Nokia Lumia 635 and Windows Phone 8.1 coming to AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS

Lumia 635 and Windows 8.1 coming to T-Mobile and Metro PCS

Following tightly on the heels of Windows Phone 8.1 and new hardware from Nokia, T-Mobile and AT&T have both announced they will carry the Lumia 635. T-Mobile is trumpeting the availability of the Lumia 635 on its network as a solid step from the Lumia 521, which it saw massive success with, while AT&T sees this as one more device in a long line of Windows Phones it carries.

The Lumia 635 on T-Mobile and AT&T will pack the same 4.5-inch ClearBlack display, have LTE network capabilities and surely have a budget-level price. We sadly don't have any specific pricing or availability information outside of "this summer" for T-Mobile and an "intent to carry" (whatever that means) from AT&T.

We do know that the Lumia 635 will be available from both T-Mobile's postpaid service and under the MetroPCS prepaid brand, and we can assume it could be low-end enough to grace AT&T's prepaid carriers as well.

Source: T-Mobile; T-Mobile (2); AT&T


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Nokia Lumia 635 and Windows Phone 8.1 coming to AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS


a low end, quad core, wp8.1 phone does sound sweet.... wonder what the new flagship will be though.... would love a 1020 followup


I dont think any of you are paying attention - the 930 IS the Icon, but for everyone else. I expect it to be on Tmobile and AT&T when released in the US.

I don't think you was paying attention to the keynote where they said the 930 wasn't coming to the US. Why is that all the talk that 630 is coming to these carriers there's no mention that 930 is coming to AT&T. What would be the point of withholding that at these announcement?

I'm not entirely sure at&t will be getting the Lumia 930, I think they'll wait for a follow-up flagship to the 1520 possibly this fall(I keep hearing rumors of a 1820 although it sounds fictional) T-Mobile may get the 930, because they purely don't have a real flagship. As far as Sprint goes, they're a lost cause as far as Windows Phones are concerned.

Except it doesn't hold an exclusivity. It's called the Icon on Verizon and is also available internationally. Ony Sprint and T-Mobile have questionable releases for this device.

Elop specifically said they will continue with the Lumia Icon in the U.S and the 930 will be pushed internationally.

Although I do want to purchase that neon orange version without the branding unlocked, hopefully it works AT&T if I switch from Verizon!

WMPOWERUSER said it was last week. They actually said Att was getting the 930 and T-Mobile was getting the 630.

I find WPCENTRAL / WMPOWERISER equal. Both report on insider/leaked info. That's never going to be 100% accurate. The only difference is WPCENTRAL is a VERY POLISHED app with a GREAT UI. WMPOWERISER just gives more info thru the weekend usually. They basically report THE SAME INFO. I love BOTH.

Sadly, the authors at WMPowerUser don't fact check, can't do math, and frequently betray that English is not their first language. Now, I don't hold the language part against them (although it does make it hard to understand what they are writing sometimes) but the other two are issues. You brought up that they said last week AT&T would be getting the 930, and yet every report today is that it will not hit the US. This perfectly shows my point on not fact checking. They push articles out very quickly to get ahead of everyone else and some that are nothing more than click-bait.


Don't get me wrong, I still read (some of) their articles because occasionally they do bring up something worthwhile that WPCentral doesn't hit on. However, I have very little faith in the accuracy of their articles and take every single thing they post with a grain of salt until I see it posted on another site.

We all love WP news, but its more than just the app. But I wont get into that again as I'm sure you saw my reply last time. But at least this goes to show that I'm not the only one that thinks so. IMO, equating the two is insulting to wpc.

That site reports EVERYTHING. That doesn't mean they are correct...which they aren't almost as much as they are.

The Lumia 930 will also be a world phone. By that I mean it will be sold around the world from a number of carriers and in a factory unlocked version as well.

If T-mobile don't get the L930 or anything higher, I'm done with them. I'm tired of always buying unlocked AT&T high end Windows phones which are mostly restricted with features on T-mobile's network. I like their pricing, and their coverage here in Columbus is quite decent compared to a crappy coverage I used to get in San Francisco 3 years ago, but I desperately need to retire my 1020 and 925 for a high end WP8.1 device.

Let's be honest. You don't need to. You want to. Those are both very good phones that will received the Windows Phone 8.1 update along with the ongoing Nokia love we Lumia users receive.

You're probably right, they are both decent phones and run very smoothly but I'm 6,2" with fat fingers and 5"+ is more preferable. I would have bought unlocked 1520 if I could figure out how to enable tethering on it for T-mobile network but I have tried it several times without success on my 1020 and I have no idea how to get it to work on the 1520.

You can use ATT phones on AIO wireless without unlocking them.

Tethering works.

