choose a 1520 (same camera) or a Z2. Or ofc the 1020 :) Swap only if you can do it on those terms that I wrote about in the beginning. Otherwise if i where you (since photography is important to you, even though you have a dslr it's always nice to have a handy camera phone) I would wait for the predecessor to the 1020. Hope this helped ;)

I have the 1520 and my wife has the 1020. I have to admit the 1020 can take some pretty nice pics, especially if you need to zoom (reframe). I have a 24.6MP Nikon DSLR, but it's not always with me so having a good camera on the phone is worth hanging on to.

I jump from a N8 to 1520 cause the microsd capabilities. I agree that the led can compare to xenon flash. I have compare my N8 flash xenon with the 1520 and in some cases the result on the N8 are significantly better. But my overall experience with the 1520 is just simply great, so I think that the real question here is should you wait for 1020's predecessor or jump in to the experience of a 930 1080p display not so well commented here

Nokia Lumia Phones should been replace only from another Nokia with the same or better specs such as: 

41MP Rear Camera Carl Zeiss Optics (OIS),

5MP Front Camera Carl Zeiss Optics (OIS), 


QuadCore Processor,

4.5 inch Display with 1600x900 Resolution,

64GB Internal Memory,

3.000mAh Battery.

That phone i am waiting to buy.

I would keep most of the features, but lift the screen to a 5inch. The difference in overall size is so negligible that a half inch screen bump is a no brainer for me. The rest, yes, it would be a true flagship. Although, I would say that a 32GB with a memory card would be more popular. With the types from here anyway

I honestly see no reason a 1020 owner would want to get a 930. The 1020 is upgradeable to 8.1 and Cyan, so believe me when I say that if I owned said phone, I would stick with it. I see no value in a 930 over a 1020.

I have both 1020 and 930 and I'm pretty much disappointed in 930 camera, but that was expected. Everything else is just plain superior on 930! Speed speed and more speed on 930! With a bit of a practice I believe you can make 930 photos look good unless you need strong flash which 930 does not have. But you will just love the speed. I know I do.

Am a proud owner for 1020/1520/520/822/920/900/820. When it comes to the Lumia 1020 its a trophy phone. Not all the time you will have that dslr around your neck. But you will have something better than a phone in your pocket

Yes !! Speaking of around your neck.. the 1020 seems to be one of the last with a lanyard loop !!  most people prefer to make their phone larger and bulky by putting a waterproof case on it ,, but do not realize that the lanyard around the wrist will protect the phone from sinking to the bottom of the &%$# in its waterproof case :)



I say upgrade,I had a 1020 & upgraded to a 1520. I find the image quality of the 1520 to be not as good but definitely better than almost any other phone on the market & still captured incredible detail. You can do it!!

Stick with the 1020. The 1520 has lag at times when using the Nokia camera app. It's seems like it get stuck for 5 -10 secs before snapping a pic. It's very annoying. (I'm using Windows phone 8.1)

I have the 1520.3 and i never got this issue with the Nokia camera app maybe it stuck max 2sec sometime but that's it, iv got WP 8.1 too...

What does the 1520 have to do with anything? This is the most annoying comment thread due to people not reading the article!

1520 and 930 have both the same processor Snapdragon 800 quad core 2.2ghz, but yeah the 1520 got a 3400mAh and the 930 got a 2400mAh !!!