Missed out on those free Windows Phone props for your Xbox Avatar? Here's why.

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On Sunday we posted a method by which you can get a free Avatar prop featuring Windows Phone--either a Longboard, foam finger or tee-shirt. All you had to do was sign up for the Windows Phone Insider newsletter and you were sent a redeem code.

Then late Sunday/early Monday we started to get word that the offer had suddenly ended, even before most of you were able to try and get one. Now, Microsoft's KC Lemson has posted why on the Windows Phone Blog.

In short, some jerk managed to sweep up all the remaining redeem codes, locking out future users. What's worse, they're selling them on eBay for $10 a pop.

eBay scam

The good news is Microsoft will do right and extend free I <3 Windows Phone shirt avatar props to those users who received a rejection email, meaning not only will you get something, you'll get a more rare item.

No word though if they'll open this up for others who missed the original offer. From the sound of it, it was a successful program. Let's hope they do it again.

Source: Windows Phone Blog; Thanks, FalconX, for the eBay link


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Missed out on those free Windows Phone props for your Xbox Avatar? Here's why.


Oh ya!  A**holes like this are LITERALY why we can't have nice things.  
Anytime a company tries to do something nice for customers, there are always some out there that feel the need to exploit it for their own personal profits.

I registered for the newsletter and got two emails to redem the code and both said this promotion as ended so nocode on both of them

I registered twice from my phone and never got nothing. No code or no rejection email. I registered 1 day and nothing so I registered again the next day. After I put in my info and clicked to continue I always wound up on a Nokia page. It asked if I wanted to know more about the Nokia. Was you not allowed to register from your windows phone?

They should have made the item available on the marketplace for free. Getting a tshirt is alright but it's not as cool as a longboard.

LOL What an idiot. Somebody should have told mr. sciptkiddy that scarcity on digital goods is artificial since all they have to do is generate more codes...
Also $10 for a niche avatar prop? Pure business genius...

Exactly. You'd think that MS would use their 2% market share as a mini army, doing everything possible to have them be as vocally positive as possible. Give us tons of little incentives to turn into mini recruiters. Yet they let a script kiddy run amuck of something that many people would actually want. In truth MS should be embarrassed that one person was able to turn their promotion into a joke.

Codes have to be legitimate and generated... They only generate a certain number at a time. They CAN generate more (a request is in) but it takes time. The post I read said everyone who missed out would get the foam finger as compensation.

I think the exclusivity makes it more desirable. If something is free and widely available in the marketplace, it isn't a big deal imo. When only people getting it from a specific method can get it, it makes it something to show off. And ms's promos are prone to abuse as is anyone else's.

I think it would be worth the publicity for wpcentral to buy one of those from that d-bag so you can get his contact info through eBay and post it here so everyone knows who the big d-bag is.  And if he matches up with any accounts created here I say ban him off the site.

it is the principal of the matter.  It was not meant to be profited from.  In fact, this guy is probably in violation of reselling the items.

What I don't understand is why was this one guy allowed to get all of the items?!

Seriously, ms should ban the person, set up a one per person and most of all, why is ms allowing this guy to sell these items on eBay when they where free to begin with?

Ms needs to redeem them selves to loyal customers and offer these item for an extended day or two.

Im almost positive MS limited it to one per person. But like any other promo, he probably just used multiple emails. And im sure he wasn't the only one.

Im glad they took it down, but I was gonna say the guy is using MS's avatar image with the longboard. They could call copyright violation to pull it.

i still have my code and did not use it yet.  I wanted the shirt. 
 always jerks like this.  I have been screwed out of items free with purchase at Kmart and target because employees stole-took them and sold them on eBay and CL.

Microsoft sent me a replacment code today, but I have already used mine the first time so I have spare code now =D