Microsoft’s Super Bowl ads will pull at your heart strings

Super Bowl

Microsoft will be firing up advertisements to cover Sunday's broadcast of the Super Bowl and the company has enlisted the help of none other than former NFL player, Steve Gleason to help out. It's a notable appearance since he'll be featured in Microsoft's first-ever national Super Bowl advert.

Battling ALS (better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease), Gleason's appearance will be a special one due to his story and how Microsoft technology helps make his life easier.

Gleason is one of several people selected to showcase their story in the Microsoft advertisement during the game. Check out the two videos below from Microsoft that highlight how technology improves the lives of those with disabilities. 

Don't worry if you shed a tear. We certainly did.

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Microsoft’s Super Bowl ads will pull at your heart strings


My eyes definitely watered up. Disabilities like those above suck, but it's encouraging to see people doing the best they can despite those setbacks. Happy to see technology make life a little more normal. 

No, but I'll be crying because Samsung, Apple, and Google will have ads,, but will we see anything for WP❔.... Most likely not... Pathetic❕

This why I love MSFT and they will always have me. They cover everything from Science and Education, and to human needs. MSFT has always being there. Thanks MSFT.

I'd agree, not 100% on board with his politics, but, he and his wife are two of the most generous people around.

True, and these are lovely ads, showing the importance of technology and rising above the usual fanboy BS we see on forums. But are they really the right ads for the Superbowl? Just seems a little downbeat for the occasion.

I think it's genius. A lot of people still view Microsoft as a big evil corporation from their dominant 90's and early 2000's era. These ads may show people that they are a changed company.

They can't. This goes on way above computing. What MSFT shows on these videos is for the better of mankind.

I think its a great commercial, although I can for see others who will bring out the worst by saying Microsoft used Gleason and his disease to promote their products. I dont see it this way, I know others will , well, because it's Microsoft.

Can't. Stop. Smiling. Being stared at by the family. I don't care. Worth it. This is why Microsoft will always be my nerd-crush. Those ads are beautiful.

Oh, I think someone is chopping onions...


Beautiful ad, well done Microsoft. Your work truly changes lives for the better.

It's a fantastic way to not only support the work ongoing to help better the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves, but show the general public how Microsoft is getting involved. While you're not selling products, you're definitely selling the brand backing a powerful message. I think it's beautiful.

They are showing how they've helped people with their products. It's not about a specific product I don't think so much as improving their image.

One of MS' biggest problems is their image problem. Enough of these ads, and people will start to think differently about MS. It's not about any specific product.

Some things are worth more than mere money and sales. When all is said and done, its nice to know that despite the retail competition, these tech companies are actually interested in pushing human advancement through tech and not just their margins. =[

They are selling the Microsoft brand by showing it's involvement as the driving force of technology. It's not about holding a tech appliance that looks like a piece of art or something you can buy in your local mall, it's about the practical applications that we can do with tecnology

If you actually listened what the ad says instead of just looking at the pictures, you would know what the ad is.

Ok I'll say it. No review forapp socil yet? I put it on hold for a couple mins. 4-3-2-1. Nope, and still no review yet. Ouch!

I am not sure who asked what Microsoft is selling, I think the image of a better Microsoft is the selling point of these commercials. For a  very long time, Microsoft was perceived as this company that makes lot of money and engaged in monopolistic activivies. Still today some people still refer as Micro$oft and I think that commercial is fixing how people perceive the company. There are already douzen of Surface commercial outthere. The image of Microsoft is more important. It is like Google having a commercial on privacy or like Appple makes you happy. Microsft's changes life and this is actually true the way that we use technlology.


Dartfish is the company behind the software used in the "Making Strides" story. While our app was chosen for the launch of Ipad Air, we are very proud of this one. Our professional software rely on windows OS and its powerful tool set & distribution

My father used to take advantage of Dartfish technology when he ran a sports performance facility. Unfortunately the economy collapsed and we closed.

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I've been curious about Velocity as I found one not a mile from my house here in New Orleans. Is it an All-Sports facility or just football...? I'm a cyclist and was wondering what it offered as far as what I do.

It's focused on all-sports.

I only took the Youth and D1 classes when we used to have it as I was pretty young. I think the Youth and Adult classes are an hour and the D1/D2 classes run for an extra half hour. If you have other questions I'd be happy to answer.

Wow. It's these stories that encourage me to look for more I can do with the healthy body I have. Inspiring.

Good commercial, but its just advertisement and Microsoft products sure changed his life alright, wonder how much this guy I never heard of got paid

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Wow. I thought I would just watch them and say, "how touching", but here I am at my desk at work, tearing-up.

Very moving.

Very cool ads and technology. Is Microsoft making this available to these people and programs for free? I couldn't tell if this was a philanthropic endeavor or a heartwarming way to demonstrate their technology. Just wondering.

The point of these ads was that Microsoft's products was involed in creating the technology to help these people. It's only limited to what the user can think of with this technology and Microsoft will always be involved with how we use it.

Truly inspiring. Doesn't matter if its Microsoft or not, it is good to see companies doing good for others. It kind of makes me feel a little better about owning Microsoft products. Is that what part of the intention was with these commercials?

Amazing stories, somtimes you have to look at what other's have to go through to make you put what really is important into perspective.  Thankfully we have companies like Mircosoft and countless other's developing technology that help people have some quality of life.  

These are ads that show the true Microsoft though, forget the scroogled campaigns and put these out.  Definetely gets you where their supposed to.

Great ads. It's Microsoft showing how technology can improve the quality of life of people.  I love seeing the R&D MS is doing regarding this sort of stuff. I know they're in it to make money but it's hard work and determination of people at MS making a positive difference the lives of people. I think Bill Gates would firmly stand behind these. :)

Microsoft has always been in it to make money in order to keep the company going so they can make this type of technology a reality.

One of Bill Gates's problems with technology was that it's stil not progressing fast enough. He's disappionted that we are still using pen and paper in our daily lives.

This clearly shows why I love Microsoft as a company: it is people-driven as a technology company to better people's lives. Thank you, Microsoft!!

Those were pretty decent. Hard to reconcile them with the same company that runs those awful Surface + NFL ads, where they've got players "writing" on the lock screen as an example of "professional" use, and a man who needs a haircut all alone in a bar as an example of awesome "personal" use. Newscasters and NFL players hiding ipads/printouts behind those Surfaces aren't helped by the type of image portrayed by "writing" plays on a lock screen. :/

I'm not sure who's in charge of their ad campaign for the whole NFL + Surface, but they're really, really bad at their job.