Microsoft offering free Lumia 630 to China workers who volunteer to resign

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A new report claims Microsoft is offering a free Lumia 630 smartphone to its workers in China who volunteer to resign from the company.

This news comes a few days after hundreds of former Nokia workers in China held protests against Microsoft plans to lay off 18,000 of its employees by the end of June 2014, including 12,500 who came on board just a few months ago as a result of Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division.

The report from MarketWatch, which cites a story from the China based First Financial Daily newspaper, claims that an internal email sent to Microsoft's workers in China offered them a free Lumia 630 if they agree to sign a resignation package. In China, the Lumia 630 sells for close to 800 yuan, or about $130.

What do you think of Microsoft offering a free phone as an incentive for its China workers to leave the company?

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Microsoft offering free Lumia 630 to China workers who volunteer to resign


I don't even....How does a $130 phone make up for losing your job!! Microsoft, what are you doing?!

No, it is stupid to get a phone for compensation for being "volunteered" to resign. This is no joking matter, this is thousands of people without jobs.

Because that's the only dual SIM phone and people in China want that? On days its evident internet us full of impatient people that comment first think later.

Lumia 930, Surface 3 and Xbox One with unlimited membership can allow me to forget the pain when I loose my job but Lumia 630?.....it's an insult and a mock no doubt! I'll collect it, unbox it in front of them and throw it really hard at whoever handed it to me.

Its on top of the payout package they would get, they technically could just offer the package so this isn't as bad as it seems

Nonsense Shantek! John would never post a sensational, clickbait headline about MSFT. That would just be silly. It's not like he forgot to mention the part where it's an EXTRA. Oh wait..... He did. Oh well, at least he got the clickbait headline right. The comment section is full of it.

I don't know the details, but Microsoft took a $1.5 billion dollar writedown of the Nokia division (in ADDITION to their already big $700 loss)to cover the 12,500 employees, so I imagine that its pretty generous.

Calm your titties, people.  It's probably part of the package, and the press decided to focus only on the phone.  A 630, or any phone for that matter, for a job is absurd and WPCentral should know better than to take that for face value, and you should know better than to jump to stupid conclusions based on sensationalist nonsense.

The article should be - "Microsoft now offers free L630 to China Workers along with their resignation package to encourage voluntary retirement."

See? That doesn't sound so bad right? :D.

On a more serious note though, not all companies offer freebies like this, let alone a phone. Others just kick people out. In fact, one fine day, the access card stops working.

Totally agree, the title is a little deceiving. And then the article does not focus on the resignation package (it's only being mentioned at once). These mislead people to think that those who volunteer to resign only get a 630 as compensation.

@A895 You should read the article because there is a compensation package or severance pay. You would get the phone AND the package if you willingly sign. If you don't willingly sign you get dismissed anyway and you'll also get the severance package but no phone. If I were going to be fired anyway, I might as well sign, get the phone, and then sell it to add to what probably would already be a sizable severance pay.

The artikels states when they sign (willingly) a resignation package, then they get the Lumia 630 for free....

I'd like to think that there is more compensation in that package then just the Lumia 630?!?!

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This plus a resignation package. It might benefit some who's monthly salary is about $100 bucks. I would depend on the resignation package.

In the company, I work for; we only get what law makes the employer to pay. If they would fire me and give me a Lumia 630 I would take it saying: "thanks! nice touch.".

If you look at the end of the third sentence, which I guess in what is supposed to be the third paragraph... The phone is an incentive to get them to sign off on the resignation package.

"hey, you know how we're already giving you a generous severance package? Well, here's an extra $100 phone to boot"

"shove that phone up your ass. I'll just take the severance package and not worry about am extra freebie"

Hmm.... You have a weird way of handling firings. I mean, unless you didn't read the original article.....

I wouldn't allow them to bribe me, specially after having been told before that nothing would change with the deal. Adding a shitty phone to a package for unemployment is insulting to me. Sorry.

I mean, I agree that it sucks that they changed the deal, but are you saying that they shouldn't give them anything at all? This is just am extra. Should they just fire them and give them no severance?

Why not a 930? Or hell, even an old 920. I'd much rather have a 920 than a 630. I'm not a Chinese worker though, so, I'm curious what their reaction will be to this...

