More Windows Phone Avatar props show up but this time in the Dutch Marketplace

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Earlier yesterday we reported that in Italy you can get a free Windows Phone prop for your Xbox Avatar. The prop was specifically a Nokia Windows Phone and it was "locked" to those in Italy.

Now reader Illum1na has done some searching and managed to turn on up in the Dutch Marketplace. Actually, he found four in total:

  • Black
  • Magenta
  • Blue
  • White

Not too shabby. Once again, these items are locked to the Dutch Marketplace meaning you probably won't have much luck trying to get 'em if you're not in that region. But if you are, you'll want to go to this link and grab 'em. You can actually get all four of them, in case you feel like changing it up a bit. 

Thanks, Illum1na, for the link!


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More Windows Phone Avatar props show up but this time in the Dutch Marketplace


Must admit, if this becomes a world wide introduction, I'm definitely going to purchase an item for my avatar!

I have no idea if they are actually locked to the Dutch marketplace. Since I was able to get the Italian item, I think these items are also available to all Euro XBL accounts?

You could create a new Silver account and configure it in the Dutch region, then download the items and use them on your US account.

How exactly do you use something on a an account different from the one it was authorized on? Im very interested because I didnt think it was possible.

Unless I'm mistaken, everything you buy is bound by certificates to the xbox it gets downloaded to, not the account that buys it.
My wife has her own XBL account and she can play everything I buy on the marketplace.
Haven't checked with Avatar items or props though.
Ok, so I just checked and the thing I stated above is not true for Avatar items or props unfortunately. The phones are supposed to show up under Props when editing your Avatar, and while they do show up on my account (the account I used to download them), they do not show up for my wife's account.
So this "trick" doesn't work for avatar items. It does work however for Arcade games, DLC, etc.

Hey guys, if you live in Ireland there's an advert on the Xbox 360 Dashboard allowing you to download a black Nokia Lumia 610 phone for you're avatar. The advert is promoting the recent launch of the 610 over here! To get the prop you must also agree to receive the Windows Phone Newsletter. I'm not sure if this is in any other region as I found it on my Xbox 360 Dashboard. Pretty cool Ireland gets an exclusive for once.

Hate to disappoint you, but it's on the Dutch dashboard as well. It gives you the black version.
You guys in Ireland might want to check the link to the Dutch marketplace in this article, I'm guessing it works for the Irish as well. Using that link you can download all 4 colors for free.

Ah I don't mind the Dutch getting it as you guys don't get too much either. Its the US and UK that get everything.

Thanks very much man your right, by following the link and changing the locale at the bottom to Ireland it allows me to download all 4 if them :D Thanks very much :) Its pretty nice to have the colors to choose from :)

Only Microsoft would make an item that desperately needs to be seen by more people an exclusive item. :-(

DAN did u hear about the Motorola tryn to ban Xbox in America IGN had a video of it on YouTube just yesterday on judge rules it yes but now it has to go to hire ups for a final answer