Microsoft's upcoming wearable will allegedly be priced the same as Samsung Gear


Like many of you, we can't wait to get a smartwatch made by Microsoft. Last weekend we learned a handful of new details about Microsoft's upcoming plans in the wearable space, and how it might compare with the Android Wear space. Today a few more details have emerged. Curious about pricing?


To recap the leaks from last weekend:

  • Will work cross-platform (Windows Phone, Android, iOS)
  • Open APIs
  • Coming in October
  • 11 sensors (to track fitness and activity level)
  • Will be a slim band (think Nike Fuelband) vs chunky smartwatch (Gear, G Watch, Toq)
  • Display is inside of the wrist as opposed to outside

In a new blog post, Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott has provided a few more details about Microsoft's plans for the upcoming wearable. He also confirms the above information.

What's new/confirmed from Paul today:

  • Will be like a fitness band
  • Will display smartphone based notifications from Windows Phone, Android and iOS
  • Be priced the same as the Samsung Gear fit. (That's also the same price as the newer Samsung Gear Live
  • Tracks your fitness: Steps, calories burned, heart rate, etc.

We can't wait to see what Microsoft has planned in this wearable space.

Are you still interested in this device even though it's more smartband and less smartwatch? Sound off below.

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Microsoft's upcoming wearable will allegedly be priced the same as Samsung Gear


I hope it has a Metro UI (sorry, Modern) from not only Windows Phone, but also iOS and Android. They could use it as leverage for WP if the watch is sufficiently successful.

It's not that they want you to and more that they had no choice but to change it.

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I am not sure about it being on the inside of my wrist. Maybe I am getting old.
Also...guess I have to Bing Samsung's pricing as it is not mentioned. Excited though.
*Edit* Just looked up the Samsung Gear. The Gear 2 actually looks pretty nice, but it's $300...

Yeah. Display facing your wrist seems counter-intuitive. Not to mention, it'll be all mucked up from sweat and such. I guess we'll just have to wait and see it in person.

I've seen a few people in my life that wore their watches that way. They reckon it's easier to check the time without having to rotate the whole wrist, but I never saw much difference. I always thought it looked stupid too :P

Its not facing your wrist, its on the *inside* of your wrist. So if you were holding your phone in you hand reading, you would be able to see the face of your watch (likely pointed toward your upper chest)

IDK about most people, but in that scenario the inside of my wrist is waaaay out of focus, even with optical correction prosthetics applied.

Sorry - I don't think the idea is that it is in focus on a scenario like that (and the phone holding was just to help picture the location), obviously you would have to shift your gaze to the face of the watch. I don't think one way is necessarily better than the other. But after testing the motions a few times (raising/inward twisting arm to look at outside of wrist vs raising/outward twisting atm slightly), I prefer looking at the inside of my wrist based on the reduced stress it seems to put on my upper arm and shoulder joint.

I don't know. Maybe the design is set like that so the unit is sitting on the inner side of your wrist to detect heart rate more accurately. There are more reasons why this approach is used instead of aesthetics.

I mean all you would have to do is turn it to turn the watch to the outside of your wrist.. Lol problem solved. It's just designed to be facing your body.

I think having the face on the inside makes talking into your watch a little more natural. It's like holding a phone to your ear.

cmon release it already, im more than excited everytime i see "microsoft" + "smartwatch" on the tittle

I'd prefer they make more of a smartwatch with a design like Moto 360...but I'll get this in lieu of that.

I didn't find it ugly at all. It might be too big, but I would have to try it on first. I just know based off the patent picture, the Microsoft smartband doesn't look good visually, but I'll reserve full judgment till I see it in person.

The only problem with a round screen like the Moto 360 is that this watch will likely run on some form of Metro, which is comprised of squares and rectangles. The geometrical clash would look terrible, which is unfortunate, because I really like the round shape

Hmmm, hadn't thought of that...i figured since they were trying to support all platforms, they might try and go for something more generic/universal looking.

The 360 is good if u wear casually or at a party but Microsoft's smart and is a fitness band. Those who are fitnesss freak, sportsmen can get Microsoft's smartband

Agree. I'd like a more tradtional watch design. Not too big. But, I tend to lean more toward analog faces than digital.

Based in what the watch will be, I will pass. Wake me up when Microsoft made something similar to the Moto360.

Nokia (what's left of it after selling it's mobile division) might make a smartwatch that looks like traditional wristwatches. Maybe. We'll just have to see.

And does coming in October mean announcement event in October and on store shelves after Christmas has come and gone? Or actually on store shelves and available for purchase by Oct 31?

Awesome. At first I didn't understand what it meant to have the face (display) inside. I get it now and it seems natural. Anxious to see this.

Why, what's the rush? If MS did it first it wouldn't matter. Ignorant asses would still claim apple invented it even if apple was 3 years behind.

CrApple is the best their is and ever was. CrApple has invented everything better than everything before it. I know this to be true, I read it on the Interweb.