They would have lost their jobs with Nokia anyways. Feature phones are dead and if they want a job, find another factory. The writing was on the wall a long time ago.

Besides that...its is part of the resignation package...says so in the article.... Kinda makes MS look cheap from the article headline.... But I am sure MS.... Is giving these people a fair departing package and in addition are getting the 630

I guess so the article title sounds bit hmmmmm..... But then again Microsoft aren't fools as they are trying to improve they're overall image

630 at the cost of job. Microsoft listn bro mobile is not mans basic needs. First provide them free food,clothing and shelter.

Those are gonna lose their job anyhow as a part of strategy, and Any company have a right to do this for the betterment of company. They are at least giving something. How many companies do this?? Still I feel bad for all of those who have to lose their jobs.

Well I feel stupid... I read the article, but I failed to see those few words about the package... Still Early, and I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee yet. :P

They should have at least offered the latest iphone. I think apple products are considered cooler than Lumias in China 

Stupid comment. When you get laid off, a phone is just a phone...like any phone. Then I'd say they should have at least offered  a Surface Pro 3 or Ultrabook. I think they are way more usefull and cooler then any phone

I believe my macbook pro with retina display is cooler/better in every terms than surface pro 3 or any other ultrabooks. BTW in China When its a good phone, its an iphone. When its a smart phone, then its again an iphone. A phone is just a phone..yes alright. But no: the phone should have some value. In terms of value (monetary), iphones are still better.

No. It doesn't make sense in any country. For eg. Lumia 630 costs 10500 INR in India and for that money I can't even pay 1 month rent for my apartment in a decent city.

It's pretty much the same... You don't volunteer they fire you anyway at least this way it looks like you are volunteering for it and most would opt for it cause at least they get a goodie away from it if not some financial support

I think there will be a salary compensation. In my country, you only get 1 month salary for compensation when the company breaks the contract.

Well, only one word : LAME

should be a 930, equal to 1-2 months local salary...

Anyways, so much lay offs after Nokia's deal is a shame...I'm not proud to have an 625 after learning all this.

I got flak a while back for saying that Microsoft would try and avoid all of their moral responsibilities when dealing with the ex-Nokia workers. Turns out I was right.
Why are Microsoft so f*cking tight? Spend some money, behave like human beings...do the right thing!

How cheap of a work by MS... shame.. it sounds like giving a bone to a street dog to get him away..

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No, its more like giving a street dog food, shelter, a nice family, and THEN giving him an extra bone and having people actually think that all the person did was give them the bone.

Once you get past John's sensational/illogical headline (he seems to have a lot of those, at least when it comes to MSFT), you'll see that this is an EXTRA to the already nice compensation package that the Chinese workers are receiving. Nice job at getting the commenters to overreact though, John.

This article seriously offends me so much, so thank you for being the first to point this out this morning.  Who is this John guy, and why is he a writer?  You should take a resignation package, John, and save us the bullshit.

To all those that don't understand the article: Its not JUST the phone that they are giving the workers. Its part of their "resignation package" aka redundancy package, meaning they get other monetary support too. The phone is just an addition to further encourage people to resign!

and its before the axe falls right?
then if gives someone to leave on their terms and get a small bonus, what's wrong. People are going to be cut anyway.

Problem, as usual with MS lately, is the messaging, including WPCentral's headline.  Adding "as part of a package" to the headline would probably make a difference.  And simply including the phone in the original package instead of sending a separate email offering it if they agree to the package would have made this a non-story.

This can't be true right? Please tell me its not true? This is disrespectful in many level. Don't do this Microsoft don't do this.

Don't offer them an extra $100 value ON TOP of their already generous severance package? That seems like an odd thing to say.

As many others have already said, read the article. The phone is an incentive, not the entire package. They are offering this before they start firing people.

Which is probably why the phone is part of a larger severance package. Microsoft knows that no one would resign for a phone, which is why that's not what they offered.

So is a $100 on top of an already good severance package not good enough? I imagine that they're giving them the 630 because of the dual-sim option that the 925 lacks.

Wtf give them all Microsoft products free and unlimited subscriptions to their services for lifetime for free then its fair. Lol

You're fired, but at least you get this low-end phone.  That you get to pay service for, with money from that job you no longer have.  Congrats!

They can use the money from their generous severance package to pay for it. I mean, just the service is better than paying for the phone AND the service, right?

