Microsoft found an 'issue' with the Windows Phone 8.1 Update Preview for HTC devices, working on a fix

Yesterday, the Preview for Developers program began pushing out Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 users. The OS refresh brings Live Folders and numerous other improvements that we are detailing in more in-depth articles.

Unfortunately, owners of the HTC 8X and HTC 8S are waiting on the sidelines as their device is currently not eligible. Citing Microsoft Support Forums it appeared to be related to outdated firmware. Microsoft, who have now released an official statement to us, is clarifying that situation a bit.

A Microsoft spokesperson gave Windows Phone Central this statement:

"We have paused delivery of Windows Phone 8.1 Update to customers with the HTC 8X and HTC 8S who are using the Preview for Developers. Microsoft and HTC have identified an issue and are actively working to fix it, and will resume delivery of the update once a fix is in place."

It is not known if the particular problem is related to the current firmware, or something unique with this OS update. Microsoft notes that they are working to resolve the issue with HTC, and presumably, the next update for the Preview for Developers program is set to address this problem. Typically, Microsoft pushes out new 'Previews' every couple of weeks.

If you would like to commiserate with other HTC owners about the Preview pause, jump into this fun forum thread discussing the situation.

Note, this issue with HTC phones is different from the 8018830f error, which is also being worked on.


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Microsoft found an 'issue' with the Windows Phone 8.1 Update Preview for HTC devices, working on a fix



@Devcas1, nope you are THE ONE.  I have the remaining 5, and they are listed for sale on EBAY under the category: Antiques


I still choose an 8x as a replacement phone (I'm on Android daily). On the design side, it's one of the most beautiful smartphone I've ever had, way better than anything Nokia ever did.

nor ever nags, and remembers things, wakes me up, plays music, does math, tells me the weather, counts my calories, .......

If the htc phones are so good, why does no1 own them anymore? ;)
Sorry but htc's last good phone was the titan. After that its been down hill.
Forgetting about OS's and personal preference... Nokia make the best all round quality phones atm.
Samsungs feel flimsy and breakable
iPhones are old tech put into new shells. And there screens break easier than frank bruno's jaw.
Sony always seem to have battery issues.
Blackberry is dead
Motorola is mia
LG are meh!

HTC's One sells far better than any Lumia flagship. It probably sells better than all Lumia flagships ever, combined.

You claim to forget personal preference then proceed to detail your personal preference. Here's mine, except I have physical dimensions to back it up: Nokia makes huge, thick bricks.

I roll with the 8XT and aside from not having 8.1 yet the thing just works. I fail to see the problem with it. My old Arrive? That thing had hardware quality issues (I think I went through 4 of them due to manufacturer's flaws), but the 8XT is solid.

Yep, all 3 of our family's 8XT's have been rock solid devices.  Not one hardware issue of any kind.  Really great devices.

I have an 8XT. It is a nice phone. All you Lumia owners needs to remember that Sprint only offers the HTC 8XT and the Samsung Ativ S.

Yep, love my 8XT, we have 3 of them in the house.  Its a really good phone, solid, nice feature set, SD slot...great phone.

Hey there! Are you on 8.1 on your 8xt? Are you using dev preview?

Do you have problems with wifi?

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Are you on 8.1 on your 8xt? Are you using dev preview?

Do you have problems with wifi?

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

True. I know it's not the customers' problem that the company is changing but hey, I'm hoping for the better (soon).

I have a reboot bug that I keep hoping will be fixed with every preview update on mine, but no cigar yet. It's been like that since I updated to 8.1 preview.

I have that too, but if I keep wifi off then the phone works wonderfully! Luckely Sprint is unlimited data.

So this is only a problem for me when I want to use Xbox Smartglass...


What is wrong with the 822?  I got 8.1 and Update 1 because I now have the time zone setting.  The Cyan update hasn't come out yet.  Is that what you are referring to?

When you have as many pictures and videos as I do, you're less eager to see them poof away, just to install an update that should never have required you doing that in the first place.

Auto Backup to OneDrive or Devices with MicroSD support also do not have this issue if you only tell it to wipe the device (not the MicroSD) when perfoming the reset. Video and Picture backup is one thing MS has done well since day one.

Tell that to the 50 odd pictures from my last holiday that didn't get backed up to OneDrive for some unknown reason.  I only discovered this when I went to find them and noticed OneDrive had pictures from before my holiday and after, but none during.  So my faith in their backup capability is less solid.

They are backed up on my PC too, by syncing through OneDrive, but I shouldn't have to back up my device through two seperate methods because I need to wipe it in order to install an Update that shouldn't have made that a necessity in the first place.

L625 need to backup onto my computer, how do I do that? Fragmentation by Microshaft, talk about an ecosystem. Hard rest 23rd the Xbox music had made music duplication again. Nafu said.

With all this disappointment I think I need a new phone.

