Lumia 2520 tablet shows up on T-Mobile business guide site

The Lumia 2520 tablet may be nearly a year old, but there is new evidence that T-Mobile plans to offer the Windows RT 8.1 device to its business customers. Today, the tablet was spotted as part on one of the wireless carrier's business-themed websites.

Last month, now retired Internet gadget leaker "evleaks" posted what appears to be an internal T-Mobile brochure showing off the Nokia 2520. Now its website "The Source for Business" shows the Lumia 2520 as an option alongside devices from Samsung. Google and Apple. However, the carrier has still not officially confirmed it will be selling the tablet.

As it stands, all signs point to the "Un-carrier" joining with Verizon and AT&T in selling the Lumia 2520. If this does happen, it will be the first Windows-based tablet from T-Mobile. What do you think about T-Mobile selling the Lumia 2520 and, if true, did the carrier wait too long in selling the tablet?

Source: T-Mobile via Tmonews


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Lumia 2520 tablet shows up on T-Mobile business guide site


Read my mind 2520 was a lost cause. Coming from a 2520 owner.

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Nothing. I love my 2520. 0 push. Plus with 8.1 tablets becoming more affordable what's the point of RT. I bought the Encore 2 and absolutely love it. Even running on 1gb RAM. To sell this now at price point is a lost cause

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Maybe it'd be nice if they sold as a reward. Get a family plan with x amount of lines, and get a Lumia 2520!

Okay, but you should have simply said you'd prefer a surface because from this response combined with your comment from above, it sounds that way.

Well, if I got his message, it means he owns a Surface Pro 3, which means he probably won't need to look for another tablet/laptop for quite some time.

New Intel cherry trail processor, 2560X1600 or 1920X1200 , 10.1 inch of cause 16x10 aspect ratio thin bezels On the sides 2GB of RAM , 32 & 64GB SD card up to 128GB, 8000 mah 32WT battery, TWO USB 3.1 Type C and sell for $400-$500.

I wasn't saying RT doesn't work, but a product that is DOA.  When devised, an ARM version of Windows was desirable for tablets, but since then Intel has brought x86 architecture to mobile devices which work just as well if not better.   Microsoft also made a critical error in RT by knobbling the desktop a user cannot install desktop apps for Windows which could be theoreticaly recompiled for ARM.   So by default Microsoft has delivered RT as half an operating system, it supports 'Metro' apps but nothing else and with the exception of Office offers little more than a subset of apps available on say iOS or Android. RT would have been great - years ago, now it's been overtaken by CPU developments from Intel.   A user, who is not going for the looks of the Nokia tablet or the RT versions of a Surface, can, for a LOT less money buy a tablet with an x86 processor and version of Windows.   This means they can get all the mobile touch metro apps AND the 'millions?' of normal PC applications that are out there already.   There is no comparision, £180+ for a tablet with FULL PC functionality or £300+ for a crippled half-Windows.  Therefore, I believe at this point, RT is dead on arrival and any product using it is doomed unless Microsoft start chasing the £50-75 budget tablet sector.  The only future I see for RT is making it the core a future Windows Phone OS as part of a convergence strategy, it's dead weight right now.

I have the 2520 and use it all the time, even though I also have an original Surface Pro. I hope Microsoft keeps this tablet line going.

According to  TK Tech in the video T-Mobile says they're going to release 5 new WP devices by the end of the year.Already have the NL 635 out with the now-rumoured NL 1525 coming next month. ATT is getting a version of the HTC M8 w/Windows so a T-Mobile version seems likely. That would leave possibly another Lumia and maybe the WP from LG to round out T-Mobile's lineup. Hey, it sounds good at least.

That makes sense, but I guess my mind instantly went with lumias and it seemed to make sense. 635, 730, 830, 1525, and maybe even the 530. But I'm just guessing on the 530 and 730. What would be sad is if the 1525 was the only high end WP on tmobile for the holidays, so I hope you're right.

That was just a misunderstanding: There is no WiFi only version. Every Lumia 2520 comes with WiFi AND LTE connectivity.

Off topic, but I kind of find it funny that they won't be carrying Blackberries for their business customers, but they'll carry a year old (basically discontinued) tablet from a company that got bought by another company that runs an OS that almost no one uses.... That's really sad [for blackberry].

I think they got the whole stock from MS,this product is dead unless they sell it for not more than $120,00,it's being killed by the pro line tablets.

I have the 2520. It is a nice device for what it is. But that Lumia design with the power of a surface pro 3 would be the best of both. The 2520 with the keyboard/cover is an amazingly sweet design. Too bad it is RT 8.1 based.

If they insist on selling this they should at least wait till Windows 9 is released. Think that will be a better sell.

With all the respect I have for Microsoft. Windows RT is shit , especially when you can have full windows version for same price ...

I have the Lumia 2520 and have had to change the keyboard once.  Some of the keys stopped working.  Now the replacement keyboard does not work either.  Some of the keys have stopped working.  The device sometimes shuts down and I have to do a soft reset.  This happens a few times per day. I am leaning towards saying buy the Surface Pro 3. 

I'm still loving my surface 2. However, Tmobile gave me a sim with free data(something about a loyal customer) and I have nothing to use it in. I do love red. Maybe an extra tablet for my wife or something. I think Surface needs to come in colors. I want to paint mine but I paid for the extra warranty.

This is a business department exclusive. It will not be in store and from what's been seen stores will not be able to order it for non-business customers.