One of our favorite YouTube apps, myTube is free for 24 hours


myTube, an unofficial YouTube app for Windows Phone has gone free for the day in partnership with myAppFree. While Google continues to shirk away from releasing the official YouTube app, a handful of third-party apps like Metrotube and myTube offer users a great YouTube experience on their Windows Phone devices.

myTube is one of the must-have apps for your Windows Phone, and brings in unique features as well as progressive updates to improve the functionality and the experience. The app usually retails for 99 cents, but not for today as you can download it for free.


The latest version of myTube – v1.5.1.0 – features several themes and layouts to customize the experience, and with the latest optimizations, works quite well on Windows Phone devices with 512MB RAM. The UI is seamless, although a little crowded. The navigation is slick, and the app integrates well with the Windows Phone experience, also allowing users to open YouTube links from the browser. There's also an option to suggest features to the developer from within the app.

Download the myTube app for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. You can download it free until 12:00 UTC on June 25. If you want to stay in the loop of all myAppFree promotions, you can download their official app from the Windows Phone Store.

Grab the deal if you are looking for a YouTube app and let us know how you like it!

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One of our favorite YouTube apps, myTube is free for 24 hours


Said this before here and got lots of doubts. One thing I love about OneTube is, it remindsof Microsoft's youtube app that is no more. Beautiful and clear UI.
This reminds me, I thought we could get our youtube app back after Google released some of it's APIs...or I'm wrong?

Search on XDA and you can sideload the old, official YouTube app on your phone. That's a assuming your phone is dev unlocked

Not just Android, Windows Phone as well. Hence my comment about the possibility of getting back the old official YouTube app.

a big update is coming to myTube :) check out @rykenapps and @ryken100 on Twitter to stay tuned. That's a nice guy and talented dev, he happily responds to every tweet ;)

All of those, lacking Cc (Closed-Captions) which can be found in IOS and Android. Is it YouTube's faults?

CC (closed-caption function) in YouTube, pretty useful if you watch foreign series on YouTube or wanna to learn foreign language, UNFORTUNATELY NO WP APP SUPPORTS THIS STILL.

I'm still using oneTube, so this means when I'll reset my phone, I'll lose it... nice ._. Anyone knows why it got removed?

I love how they implemented skipping in mytube. Microsoft should implement it exactly like that IMHO.

a deal maker for me really, and the background playback while browsing the app or music streaming is brilliant too

I don't need a google app. Let google stay away from wp, as far as i'm concerned. I got all i want without them.

Thanks for mytube by the way, i already got metrotube.

I use Bing, aol mail ( I know I'm late by like a century) and YouTube WAYYYY before google bought it. YouTube is the only excuse to use a google service for me

Bing is really bad here in India(any country i guess other than the US) so i prefer Google. other than search i rarely use youtube, for everything else Microsoft!

Same here. F ... Google Thumbs Up for 3P's. Love MetroTube but should be in Dutch and universal.
6Tin and 6Snap where updated 23-06-2014

That's a stupid reasoning because they could stay away from WP and also ban these apps if they wanted to. WP needs Google like it or not, the lack of Google services is a major reason for people not transitioning from Android (or even iOS) and that's a huge chunk of the smartphone market. You could say that you would stick with 3rd party apps which is fine but wishing Google keeps not supporting WP is just silly.

As i said, as far as i'm concerned they can stay away. I don't care what others download on their phones, i just don't want google on MY phone. If you use gmail, google maps and so on, good for you but i use other programs.

Yeah i did, i have used youtube a long time before google bought it. And at least metrotube was not made by google.

I can take or leave Google services and don't really care if they support Windows phone or not. The problem is the general public, who think that Google is the internet and are completely ignorant towards everything else.

I asked them to talk with myTube dev like months ago, when it wasn't that popular to let people know about this app :) I've received an email that it is a good idea and they'll take a look if it's possible. Well, not sure if that has any influence, but it is here now, big thanks to myAppFree. However I bought it right away after myTube's debut, just wanted this app to get attention and good ratings :)

Hi, so it was you?

Of course we read it (I'm part of myAppFree team) and we always try to deal with the developers when our users suggest an app.
Obviously it isn't always possible, but I'm happy that we did it with myTube.

This is the best. I have metrotube and toib installed but mytube really is a great working app and miles better than anything google made

Which is regarded as better between this and Metrotube? Does this allow downloading of videos?

Both are good. If you could go with either might as well go with mytube since its free today. Anyway, one feature I really like is the sound button (looks like a music note) and it plays only the sound of the vid. Yes you can save videos and access it through mytube app.