To me it does seem natural to just turn ur wrist when actually trying to do things on a watch, try having to turn ur wrist trying to read and type, especially with modern UI, just tap and swipes

Watches are designed for use on the inside of the wrist, the soft flesh allows for a watch face to fit squarely as opposed to uneven like on the wrist bone. Only in the last few decades have people been wearing them on the outside, which is less functional, more straining on the wrist, elbows and shoulders when actually trying to read the face, and makes you look like you're wearing the watch because you can, not because it does something.

Why is inside the wrist even a feature? It should look good either way, and if not that's an obvious design flaw.

I'm not sure but, due to the use of heart beat sensor, putting the device on the inner side of the wrist is more reasonable.

...so how much is a Samsung Gear? At the risk of being called lazy, not a fan of having to do supplemental reading to find out the answer in the title of the article.

I just hope it supports WP from the get-go and not Android/iOS first with support for WP "coming soon"

I feel like I want to write a comment in escrow, saying once again Microsoft misses the mark, whiffs on obvious market feature that would have been amazing, has a better and more complete product on IOS and Android.. cites, "more to come soon" in response to why missing features on Windows Phone... but I really want to be positive and really hope this is an amazing device.

I think the iWatch will be the device with the most polish.  The Moto 360 is a serious device from what I've heard however.  If an IOS device can look pretty and do what a fitness band would do.. well. I just hope this fitness band looks looks sharp enough to wear for any occasion.

At this point, everybody who wants a fitness band has one. There's still room for growth in the smartwatch space. They should have focused on that instead.

I'm in the market for a fitness band AND waiting to see what MS releases before I commit. Regardless of your generalization, I'm sure I'm not alone...

I've been holding out, wish they would come out with something already. I really want a nice looking MS smart watch.

Don't want to hear a anyone say "why do we need smartwatches?"... If you don't want one don't buy one, but let us have our fun.... Jerk❕

But, isn't that what you're doing right now?... It must be your job.. Well, excuse me.. I don't want to take you away from your work.

But I want it should also work completely standalone otherwise what good it will bring when competitors are already offering a smartphone dependant watch

i just hope it is surface-like design wise, all metal and glass with a bright contrasty amoled display big enough to fit the entire arm, metal bracelet, and all it has to do is work as a notification center, remote control of sorts, and do some fitness stats, also IP67 is a must just as the overall sturdiness, i've used lots of cool watches, and the most important thing they have to do other than looking good is survive my day to day use, its not that i work in a construction site but i just cant live with a watch that i feel is gonna get destroyed everytime i make a sudden move

But will it run Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Hey, you know it'll be a top app on iWatch, and Windows Watch must have app parity!

I'll wait for a watch design, I think.  For $300, I need to be CERTAIN that I want to use it.  That palm side wrist placement of the screen seems odd, espescially now as my wrist wrests on the mettalic surface of my HP laptop.

I think the problem Microsoft will face with this type of smartwatch is that it lacks the "status symbol" and/or fashion aspect that it equally or more important than practicality.
I just don't see a majority of consumers spending $200-$300 for a smartwatch that doesn't have the "bling factor."
I don't like a lot of bling, but when it comes to a watch, it's the one place I want to show off a little bit.

Agreed. The name "Microsoft" just doesn't attract the young urban professionals at all. iPhone buyers will exclusively buy the iBand for obvious reasons. The real play if for the 1.1 billion Android users.

I don't think so. The direction they're going on with the Surface is a more premium one, so if they price it at less than the competition it'll probably be around 10% less

I'd rather I be a watch! I want a smart watch not a stupid fitness band. Not all of us want to go running.

...but I think a majority of smart watch target customers DO want fitness tracking on the device. That being said, I wish this had a more traditional watch design.

I know some do, but it should be a different device. Make a cool fitness ban for people who want it. And make a smartwatch, that is classy and looks cool for others. Why are they only coming out with one style anyways. How many smart watches are there for Android, either MS steps up their game or people are going to go with a different device (mainly because smartwatches could be a deal breaker)

I want some tech looking, surface like smartwatch with GPS support build in. The others all rely on the smartwatch for GPS.

I know the new, and "in" thing to do is to accept this weird "microsoft is the underdog who needs to beg" stance (which makes no sense when you actually LOOK at Microsoft), but I really don't see how it's beneficial to make this open to all OS's. I'm sure Bing Health+Fitness will play a role, but still.

There goes the elegant/luxury design I was hopping for our clients :-(

Hope they do more than single design for executives, Moto360 design with better strap options would be fantastic.

Any idea what the 11 sensors are? Heart rate, obviously. Probably a pedometer. What are the other 9? Probably not a GPS since we'll be pairing these with our phones. Air quality or something?

If anyone can figure out how to track blood glucose levels without piercing the skin, I'll gladly throw money at them. I feel like that's not going to happen though.


