Microsoft's Project My Screen PC component available for download

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If you've been itching for a chance to play with the new Project My Screen feature from Windows Phone 8.1, the PC program you need to get it started is now available from Microsoft's servers. You can download the installer right here

The program seems easy to use. Simply make sure you have all your drivers sorted, install the program on your computer, and run it while your Windows Phone 8.1 device is plugged in. There's already a good bit of chatter about this feature in our forums, so be sure to jump in and add your take on things, too.

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Microsoft's Project My Screen PC component available for download


Weird, it worked fine for me. Started the software on the computer and plugged the phone in, the prompt to share my screen came up even over the lock screen.

Unfortunately no sound over USB, though I would expect there should be over Miracast.

1. Only source of internet is your phone, so you use this to stream videos.
2. Create "how to videos" for WP 8.1.
3. Play games on a bigger display.
4. Quick presentations.
5. Porn...

My job involves training sales teams on Office 365. Being able to project what my experience on Windows Phone feels like is a HUGE deal.

I just wrote an Calculator App for WP for a school project. Now on my presentation i can show my screen on a big screen, its useful for me.

If you were doing a developer presentation and wanted to demo a feature that doesn't work in the emulator, like reading NFC tags, then this is a great tool.

Did you launch the program on your computer? It took me a sec to realize that nothing was going to happen unless I ran the application on the computer. You don't need to be in settings on the phone.

You have to go to "device manager" and uninstall "windows phone" under portable devices and "win USB" (three of them) should be under the very last listing. Afterward, reboot pc, open desktop app, connect phone through USB. Go to settings and the message should pop up.

Try connecting your phone to your pc. Go to devices manager. Uninstall the windows phone from 'Portable Devices'. Next uninstall all the USB Drivers related to the phone. Mine said 'Nokia 909 xxxx' three times. Restart the pc and reconnect the phone. New drivers will install in the background and your phone projection works!


People who are having troubles, I have found a solution.
Install the app, reboot the PC once the installation has been completed.
Now, open up the app from desktop and then connect the USB.
If there is no prompt on the screen go device manager (right click start menu, there should be an option), DO NOT unplug the USB from the phone.
At the bottom there will be a section called "universal serial bus devices" Uninstall all the drivers that are linked to your phone. Once they disappear, disconnect your phone.

Now, close the app on the desktop and launch it again. Then connect the phone via USB. You should have the prompt on your phone now. 

If you are stuck at any points feel free to reply to my comment.
I hope it works for you as easily as it did for me.


NO other soution on internet worked for me, until I read your comment. Followed every step you instructed and it worked like charm! Thanks again! :')

I am going to project my phone onto my computer screen, then bring up splashtop and connect to the computer I am projecting too. This will create a vortex into hell, from which the olde beast will pour out of. It will open one of its seven mouths, and it will sing the song that ends the earth.

That or it will just look trippy, man.

And lo, the ritual was complete. And from the screen a sphere of bubbling pitch came forward as if from thin air. And with it a scream like that of a rightous angel tearing at its own flesh. Then, thunderous silence filled the room. From the orb a door opened, and from it's indescribable depths out poured styrofoam packing peanuts.
I want my money back.

It is already working? I've connect my Windows Phone to my PC and the app does not showed nothing. I'd also tried to enable in my Windows Phone settings.

I tried it. It is really cool for games !

TIP: You may try to delete the USB hub you try to connect from Device manager and then click the Scan for hardware changes button. It usually fix the USB connectivity problems. Don't worry it wont break your PC. If you don't know which one is the HUB try to remove them all. If you have mouse or stuff on the USB you may need to restart or use keyboard -> Alt+A, A.

It works with mouse input so you can control your phone from the pc and the world flow keyboard makes entering text doable. If they add keyboard input and audio passthrough it would be almost perfect.

Yes, add keyboard support and I will be using this A LOT!. Can you see the cursor with the mouse? In full screen I don't see it but you can click on stuff.

You can not use keyboard for typing. You can touch the screen if your screen is able to do that.

Keep your phone plugged in and delete all the drivers to do with your phone. Unplug your phone, start project my screen and then plug in your phone. You should get a message asking you to project now. That's what I had to do.

