Report: Nokia Lumia 720 to receive double-tap to wake with ‘Black update too

Two days ago, we reported on the Lumia 625 grabbing the double-tap to wake feature with its Lumia Black update. The new option allows people to literally double-tap the display, when off, to wake up the phone making one-handed usage easier.

Another phone that is lacking that feature is one of our favorites: the Lumia 720. Now, a Vietnamese user has received the Lumia Black update on their Lumia 720, claiming that the update has brought double-tap to wake, in addition to all of the other features. A video was also posted giving a ‘review’ of the revamped 720.

A discussion has broken out in our dedicated Lumia 720 forums about this new feature along with that video, so you’re encouraged to jump in.

Our Lumia 720 has not yet received Black and some reports have suggested early February.

The Lumia 720 will go down as one of our favorite Lumias due to its near perfect design. Granted, it could desperately use 1 GB of RAM instead of 512 MB, but from the camera to the display, it’s a great little budget phone. Hopefully it will get this new feature, in addition to continued support.

Learn more from the thread:

Video: Facebook group: WPCAS (Vietnamese Windows Phone fans)


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Report: Nokia Lumia 720 to receive double-tap to wake with ‘Black update too


my one friend have nokia lumia 720, cyan one, she likes it too much, she is a nice chick, she will be happy to hear that, she likes instagram and she likes to perfect 365 app, she likes to drink vodka on saturdays, she likes to take shower without clothes, she is old enough to buy alchohol from shops, shes nice

haha... nice description of that female.....and being nice apart.... is she gorgeous???...say hi to your (our) friend...

You should have glance screen already ¬¬ They will be introducing notifications on glance screen though and coloured night mode :)

max. chances are their that they will be providing double tap to wake up feature.. because if they wont then why are they taking so much time to release it(gdr3+lumia black update) OTA.. something must be cooking in their minds.. we can only say this "u never know what's inside NOKIA's phones and in their minds.."

i'm almost in tears :')

To mention 720 is a big thing, and to further say it's getting all these pending features? Black update is finally something i'm looking forward to!


Such 720

much black

so update


I don't know which is sadder, the fact that the 720 is getting the black update this late, or that I just found out I can do this on my 1020. FACEPALM!

The Lumia 730, together with the Lumia 930, is the my most wanted WP!! Imagine the same body, with 4,5', HD display, 8,7 pureview camera, 1g ram, dual SIM (for developing countries like Brazil). Perfect phone for almost everyone.

I'm glad that I bought this phone and thanks to Nokia for responding to our queries. I knew this "double tap to wake" feature will come eventually and it did. Waiting for the update. 

My Lumia 920 received the "Black" update a few hours ago!! Fantastic! Rotation lock and quickly closing apps by holding down "back" button is just so basic but an absolute joy to have. Thank you Vodafone!

I can't understand what's happening, three months ago Nokia conversations said that the Lumia 720 won't get this feature because it doesn't have the required chip?

I was excited when double tap came along for my 810.  What a worthless piece of junk.  I call it Quadruple Tap.  If that.  The sensitivity of the tap force is in a very narrow range.  Too little force, nothing.  Too much, (the logical default), nothing.

I now just use the power button, again, all of the time.  Which sucks being on the side, of course.  Why not just use the Windows "key" on the front like Android does?  ONE tap, there you are.

Oh, wait, but now I have to slide up the lockscreeen.  Android, you can have it or not.

This  is one of the reasons I often hate my WP.