Daniel, when will your 930 review be out?  We need you to clarify and distill what is being commented on in the forums :-)

Daniel, the 8XT IS a phone you know!!! An even more awesome version of the original 8X! It's only three letters! Pretty easy to include it in your news stories!

Well the fact that they are finally giving an actual non-general answer and working on it makes it a bit less bad. If it's just a little more waiting it's not so bad.

an Issue, i have my HTC WP 8x briked for 2 months only turn on with the usb power and reboot on HTC logo :(

I tried hard Reset and nothing, I want to flash but i dont no how, and is AT&T phone only turn on wen a plug the USB

the Phone only turn on if I plug to the power, the power botton dont turn on the phone, i try that but I dont get any results :(, when the phone start only give me the HTC logo than reboot and stay rebooting, until I unplug

I wouldn't call an obligatory fix to your phone to keep users happy as real "support". That is just called maintenance. While technically HTC is supporting their own phones, they suck at showing to actually give a damn about making the platform better. Compare HTC's "support" of the development of Windows phone to Nokia's and you will see who really cares about the operating system.
When people say HTC isn't supporting their Windows phones, this is what they mean.

Yesterday people were talking about how HTC wasn't pushing out the update because they don't care, and this article proves that to be false. While an"obligatory fix" isn't support, it is not lack of support either. They're are Lumia phones that can't get it due to an error. That is what I'm referring to.

I had an HTC Titan before I got the 1520.  It was awesome. Excellent build quality.  I'd look at HTC again.

I've had two windows phones. The HTC trophy, and the Lumia 822. I almost got the 8X and would have too, but I wanted an SD slot and back then Nokia maps was only on, well, Nokia. Disregarding the OS since its 7 vs 8, I enjoyed the trophy more than I have my 822. It's between the ATIV SE and the W8 for me right now, and I think the W8 will win.

We r still waithing... Htc !!! Bad company.. Microsoft !!! Good company. Maybe they will solve this problem earlier this month. I'm tired of waithing. HTC damn u

Agreed, They launched 2 years late September coming. Although I started with a Lumia 710, I bought an HTC 8S at a discontinued price, and the 8X out the door for $129.99 during Boxing week this year, I'm really not out too much money if things go south with the updates/company.

Awesome glad they clarified the issue, we have to wait a bit longer but at least Microsoft do t want to brick our phones (although this issue should be tackled earlier :( ) hope its not going to take to long a really want to have Cortana

So can the drama queens stop acting like it's the end of the world? This DP it's exactly to avoid issues later with official releases

What official releases?

A handful of Lumias have been given the cyan update and thats about it. As an Ativ S user, I am used to the idea that NO official release will be out for Samsung devices...

Love it , thank you Microsoft and HTC. 8x owner and proud to have a phone that meets my needs and still works grew in every way.

Cyan isn't on MS, that's on your cell carrier.  And if they're anything like my carrier (Rogers, Canada) you're in for one hell of a wait! :)

Yeah, no need to continue spamming, probably wp 8.1 are just st the corner, they just need some time to get on the ground from the skyscrapers 300th floor! :P

Thanks Microsoft, hopefully the fix is not too complicated and will be available shortly :) and thanks for the update on the issue WPC

Ya please, work on a fix and remember to forget about cyan!!! After all cyan and developers preview conflict has affected very few number of users, surely it's less than htc users... Isn't it Microsoft?

Lumia.. HTC uh who cares and for those who want to hate on my post... Go ahead. Just make better choices. Whatever you Say its ok I'm updated and happy not waiting. I'm living a Lumia life and loving it

Asked about this on sprint support forum...they told me to watch the newsroom page haha which is a joke, clearly a canned response. So they are clueless unfortunately. I did respond and ask who I could ask instead for an actual answer, and I'm waiting on the response.

We are in the same boat as 8X and 8S users. Technically 8XT is kind of a variant of the 8X, it's slightly different, yet the same. It's an 8X.

I mean, I suppose ... a variant to me would be the same device with a different network perhaps...not one with distinct hardware differences...2nd cousins perhaps?  (you know, the cooler one with more memory and better speakers...)

I have a 820 and my wife has a 1020, and we both have a 520 for backup. We both got updates on our backups (520's) but nothing for our daily phones. Guest what we are now both using our backups as our daily phone, while the 820 and 1020 both sit in the nightstand. Aint things strange in smartphone world.


Was really shocked to see how well the 520's handled the cyan/8.1 update. Almost no change from how smooth the phones were before the update. Really looking forward to when my 820 gets the update and I can move all the apps to the SD card (64GB SandiskUHS-I.). Also notice no difference in speed from a phone memory installed app and a SD card installed app on the 520's. All our phones have class 10 SD cards in them.

If you could add forum pages that people can ask stuff on the end of each "major" article, it would be great! Forums as are now , cant be seen at a great extend

So tell me why my Sprint 8XT is not updated?????? (sarcastically asking)

I am amazed how this WHOLE mention of the HTC debacle has not once mentioned the 8XT. Not from Microsoft, not from HTC, and I don't think WPCentral even mentions 8XT in all the updated stories.

