Lumia 928 and 920 used for some hilarious hijinks in new Kraft Mac-n-Cheese ad

It’s been awhile since we’ve reported on pop-culture sightings of Windows Phones in the wild. While not news per se, they can be interesting when it’s more than a quick glimpse. That’s why it’s fun to check out Kraft’s new Mac-n-Cheese commercial, which has the Lumia 928 and Lumia 920 being used back and forth quite prominently.

The commercial is even more fun because they kept the SMS screen and even the notification sounds, so there’s no trickery going on here. Regardless, it’s a funny commercial, and we always love seeing the yellow Lumia 920 used publicly. Best. Device. Ever.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, pezman726, for the tip


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Lumia 928 and 920 used for some hilarious hijinks in new Kraft Mac-n-Cheese ad


I tried fluffernutter the other day...not normal here in Norway. Pretty special. My veins almost died.

I swear when I heard the notification sound while watching the video on my phone I misunderstood it as my own. Lol

basically what happened this year at build. somebody would get a text message or calendar reminder, or anything and everybody around them would look at their phones...

That sounds like a recipe for some good social high jinx. I'm too devious and easily amused to pass up that opportunity.

I waited for a moment for the toast to pop up and realized it was the start of the video, my boss, several coworkers and I all use default sounds, at least one a while you can get us all to pull out our phones when we're in the same room

I assume Mycroft using a Windows Phone on Sherlock was mentioned already? I know it caused a very minor stir on Tumblr.

Yea, you see WP as well Surface tablets on Elementary, Hawaii 5 O, NCIS..., vaguely on Person of Interest and several other shows.

I came here to mention that! as well as arrow, and a few other shows, almost every show I watch uses either WP or surface, and all of them use surface when its meant to be a futuristic device (also the supremely high tech and advanced ULTRA in 'The Tomorrow People') so I think if people start seeing the message that the surface is such an awesome device that they re being touted as future tech in so many tv shows, Microsoft is pretty set when it comes to surface sales. I really think that this approach might be paying off for them.
its also an added bonus to shows that I really enjoy watching that I get to see them using tech I love as well!

I saw this last night, I like how they focus on the screen and the Windows Keys are brightly lit. A lot of CBS and ABC (Scandal uses WP and Surfaces, Grey's uses Surface Pro's) shows use Microsoft products.

Dare I say Windows Phones get in the way in the show "Parks and Recreation." They're always trying to highlight the product placement through annoying b-plots.  Love to see them as opposed to Galaxies or iPhones though.

On the other hand, House of Cards did a great job of showcasing multiple products from different sources. Nothing looked like product placement but all the devices looked highly functional, including WP.

I'm watching Burn Notice for the first time now.  I'm in the second season and have not really seen any WP yet, but that was 2008, no?   The first season had a lot of Motorola Razer shots and various old feature phones.

So I guess I have something to look forward to...

The last two seasons of Burn Notice felt like the longest Hyundai Genesis commercial ever.

I find it strange how H50 and Elementary both feature obvious MS product placement, yet CBS has the main characters in each, Holmes and McGarrett, both very visibly use iPhones.  Holmes references the love for his quite often, even.


I was on my laptop when this commercial came on this morning and I thought my phone was getting those text alerts.lol Then I saw the commercial. Sweet.

Lumia phones and Surface tablets are also featured quite prominently in The Following. One degree closer to Kevin Bacon!

I've watched a Turkish tv show where they showed more than 10 different Windows Phones (Nokia & HTC)

Nokia's (Microsoft Mobile's) #morecolorful world just fit with yellow mac and cheese.

WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

The Nokia Lumia 928 (Black) also appeared on the latest Revenge episode. When Victoria takes Pascal's phone and dials the phone number she found in his blazer.

LOL! I don't recall seeing this commercial before. It's funny, I actually looked over at my 925 when I heard the text chimes. :-P

The show Mindy Project on Fox is slathered in MS products. They have featured the Surface and almost every person on the show has a different Lumia. In fact, my wife loves the show so much, it made her want a 925 since that is the phone the main character uses.

Any other 920 owners out there still think the 920 is still the best phone out there? Even if the 930 was available on ATT, I feel it's a compromise.

I love my red 920 and recently bought black one for my teenager now that price is so low on ATT contract. They offered another model (925 or 928???) for a few bucks more, but only 16 GB memory. Deal breaker w daughter's playlist.

I broke a nail putting down a 1520 at the ATT store :( and I'm not a shutterbug so the 1020 is overkill for me.

920. Perfect size. Perfect functionality. And its an indestructible Nokia tank.

I really have been thinking about that a lot recently. The L920 is a remarkable phone that nothing compares to. What I really want is a higher spec'd L920 with all the new toys and trinkets. The phone is a beautiful machine and when comparing it to the other products out there it just stands out like a boss. Really hoping that there is something else in the hat other than the L930...or I might be getting something else when the upgrade comes up in November.

Dat font size though lol (obviously done for easy readability for commercials)... still awesome! :D

To add to everyone's TV comments - The Mindy Project on FOX is like nothing but Windows product placement... she's a socialite and all they do is flash their Lumia's and Surface's around in a way that fits the story... it's awesome.

Am I the only one who changes the default sounds? I've kept them consistent from my Trophy onward (and I carry around a ringtone that is boring as well).

I did that almost first thing. I like the Windows notifications better than the Nokia notifications. And Minions ringtone is fun.

I do Windows Voicemail as my text message sound, alert 5 for new VM, alert 4 for new email, and currently Nokia Calendar for reminders.

Always use Beam as my ringtone and Windows Message for my text. Been like that since my first one came like that out the box.

Mmm Mac n Cheese!  On a serious note the boldness and readibility of Metro (it'll always be Metro to me) and WP is great for quick glances and viewings like in an ad.

House of Cards uses windows phones. Jackie uses a windows phone several times in season 2. Its nice to see something other than an iPhone in a tv show. Go WP!