They are cheaper than T-Mobile

Nah, if there are better options it is helpful to be made aware of them so you can make a choice outside of that vacuum.


"Better option" is subjective. Just because it is YOUR opinion does not mean it's everyone's and doesn't mean it is better.

Do you work for AT&T or AIO or something? Seriously, because you sure seem to go out of your way to pimp the latter.

Nope.  Just lived through T-Mobile for the last 8 years.  That's really all it takes.

And when one has coverage where the other does not, and when the one that has that coverage is a lower cost option, and when that better coverage lower cost option has access to OBJECTIVELY better phones.  Well there is nothing subjective about better there.

But back at you.  Why do you pimp T-Mobile so much, and why are you so hell bent at trying to supress discussion about the other options available to people?

AIO is actually really good. I have had Tmobile of course too but wanted to save a few more dollars.. This 635 is a big letdown though! No flash for the camera right off the bat is a fail. That should be standard! Even the 620 has that & a front cam. Nokia is weird with their models. I'll stick to my Moto G for now. May check out the 925.. :)

I'm running an unlocked 1020 on tmobile and I tether with no problems. The key is to make sure you're not on LTE when enabling it because it causes an error for some reason. There is a way to go to hidden options (field test or something) and restrict speeds to 3G; but I always just call 611, enable tethering, and hang up. For some reason, LTE goes away when you make a call. If you need any help, feel free to PM me. That goes for anyone else needing help with this too. I hope you get it to work!

Just click on my name and click PM (private message) and send me any questions. Hopefully what I said should work for you. Let me know how it goes.



Can you expand on the features that are restricted on T-mobile? I was thinking of getting a 1520 or 1020 unlocked for T-mobile...

I don't have that many requirements...LTE for internet, and being able to make a call...that's it.

Tethering is a feature I cannot leave without and I pay $40/month for unlimited data including 6.5gb of tethering. Most of the time I get between 20-38mb/s(Lte) data speed on my 925 but on the 1020 I'm mostly stuck with Edge which is abysmally slow. I do sometimes get 4g/Lte signal on the 1020 though, but it is very unreliable. If you're a traveler like me and have to lodge in hotels sometimes, then you'll find the Wifi calling feature very useful but this feature is unfortunately not available on the the non T-mobile branded phones. Data Sense is another useful feature, though not a deal breaker to me, which conspicuous ly missing on the 1020. I would want to say here that all these limitations are very peculiar to my needs and might not be applicable to you. I hear there's a work around to get to the Wifi hotspot feature work on the 1520 but I have not been able to figure it out and as as I get it, I'm buying that big bad beast.

The lack of flash that hurts more. As a brazilian, I see many Lumia 520. But many complains about the lack of flash. Spite of that flash ruins most of the photos, people tends to believe that the lack of flash here is kind of sad.



Wait till tonight when Nokia announces the US phones. I bet the 930 or a variant of it will be US bound with someone else other than VZ.

I sure hope so. Is it so freaking hard to get a US device that is 4.5" - 5", with 32GB of memory and SD card? It seems to be an impossible combination here, apparently.

Since when have mobile consumers played by that rule? Many many Lumia 920 users have factory unlocked or model variants that came from overseas carriers.

Initially the Lumia 930 will be released overseas but it will be released here in the U.S. If you don't want to wait you can either buy an Icon or import the Lumia 930.

I'm pretty disapointed!  I too wanted the 930 on AT&T.  I REALLY like the Icon and I'm stuck on AT&T. :(  Not cool!  I bet AT&T is to blame!

With you, kem.  I am in mourning.  Looks like I will be a L1520 owner, unless the next few weeks bring something else out.  I literally slouched whe I read the L930 was an international version.  With Verizon cornering the market on 5" top end Wp's (Icon of course, and the ATIV SE), I really have to jump on the 6" monster.  It is really not my first choice, but my L900 is not doing it for me anymore....

Still on that 900? Wow. I'm on my 920, and I thought I had it rough!

Anyways, like you, I'm thinking of the 1520 now, but there are still a few days left at build, so maybe we'll see more Lumias, or maybe an HTC device...

That is right, I got my lumia 900 day 1 and my contract is just now about to be up finally. I got screwed over hard so I'm willining to wait (even longer) to make sure I get a future proof phone.

Lumia 525 is now less than $150 in vietnam, how come l630 that costs 160 has 512 mb ram. Wonder why they even build it for? To confuse customers?

I loved (HATED) how Stephen had to add a little "foot note" every time he talked about releases/prices in the US: well you know over here is all different, but in the rest of the world it will be so and so.



I'm shocked and disappointed that these (630 and 635) only have 512MB memory. Sorry, no sale. The lack of flash isn't as big of a deal, but would've been nice.