I don't mind all so much if there is a problem. Of course I want any update that comes my way, and moreso ON TIME.

What I still can't wrap my head around is how everybody involved only NOW tells us HTC isn't getting the update. Did we really have to find out the hard way? A memo even just an hour before the update went live would have been nice.

Its a blatant omission by WPCentral staff at this point...3 HTC stories not one mention...its deliberate.


8XT & 8X are different...we have an SD Card, 8X does not, we have Boomsound, 8X does not...better camera...CDMA 4G LTE on Sprint (only)...so yes, it should be mentioned.  I've notified the story authors on all 3 to have no corrections made or updates to their inaccurate stories...nothing.


As best, its an oversight...3x in 2 days...at worst, its deliberate.

So, I hard reset my Ativ S (it was overdue anyway) and tried the update again. It's gone through this time without any problems at all.

I am now doing another hard reset and then restoring my backup.

My suspicion is the amount of RAM (not the storage) - the Ativ S packs 1GB, which is plenty under normal circumstances - BUT the amount of background apps eats into this quite badly. The amount of apps depends on the user - hence the randomness of the failure.

I will suggest a new feature on the MS uservoice (if it aint there already) - Storage sense is fine for data storage - what is needed is a native app like the Windows "task manager" which can monitor RAM.


My entire family has HTC phones. While everybody else have HTC Ones, I have 8x. It's a beautiful phone. It's sad to see HTC/Microsoft not giving enough crap about it.Always late on updates and testing customers patience with each day.

Dont feel too bad. I stopped using HTC Android as the update cycle was just as bad (HTC Sense being the usual excuse). At least the MS developer preview program allows the 8X /8S to advance somewhat - and I love the fact what was a 4GB device can accomodate masses of apps because of the SD card expansion..

I don't get all this whining about slow updates lol, what about Android devices waiting for like 6 months and more.. I'll even have to wait 2,3 maybe 4 months for Android L on my Nexus and there is only a few Nexuses.. And you can get the preview right now, just like on Windows Phone, it's a DEVELOPERS PREVIEW, without it you'd wait for months for the same thing you have now. And it's been out for the OEMs like days ago.. And yes I have issues with this update too

And for the Nokia trolls.
This article is related to HTC 8X/S users, it's no use to brag yourself that your Nokia got the update.
The phone brand is everyone's choice. It's quite simple.

I'm sure you're aware that Nokia phones are not getting the update - the read error and failure to install is happening for lumia devices across the board. Nothing to brag about :/

Some lumia have some issues as well, what are they saying? Had reset should be done as a last resort as this would involve re- installing all applications, and if some have been removed from the store, it means we would have on the loosing side. 

i once did this and i lost Angry birds which i had paid for, 

I just hope... Skip official update 8.1 and make 8.1.1. official

Would make me (my mother) happy, for i got a L930 two weeks ago

Please don't advice to get DP, I want accompanying firmware for the 8X has some software issues and I am quite sure HTC knows about...


I have an 8x and honestly this one hurt since I'm always beta testing stuff from and to windows and windows phone. To have a device not work was a gut hit. But as long as it gets fixed then I guess I would be okay

I was looking at the HTC One for Windows as my next phone, but HTC is really rediculous.  I may just move to the latest (Lumia 930) or an upcoming one....



The One for Windows HTC will be a very nice phone if its close to the HTC One M 8 for Android. But to be honest if I was to buy a HTC One it would be an Android one not one for WP8. I have four Lumia's and don't plan on changing to something else (another brand of phone) in the near future. But if I ever get the feeling to leave WP8 it won't be because of the Lumia phones. I would not own another brand of phone on WP8 though because of the update situation. Its bad enough having Lumia's.

There's an issue with the Icon as well. I still get random reboots several times per day just as I have since I got the thing. No amount of hard resets, downgrades, upgrades, re-installs, whatever, have solved it. It happens when I'm texting, surfing, writing emails, typing in OneNote, etc. Overall not such a good experience with the Icon.

Same thing happened with my wife's icon.  Amazon swapped it out under warranty.  Replacement ran flawless, until the wife dropped it and shattered the screen.

So they are finally collaborating in order to solve this ridiculous problem, that shouldn't have happened in the first place. I like my 8X and I like HTC  but this is stupid.

So according to the comments, Its completely okay * understandable for Microsoft & Nokia to work on a fix, but when Microsoft & HTC is working together to fix ... HTC sucks & doesn't support their devices ... Wow!
On a side note, glad to know HTC & Microsoft got this.

I have a samsung ativ s and have trouble updating too, is there somebody with an ativ s that is able to update and can help me?

I have managed to update..... but it took a hard reset to do it. I am still restoring the backup as I type this (been going for an hour).