MOGA Bluetooth controller SDK coming soon for Windows Phone 8

MOGA Windows Phone Controller

You may (or may not) have heard of the MOGA Bluetooth-powered gaming controller. The device has been available for Android hardware for a few months, but the team behind it has opened up platform limitations by releasing the SDK for developers to implement support in Windows Phone 8 games. The controller is on show at this year's GDC.

While no games are available yet to that take full advantage of the controller on Windows Phone, we can expect to see some titles announced soon enough. PowerA has stated that the SDK for Windows Phone will be available soon. Microsoft has published a short demonstration of the controller in action:

Looks pretty neat, right? With all the titles and Xbox Live games coming to Windows Phone, it'll take the gaming experience that step further with the Bluetooth controller. For more information, head on over to the Windows Phone Developer Blog.


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MOGA Bluetooth controller SDK coming soon for Windows Phone 8


Outstanding!!!! Just don't make it a habit of coming first if you ever have a girlfriend.... :P
Anyways.. I wonder if they will make the Samsung copycat 360 controller compatible with WP.

Great news, now we just need some controller worthy games. AKA Halo, modern combat, etc. Don't want to buy a controller to build a puzzle.

This is a step in the right direction! I would love to see some support for the PS3 controller as it is Bluetooth too.

You realize this is Windows Phone and Microsoft right? They're not gonna promote a Sony product to be used with Windows Phone. Eh, maybe they will. Anything is possible.

Very true MS will not do this but likewise, Google didn't bring the PS3 controller to Android. I'm talking more about a different dev doing it. I have a feeling it would be harder to do on WP than Android.

Sure, if a dev can bring a PS3 controller to WP8 then why not the Wii controller.
Though, all of this is assuming it can be brought without needing to implement it in every game.

What we need is a universal XBox Smartglass control system that allows for interaction not just for specific games, but  even interactivity with the XBox console. This way numerous third party solutions can be build and can interact with any game that has support for the standard. I like where the ecosystem is headed, but we need this functionality to be universal.

The developer is pretty good about keeping the emulators updated and improving them. I wouldn't be surprised if they are updated to take advantage of this soon.

I'm a poor man, I mean I don't have that much money or stuff...BUT, this is a must buy if they release some support in games for it. Ohhhh I would...probably play to much games, but it will be fun all the way.

Well the new update (out now) lets you clear temp files (I had 9 GB!!) so I'm good now! But you can store your music on SkyDrive and play it on your phone to free up space on the device.

It's only good if we can start savings games to the SD card on the Lumia 820 - otherwise this is pointless, can only fit 2 or 3 games on it (800MB games)

Am I the only one who has been saying that Micrsooft should sell a Bluetooth version of their 360 controller, and make it function with Windows Phone devices like Nvidia's Project Shield? Just put an adjustable mount on the controller, and give it a Bluetooth radio.
Seriously, if they would do this, it would show the TRUE future of mobile gaming. I'd prefer that style over getting something like a 3DS.

Not true at all. I would love to play Asphalt 7 on my phone. Plants vs. Zombies might be a bit tough, but it could be done. Gun Bros. would be 5 times better with a controller. Improving emulators to work with the controllers would open up hundreds, if not thousands, of games to controller use.

There are loads of games to add controller functionality to, you just have to try them out.

Wait wait, I need a dev. I thought Bluetooth access was strictly handled by the system. Apps can "share to Bluetooth" which is just passing it on to the system, but can an app actually access the Bluetooth hardware? If so, why are there zero Bluetooth enabled touchpad apps? All of them are wifi and require a server side program. Bluetooth doesn't require a network and doesn't require a server side program to control the mouse and keyboard, so you would think if this were possible then Bluetooth enabled apps would be all over...

Also I want the IP over Bluetooth ActiveSync feature back, from WM6. I used to rdp over Bluetooth with my old phone! My computer would randomly wake up in my backpack and being able to rdp directly into it without being connected to WiFi was convenient (to turn it off). I also just loved not using WiFi whenever there was a way to manually enter an IP address. If WP8 has hw Bluetooth access, could an app register for an IP address and let me do fun things without WiFi again?

I looked around and on nokia's site they have tutorials on Bluetooth development and wp8, and the intro says no SSP code for wp8 exists, but it could be done?

If this gets available in the Netherlands, once i get my wp8 device, im getting this, or does it/is it going to support wp7?

I want this so much be great for the more action oriented games and sweet for emulators like snes8 and vba8 buying it day one, now my vita truly will be a paper weight.

Don't developers have to code for this functionality? Emulators and currently-released games probably don't have the Bluetooth functionality built-in, so the controller won't do you any good on those games. I'd wait to buy it, with the intent of making sure that the games you want it for can handle it.

Yeah i am sure that's correct but if the sales are there i am sure these apps and games will add support hence day 1 purchase. I may end up with a controller with no games to play on it but hey i bought a vita so i know how that feels already ;-).