Blood pressure

Heart rate






Bluetooth (if this and IR count as sensors)

That's 9 already

it got no chance to success if its coming after iwatch....MS cant sell the idea on kinect...forget about any new tech....they dont even have a windows 8.1 tablet with LTE yet after 3 products release....  pity they think tablet is meant to replace laptop not for travel or finding nearby restaurent and navigation

There is 99% chances.. When released on WP , it will have limited capabilities , where as IOS n Android will have superior experience... This is due to limitations on WP SDK and lack of API. Piss poor effort from Microsoft on that front

Display inside and fitnessband - i don't see me buy this thing. A watch would be great but the concept leaked so far is too limited. Is there anything new Microsoft is offering us? I am slightly disappointed.

I didn't care before and even less will I care if it's a smartband. And even less if it's overpriced as the Samsung Gear is.

I don't understand why they would have the screen on the inside of the wrist. I guess I'm still looking forward to getting the Agent watch then...

I'd go for an Agent, but dayam, that House of Horology design is 1980s Casio calculator watch ugly.

Sounds awesome! I need one, but I think I will wait til price drops ...

  • Will work cross-platform (Windows Phone, Android, iOS)

Let me guess ... Android and iOS support at launch day and Windows Phone some weeks later ... 

Idk a update could be brewing along with the launch of more phone devices we might priority this time around with windows 9 brewing

I hope the battery, with GPS on, last a marathon plus full day of use. Then add smartwatch functionality, I'll ditch my Garmin 620 in a second.

first on my list is the moto 360, simply because it's gorgeous and i think google wear is a very good implementation of how a wearable device should work. but i am still ver intrigued to see what msft puts out, especially to see if/how they integrate cortana into it. heck, i literally cannot have enough gadgets!

Definitely needs to be water proof, and have the battery last all day. I like the inside of the wrist but $300 ... I know that may not be out of the ordinary but man that's alot of money!

It's probably on the inside of the wrist for privacy concerns. In case you don't want people in your business with who's calling/texting you ;)

The obvious fix to that would be user-option to hide contents of text incoming text messages until user does whatever action to reveal.

yeah, just like the iphone 6 plus... order oct. 1 and will receive nov 14'th...  You might want to double check your apple availability.

If they are going to place the display on the inside wrist, I hope the bezel around the display is rubber and the display is sunken enough so that I don't hear and feel it clanging and grinding on every table and desk when I rest my arms on them. I stopped wearing watches for this very reason so that I didnt have to hear and feel the metal band scratch as I typed at work. This sounds pretty damn cool but if I need to remove it during work, this is a no go for me.

I'm up for it. I just switched to WP right after google io. I had money set aside for Android wear. I guess it will now be saved for this

The thing is, many people can spend a lot on a phone, but not on a phone AND a watch, knowing both are at the end of their lives after 2 years, and already old fashioned after a year. While a real watch with a clockwork lasts for decades and keeps its style and is better build.

Hopefully Microsoft goes big and introduces more features and a wearables platform, rather than just some smartwatch that does the whole fitness/health tracking bit, and also happens to show notifications. If it could be a bit more like Google's Wearables platform, where developers can extend the phone into wearables and give it additional functions/features to complement the phone...  Better yet, if they can come up with something even more impressive than the competition.  Enough with the catching up, time to blow the competition out of the water!

I'm waiting for Windows Belt! "Hey, baby. I just got a text... You want to read it for me?" [Wife rolls eyes and says she has a headache.]

How can you make it be "inside your wrist", couldn't you just rotate the strap and put in facing up?

Yeah, i was saying the same thing.  I can put my watch display on the underside of my wrist too.  just rotate it over

I'm thinking the screen on the inside may be to do with sensors for heart rate, so rotating it would void that?

I'm equally as interested whether band or watch. Whichever comes out first, Fitbit for WP8.1 or this, that'll be the one that gets my money.

So, I just got to thinking since it's gonna be supported on Android and iOS...will it be supported on those platforms before ours. If so, that would be a very very big blow to this community. It would really really make me rethink my next phone purchase.

It doesn't matter. It could be the most perfect product, best advertising and it won't sell because of the name "Microsoft". Meanwhile the iBand/iWatch will sell mega-millions despite only running on one platform.

90% of comments already trashing the rumored device(MS might never release it). In fact since the iWatch is coming out in September/October I anticpate MS will wait first to see how that does.

IDK.. I can't see dropping 2 hondos on this. I'm connected enough with my digital world already with my 920. I don't even wear a watch unless it's a dress up situation. I'd be willing to give it a go for less than 1 Hondo, I guess.

Possibly designed to go on the inside of your wrist/arm so some sort of sensor is near your pulse.

No idea if any heart sensor technology actually works like this, but if it does the back of the face could have whatever required sensor is needed.

With only a week left in October, I guess we can safely assume that "coming in October" is not happening.

Now I start wondering how many of the other rumors actually hold true...