MSFT and Nokia stocks get a boost from Google's deal

While the long term impact of Google's acquisition of Motorola (Googarola?) is still anyone's guess, one short term effect appears be to Microsoft and Nokia's benefit. Microsoft's stock rose 1.63% (up .41 points) and Nokia's stock rose 17.35% (up .93 points) in today's trading activity.

In comparison, Google's stock fell 1.16% (6.54 points) while Motorola Mobility's stock made the biggest jump at 55.78% (up 13.65 points).  We're pretty sure the jump with Motorola was due to the 63% premium Google paid for them but it is a little surprising to see Google sag. In addition, it's now been disclosed that Google has agreed to pay Motorola Mobility $2.5 billion if the deal doesn't go through, a figure that is six times the average according to Bloomberg.

Granted none of this could have a thing to do with the $12.5 Billion deal and the stock market these days may not be the best litmus test.  As crazy as Wall Street has been lately, tomorrow we may see completely opposite results. 

Still, it's nice to see Microsoft and Nokia stocks doing well.


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MSFT and Nokia stocks get a boost from Google's deal


Google taking a hit often is the case when one company buys another one, the fact Google overpaid for Motorola mobility which is a sinking ship doesn't help things either.

red, google just spent around 1/3 of their cash which is a lot for any company.also, 12 billion is a lot for any company. Microsoft's largest acquision of skype was around 8 bill, and that alone is a lot.

so i guess we won't be seing motorola wp7... man what is happening to big american companies like moto doing.... let's wake up america!

i didnt want to see a motorola wp7. have you seen motorola's clunky phones?the best hardware tech is in korea anyways. super amoled > those cheap lcd **** in moto phones.

Motorola has the best LCD screens out there. Motorola's screens are able to trounce the iPhone's screen in contrast(iPhone:800:1 vs Droid X: 1700:1 contrast ratio) and in black levels being almost as deep as some OLED screens. The only problem being is that they are PenTile screens.

i agree, i don't find motorola droid x as stylish phone. I think it looks upgly. But you never know what they are capable of. Remember the **** Razr phone?

I think this is great news I feel like its my birthday or something I feel bad though I didn't get anything for Google...lol I wonder how the Android enthusiasts will spin this one?