Microsoft shows off Tango Video Calling

We've already seen one demo of Tango, the video calling feature on certain Windows Phone Mango devices. Now Microsoft has decided to showcase the feature in a short video.

Aaron Woodman, Director of the Windows Phone group, demos Tango and assures everyone that Microsoft is working hard to get Mango to the consumers. He's using the HTC Titan that sports a 4/7"screen. While Tango looks interesting, so does the Titan.  Is it me or does the Titan almost look too small to have a such a large screen?

source: windowsteamblog  Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!


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Microsoft shows off Tango Video Calling


Fantastic! Sound quality looked a little weak but I'm sure the products not fully ready to go public yet (that or the Titan has disappointing sounds quality, which I'm doubting). So benifit of the doubt here.Secondly, it makes me wonder, with so many wp7 users with 1st gen handsets, will people go get the 2nd gen handsets with front facing camera's be able to call those without? Like a 1-way Skype chat we've all done? Remains to be seen, but I'd love to see the App with a front facing camera.Between you and me.. it looked better than APple's faceTime.. and I use that time to time. (altho FaceTime has less lag since it's had more time to get fixed up)

Why on earth would they name an application "Tango" knowing that the next release of Windows Phone was also codenamed "Tango"? It's confusing...

The application has existed for some time, and its not actually an MS application. Having the same name as an OS update shouldnt be that confusing, though.

Yeah, tango has been out for a long time. It's cross platform, so you'll be able to "tango" with all your IOS/Android friends too.

Oh, that I did not know. I've honestly never heard of the app. I thought it was something Microsoft put together...Thanks for the clarification both of you. lol

People who dont use video chat are so outdated. I am glad wp7 will have these on the new phones. I use skype allot and cant wait when skype will be working with wp7.