This works flawlessly on my 8x! Went into Metrotube and loaded up an hd video, played fine on both devices. Then I plugged my pc into my TV, also fine. I've only been playing around with it for a few minutes and so far th only lag I've seen is when scrolling through the start screen but this lag is only on the pc and not on the phone.

Aaah...you little beauty! I thought the display was permanently letterboxed! That little P button has solved my issue! Thanks :)

Too bad you can't type on it, but you can use word flow! :D

And I wish I could keep the projection on, with the phone screen off.

OMG! You can use a mouse (or touch screen) to control the phone, and do WordFlow too. Awe. Some.

Noooooo I was SO hoping this would work on my Surface RT, especially since it was an msi installer.

But alas, it does not - there goes my prospect of watching videos on my unlimited data on a bigger screen...all in a smaller, portable package.

Don't feel aggrieved...as far as I can tell, there is no way to make videos go full screen. On my 10" Asus T100, the video window is only marginally bigger than my 4.5" 1020 screen.
You're not missing much

Wasn't expecting too much of a difference, would have been nice though. Maybe they'll come up with a way to do it. In the meantime my laptop runs it fine. Thanks

Found this: press "E" on your keyboard to expand the phone's screen on your PC's display. Makes the videos almost fullscreen when in landscape

Or I just saw Benny Vallejo else say CTR+ALT+P. gives true fullscreen - which it does!

Works flawless with my 521 except for trying to play a movie but, I think that's more the app sucks.

With that, anyone recommend a good MKV player that doesn't suck?

Make sure your phone is plugged in and switched on. If it is anything like mine, device manager will show three instances of the device (RM909 in my case) under USB devices right at the bottom of the list. Uninstall all 3. Reinstall. Restart both devices...then it should work.
It's pretty glitchy though - MS definitely need to work on it some more!

how can i project it to xbox?  on windows 8.1, i can stream music and video from apps but i cant do that on windows phone 8.1.

i plug it in to pc, turn projector on on  both....nothing happens

i give up...not going to bother till u guys get a whole section about this...see ya


guys, those who were able to download the app, can you reupload it somewhere..the link seems to be down right now,,, thank you

This is for everyone who is facing a problem using this feature inspite of reinstalling the USB drivers, you need to make sure that the phone is connected to the PC when you delete the USB drivers :)

hi, will there be an update to enable audio pass through with this app? it will be very useful. any idea guys and landscape orientation not working for me, lumia 720 and surface pro 2 combo.

I didn't realize that it worked with a touch screen.  Touch gestures from the PC are sent back to the phone.

Whoa.... Has anyone noticed that you can click/touch in the projection and perform actions on your phone? Yeah, it actually sends input through the USB back to the phone!!!

Really cool! Anyone who's used the emulator will feel right at home.

i believe this is the same driver they hacked into wp7. the app also strikes a resemblance. i used it before on htc hd7.


May i ask ???
I've problem about office on my Lumia 720.
PPTX i copied yesterday on memory via PC.
And after that i check on my Lumia, but the PTTX disappear.
Im very confused, is the office till unsupported memory card?

You can controll the phone with your mouse from the computer, I think that is also really helpfull, and even more when your computer has a touch screen.

I think yes, it may use the same resolution so the same image your phone displays is what your pc shows, and so, if your phone is up to 720 and you use a 1080 monitor, you will notice the quality difference.

For example, a 3552x2000 pixels photo (8MP camera aprox.) will be displayed as a 720 pixels one on your phone, 1080 on your monitor (opening the photo directly), and real resolution if you had a 4K monitor.

It's super easy to change the butt-ugly device image on this.

Just download "Resource Tuner" by Heaventools. The images are under "RC DATA/PHONEIMAGE_xxxx/1033.png"

Note: Resource hacker doesn't work because the images are stored in a .png

Why it only projects?

I wanted to use my laptop's (win 8.1) keyboard to install 4 e-mail accounts with advanced e-mail server settings to a NOKIA Lumia 920 device. 

Based on my experience with Windows Phone OS:

a) has little in commmon with the PC Win OS.
b) is very limited in interface flexability
c) is totally missing main features that are a required as minimum
d) is so away from android and ios and is a completely different INEFFICENT way.

There is NO app for windows (phone windows can't be remotely logged from a PC windows, you gotta be kiddin me...) that can be used to type in the NOKIA LUMIA 920 Microsoft Phone Windows.