Microsoft scores Office 365 deployment with Australian local government

Office 365

Microsoft and the government of Queensland, Australia have signed a deal to deploy Office 365 to 149,000 employees. It's a move set to enable the government to remain up-to-date with the latest versions of Office, making it much easier for administrators and employees to manage installations. We've previously looked at Microsoft comparing features in Office Apps to the likes of Google Docs.

Switching to Office 365 also opens up Microsoft's vast cloud services and infrastructure, perfect for government requirements. The overall aim is to improve flexibility, mobility and collaboration, as well as "provide greater capabilities for the government to engage with Queenlanders in new and innovative channels." It could also pave the way for Queensland officials to deploy Windows-based hardware, including Windows Phone. Hit the source for more details.

Source: TechNet


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Microsoft scores Office 365 deployment with Australian local government


This is great news especially after hearing the HORRIBLE news that the LA Unified School district signed a deal to give each of its 640,000 students iPads by the end of the year!
At least Office is on the iPad now, sow Microsoft will likely have a presence on those 640,000 devices. At least if they don't use Microsoft hardware, the Office Software will likely be highly utilized. Better than Chromebooks at any rate that would not feature Microsoft products. Hopefully Onedrive will be used if Office is being used. What do you guys think about that?

My nephew goes to school in LA and he said the school district sued Microsoft and that money that paid for the ipads was Microsoft's money.

If this happens in the UK then maybe something will get done for once.

Still, it's good to see governments keeping up to date rather than using ancient code...

I'm in no place to speak but maybe sometimes they just figure there's no point in fixing something that's not broken.

Isn't Queensland a state in Australia, that would have a variety if local governments beneath it? I wouldn't think of it as a local government.

yes, this is exactly right. Queensland is a State Government that has dozens of Local Governments beneath it. So yea, the article title should say state government not local government.

Funny that the tech world sees doom and gloom for w8 and office and that chrome will dominate. Yet they don't report Japan bank moving to w8 or this, besides wpc. Everywhere I read its apple this and Samsung that.

Because the media is full of (skipped gym class at school) liberal/left wing hipsters who want to be "alternative"

Even though iPhone and iPad  is now ultra mainstream and the least "alternative" choice there is.

I laughed at the mocha quaffing knobs in London today, sat there reading documents but unable to actually edit or "do" any work, as I flipped open my Surface and Arc Mouse and actually edited some documents.

Surface owners are the new rockstars, and media / dtp /journos are stuck up Apples and their own Arses :)

People are so critical of Microsoft these days. Its so easy to forget their glory days. I do hope they make it through this transition alive though. Aside from that. Its always good to see them score major deals

This is good news. I work for the government mentioned. Hope it is rolled out to the education department too. I have been wanting to use the collaborative tools available online for a while but they have always been blocked.

Very good. Now they just need to upgrade from windows xp and everything will run a whole lot more efficiently.