This can't possibly be the so-called "Monarch" that T-Mobile is supposed to be getting... Also, why is AT&T getting this phone when it already has a billion HIGH END Windows Phones as it is??? MUST they get their paws on it? I'm still annoyed that they got the 925 after it was supposed to be an exclusive to T-Mobile in the States. -_-

I hope this is not the Monrach or we're screwed. Waiting for the new Windows Phone 8.1 for myself, and my N925 as my backup.

I'm with you. I'm scratching my head over how this phone could be the new WP for T-Mobile when it's clearly a low end device. Most of the newer phones they have are high end, but except for the 925, they seem to prefer their WPs to be either low end or midrange. I just don't get that. I'm using the 925 as my main phone and keeping my unlocked Rogers 920 as a backup.

Let me help. The 521 is the best selling WP on T-Mobile EVER. People that are new to smartphones find it easy to use and reliable. Nokia and MS are weening new users into higher end devices. So if you have a 521 or know someone that has a good experience at that price point, maybe you'd upgrade, buy as a gift, etc, based on that experience. Ever wonder why the same model car gets slightly bigger and more powerful with every redesign? Needs grow, but people are comfortable with the brand. This is a great move for Tmo, Nokia, and MS. I want the 930 so bad, but this is the right move at the right time. Let John Legere see these sell, and I guarantee he's putting money on WP. ICYMI, they dropped BB, and John is tweeting today, promoting this as a viable business device. It only gets better from here.

What do you mean?

"In addition, T-Mobile US announced that, starting this summer, the Windows Phone 8.1 update will also be available for T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 521 and Nokia Lumia 925 owners, as well as for MetroPCS customers who own the Nokia Lumia 521."

Don't worry. Microsoft have stated ALL Windows Phone 8 devices will be updated to 8.1 as they are a part of the larger family of products. Microsoft wants uniformity. Relax, enjoy your phone, an update in coming.

Just sign up for a developer account and free yourself from the carrier updates. It just takes a few mouse clicks, and the 810 is probably out of warranty anyway right? I've run the Update 3 dev preview on Lumia 521 with no issues.

I think he means the 810. It seems the early adopters on Tmo are SOL each time a big update comes. Additionally, the 810 came out before the Jump! option was available on tmo, so the only way to upgrade is pay off the device. It could be worse, but I don't know how many tmo 810 users (budget-budget users) are willing to throw down that last $200.

You're not understanding the markets the 630 variants are for. Or even the type of person who would buy this phone. Not all markets have users with income levels that many American and European users have.

The 635 is (more) for the U.S. market (markets with 4G LTE) and also for someone that wants a good highly featured phone. If you want a full featured phone and have more money to spend on a device, buy one. This phone is not for you.

The 635 has the same paltry 512 MB of memory that the 630 does, so I don't understand your argument.

Neither of these phones are for you. You obviously have greater needs.
The Lumia 635 is still a vary nicely featured entry level Windows Phone device.

Maybe, you don't understand the argument that the Moto G (low cost but with 1GB RAM) has taken away all of Lumia 520/620's ground, and some more. Too hard to ram in a 512MB more, eh? Just to be competitive?

In my opinion you can't compare an Android phone to a Windows Phone. Their computing needs to run well are very different. In all honesty you're comparing apples to oranges.
If you feel a Motorola is more compelling then buy that phone and be happy about it.

My point is - you have to give people a compelling reason to get this phone over a Moto G. I paid a 100$ more for my Lumia 720 and still cant play a handful of games. Don't get me wrong, I am probably getting the Lumia 930, but most of the people who have come across me asking for a sub-200$ phone have gone on to buy the Moto G, despite my suggesting them a Lumia 525. In their opinion, Android is preferable to WP. The other compelling reason which should have been there is a price, but that ain't there too since, these low cost Lumia offerings don't have 1GB RAM, and do not have a flash and a ffc.

I can't speak for everyone but I do not want another freaking budget phone. Update the specs with the same 925 design and add a microSD slot. How hard is that. T-Mobile got me feeling like a step child.lol

Nokia should be sued for making devices with 512 MB RAM. The inability to play some games on my L720 forced me to get a cheaper but totally worth it Moto G. Grudgingly, of course. Nokia is the synonym for 'never learning your lessons', right after Blackberry.

I had planned to upgrade my wife's and daughters 520's to the new 635 but now that I have found out the 635 will not have a flash and only has 512Mb of ram I think I am going to let them stay with the 520's they have until something better comes along. I don't get it, they come out with a 525 to address the issue with the low ram in the 520 and then turn around and do the same thing again. I was also looking to finally upgrade my 820, but the lack of a SD card looks like I will pass on the 930 and wait until they come out with something more to my liking. I really struck out with this batch of Nokia phones. They just don't want me to upgrade this year. Luckly I am very happy with my 820 and 520's.