Somehow, I think this story is taken out of context.. otherwise, what a way to make the Chinese (over 1 billion strong) boycott Microsoft products.... my 2 cents.

That is kind of a low blow to people who may have been working for the company for years. But, $130 may be worth a lot more to them than it is to us. Just looked up that the average assembly worker is paid $2,200~ annually in China. So perhaps it is a bigger deal to some of them than we realize. But then again, perhaps not. Also wonder how much Microsoft pays in its severance packages. Still a low blow for people's livelihood.

Wow, usually everything on WP Central is good quality. This article needs to come down or be rewritten. Total click bait.

Now, they should be given a promise that MS will help them once in real emergency in their life.
That will be real price & honour for their loyalty..

At least their email inbox offers them a free Lumia 630 for resigning. My inbox is flooded with free Viagra samples.

Yeah, they totally shouldn't give them an extra $100 phone on top of a severance package. They should keep the phone for themselves. How dare they offer the laid off workers more money!

The headlines on this site are beginning to feel like a tabloid. Misleading. Don't forget that without Microsoft, you wouldn't have WP central.

Slap. To. The. Face. I don't think this is good PR in anyway. This would look horrible if it were a lumia 1020, Apple with an iPhone, Google with a Nexus. Maybe if it were a diamond studed Prada device they could sell for a year's salary, sure. But this? Nope.

Maybe Microsoft decision makers were drunk or high at that time.

If they want to empty their less useful handsets stocks, it's not the way. It's better to offer at least 1520 or 920.

The only situation which this offer worth is that a worker already found another job and is going to leave the Microsoft. That worker on that occasion benefits from the offer and opportunity to leave there without any issue.

That's unbelievably and mindlessly stupid... Let's see, what's worth more? A low to mid range phone or a job??? -_- NO phone is worth losing your job. This is just pathetic. If I were one of those workers, I'd tell Microsoft to keep that Lumia 630 and to shove it where the sun don't shine.

Sounds like a poor sweetener for any x-pats working in China however for the actual Chinese I don't know sounds like a nice bonus. I mean their communist so all their basic needs should be taken care of and I'm sure it won't be that hard to find work with their bombing economy.

So Microsoft is not content with only firing these employees. They want to torture them by giving them a Windows Phone as well :)

How many regular people have jobs where you get anything other than your last check when you leave? It is a shame they feel the need to nix so many people though.

Maybe if they gave them a gold lumia 930 it might be worth it, but their most low end phone at the moment that's not incentive at all....

Mr. Callaham at it again.. Sensational header and a 'report' which at best misquotes the original article which by itself comes from a source which is at best not friendly towards Microsoft as it's not Apple. Why did John leave Neowin again??


In the original article it says:

"Microsoft is giving free Nokia handsets to up to 300 employees per day if they apply for the company’s volunteer resignation package"


So MSFT has a package available for employees who decide to leave voluntarily and, maybe because there's not enough interest, decided to add a Lumia 630 to the package as an incentive.


Still certainly not the whole story but it makes one wonder what else is not part of this 'report'



Did daniel sanction this article as it went up? I've yet to see anything from Mr. Callaham that is remotely fitting for WPcentral and with his arrival the tendency to write down MSFT has certainly gotten stronger.

Fact: Either way they will be without a job. This article says it also includes a resignation package, which implies some sort of pay out. Plus they are offering free equipment. Does the job loss suck? Yes, anyone that has ever lost a job faces hardship. I know this first hand. But it does appear Microsoft is trying to do right by the ones they are letting go. When the company i worked with closed, there was no notice, no severence, and i personally lost out on about $3500. I see nothing wrong in the way they are proceeding with the staffing reduction. Just my opinion.

It's better than letting them go and not giving them anything. Microsoft is trying to get people willing to resign out first, before they have to let people go that don't want to leave. This way more people that want to stay can keep their job. It's a horrible situation, but at least they are trying.

Well, been there, except no souvenir offered....... how about a riot for Chinese workers protesting layoff?

I see most people didn't read the whole article. It said that Microsoft “offered them a free Lumia 630 if they agree to sign a resignation package.” I’m not saying that it’s right but they’re not just getting a phone and the boot, they’re getting it with the resignation package. Everyone here is making it sound like they’re just getting a phone and a pat on the back.