Marco Argenti, Nokia’s head of developer experience, leaves for Amazon

Marco Argenti

Nokia’s head of developer expereince, Marco Argenti, is making the jump from Nokia to Amazon. You’ll remember Marco because he kicked off a large developer drive by giving away 25,000 Lumia devices to developers to work on Windows Phone apps. What’s he going to be doing with Amazon?

We caught up with Marco back at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. In the interview we learned about all the services and APIs Nokia was giving to developers, how Nokia worked on getting exclusive apps to their platform, and how they plan on supporting developers overall. It’s an illuminating interview into what happens behinds the scenes of some of your favorite apps. You should really read it.

So what’s Marco going to be doing at Amazon? We don’t know much, but he did say he’s joining the Amazon Web Services team. AWS is Amazon’s cloud computing platform, which if you’re familiar with cloud computing puts it against services like Microsoft’s Azure, Rackspace Cloud, and others. He’s also not the last high profile person in the Windows Phone world to join Amazon. Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel and Brandon Watson joined over the past few years.

One way or the other, we wish Marco the best of luck on his new path.

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Marco Argenti, Nokia’s head of developer experience, leaves for Amazon


Guess he wanted a job with more security...you know just in case Nokia goes south...not saying that I want it to but its probably a stressful environment working at Nokia at the moment.

He's joining Amazon's growing stable of awesome people in the mobile/phone world.  I wonder what they could possibly be doing??? hhhmmmmm

Marco Argenti - when WE bring Windows Phone 8 at No. 1 place off all mobile OSes you will be sorry.
You could have helped bring WP8 to the masses but your ass need a better pay day, right?
I'm sorry that Microsoft ever gave you a job.
AND don't worry WE will be No.1 in a year.

Wow, smoke something and relax. It's just a guy getting a different job. And he didn't work for Microsoft, he worked for Nokia. Read the article.

Dude, clearly he's already smoking something. "We will be number 1 in a year." Yeah, number 1 at what, and in what region? Because WP8 certainly isn't unseating Apple, let along Google, within a year.

Amazon is awesome, that's why, lol. Probably they see/know of something big happening there and want to get in on the ground floor.

Not so sure about that. I've known a few people who worked there and they said the culture was very toxic. You're basically expected to work 60+ hours a week and never take vacation.

He's left Nokia, that's what the article is about, Nokia are exclusively WP8........why and how could that help WP8?

If he'd been at Nokia for that long, no matter how much better they are doing these days he probably needed a change in scenery.

duh, you know "negative" news spread more than the positive ones... thats why you see an article about someone who leaves nokia but not the one that joins it.
negative over positive! that brings more viewers/readers and the money :)

Having used AWS for over a year I can honestly say I hate it. Amazon.com has also been sucking lately with high prices for the stuff I used get great deals on. Amazon wireless is still rad, thank goodness. Good luck to this guy following the industry buzzword of the day: "cloud"

Never heard of anyone hating AWS.  Ha.  I've used it in a mission critical app for 3 years and it's been fantastic.  Of course, I stuck with relatively safe services (S3, SNS, IAM) and used them defensively.

I never saw that Kindel joined Amazon but he left Microsoft long before getting a job at Amazon (two years ago actually).
The Nokia dev relations aren't so great, maybe a change will be a good thing. It can't get much quieter on that front