Thanks for the info. Installed it on my phone just now. I've been using Mertrotube all this time but since this is free I'll check out mytube. :)

I've been using the trial version of this app for about 4 weeks now and I love it. I even dumped MetroTube. Now I've got the full version for free, I probably wouldn't download the official YouTube app if it came out now xD

myTube is a nice app, no doubt, i did install it just to see what's all about, and i like it a lot, but my favorite youtube app is without a doubt YouTube HD from Idea Creator Corp. It has fantastic WP8-Like UI, it's fast, it's snappy, it plays full HD videos with easy. I just love that app and whats more interesting, it's totally FREE (yeah, it may have adds, but who cares?) Go ahead, try it and compare it with others.

Well, guess you didn't check the link i provided but here are the key features:

Key Features:
1 Download YouTube videos (supports resume broken downloads)
2 Record and upload videos to YouTube (Resume broken uploads support)
3 Background downloads
4 Play the sound of the video under lock <-- Is this what you asking for?
5 Playlist, Watch later, My Video supports
6 Pin the Watch later, Playlist, Channel, Favorites to Live Tiles
7 Share videos to your social networks, e-mail, and text messages
8 Subscriptions, favorites and search support
9 Comment in small screens while playing videos, Full screen in 16:9 or 4:3
10 Offline playlist supports, play videos by shuffle model
11 The tile icons in three styles
12 Change quality(LQ,HQ,HD) while playing a video

No, that is why I asked. I mean being able to play sound when in another app or startscreen as of the YouTube app is a music player. This is the key feature of mytube that blows all other competitors out of the water.

That will be possible with the new update they are working on, they are adjusting this version to be full compatible with WP8.1 :)

Oke, maybe I'll check it out when it has those features. Although I'm not sure I'd want to go back to ads since I already paid for MyTube. Unless there are some killer features that puts the app ahead of MyTube.

True, my bad, but i had an email conversation with one of the developers from Idea Creator Crop and he said that support for 1080p and 1440p are in the final works and will be added in the next update in few weeks.

Actually, it doesn't have adds, it had adds but with the latest update (2-3 weeks ago) the adds are removed.

So here, you can download it if you want :-)

Be honest, have you pay for some app you like from WP Store?

I tried that app once and I didn't like it. Despite being, "metro" it just looks really cluttered and the whole ui isn't very slick, particularly the sub feed and the video info area. Mytube on the other hand is the complete opposite with gorgeously huge thumbnails, beautifully slick transitions, even when changing orientation (which makes even metro tube look clunky) clean titles with a nice font. And yeah, the ads don't do that generically named app any favours either, soz

When was that "once"? I for that matter dont like simple or minimalistic designs, being myself a graphic designer i love things to be "visible", so thats why i love YouTube HD over all others. From 2 versions previously, YouTube HD is very much improved, and on my ATIV S is running like a charm. :)

P.S. in case you didn't notice my post above, i will tell you here too, there are no adds anymore in YouTube HD. :)

What got me sold on YouTube HD is the ability to individually control the audio. That's what a lot of the YouTube apps lack.

Mytube beats anything Google would make since it include background music so you can stream the sound of a YouTube playlist while doing something else. Best YouTube app on any platform!

Yes, cuz when some payed app goes free for some period of time, you actually download the payed version, so who get's it, get's it, after that when the app goes again for pruchase, you will be threaded as the one you purchase it once and you are entitled to download and install it for free.

For example I catch Note Plus Pro version when it was for free for 12 hours. After that, few days later i did a hard reset on my ATIV S (changing CSC) and i could download Note Plus Pro again. Ofcorse, on the WP Store from your phone will say TRY or CANCEL, you press TRY and you install the app. Later from the app (if given) you can press "buy app" or "remove adds" and it will take you to purchase window but since you already once got the add-free (payed) version, it will recognize you and you'll get the payed version for free again. :)

hey sorry for late reply but thanks i downloaded it just a few minutes befroe it ended, immediately downloaded it after i saw your comments! thanks so much!!

It's the most complete YouTube app you can get in Windows Phone Store. Great UI and response time. Just uninstalled MetroTube.

I have TOIB, MetroTube, and this one I like the most. I do like MetroTube's ability to play instead of the internet version...when it works.

This developer will bring mytube to windows 8 when wp8.1 is officially released. And you can easily port apps between them.

I love this app, already bought it when I got my WP and I'm happy to support the dev by doing this but now I'll tell my FB friends it's now free ;)

Who need YouTube app.
IE work just fine and YouTube also optimise for mobile browser.
I don't see any need for YouTube app now.

IE YouTube looks horrible compared to Mytube. It is also to small even on my Lumia 1520. Mytube is shoulders above it.