Naargh! a Windows Phone game that may make you scream Aargh!


Do you think you have quick reflexes? The Windows Phone game Naargh! may have something to say about that.

There's not much to the game but what's there is challenging and oddly addictive. Naargh! dares you to tap on all the red faces before times runs out.

It sounds simple but as the pace quickens, the game becomes painfully challenging. While Naargh! may make you yell "Aargh!" in frustration, the game has an addictive quality that pulls you back for more.

Naargh!'s main menu will greet you with options to view the online high scores, view the help screens, mute the sound, exit the game and play the game.

When you tap "Play" you will get the customary "Ready,3,2,1,Go!" countdown and then the screen fill will a collection of cartoon faces. Some of the faces will be highlighted in red which are your targets. You have to tap all the red faces before the color drains from them.


Oh... to make it interesting Naargh! throws in a few skull and cross bones that you shouldn't tap. Tap the skull and the game's over. Run out of time, the game's over.

Naargh! will throw you a bone to help with beating the timer. As you tap red faces you earn points. For every 2,000 points you will earn an hourglass that will replenish your game timer. You'll have to be zippy in tapping the hourglass before the timer runs out, but it is a life line of sorts.

The number of faces targeted to tap are random, as is the number of faces you'll see collectively on the screen. Throw in the random skull and Naargh! can be a handful.

We seen other quality reflex/speed oriented games for our Windows Phones and Naargh! easily joins them. Graphics are well done and the randomness of the target placement keeps you guessing.  Naargh! is a challenging Windows Phone game and well worth trying.

Naargh! is a free game available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can pick up Naargh! here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Naargh! a Windows Phone game that may make you scream Aargh!


Probably never. My guess is shortly, GDR3 will get heavy promotion real soon and hit most carriers but the Lumia 920 will have some unknown limitation preventing this update. We'll get offered something similar what the 900 got in 7.8 and that's life with AT&T. 
Just kidding but I'm bitter.

Im feeling like with the way this is playing out, when gdr3 comes my 1020 won't be getting it. I really hate ATT. Just like when they dicked me out of the update to fix the disappearing keyboard on my focus. I had to flash my device to get all the updates I missed.

Lol, but seriously, iPhone has only dual-core, but it can give a smooth gaming interface, rather than power-hungry crapdroid devices. I think, Windows Phone is between two of them ;)

With all these games, and apps, coming out every week I wonder what the count is at... Does anyone know how the quality of the games in the WP store stacks up against Android, and iOS❔... I still read peoples comments online about how WP has no games... Does anyone here have a good unbiased opinion,, lacking the sugar coating❔

People don't care if the app store has apps they only care about their favorite apps. Now my android loving friends they want subway surfer, fifa 14, candy crush saga, minion rush etc apps on their phones which sadly isn't available on windows phone yet. So they are reluctant to go for windows. They don't need many apps but the one which are new and popular. That's what my finding is.

Wow. This is a genius little game :D
Loved it and only heard of it because of WPCentral. As always. Seriously guys, this website rocks!

Really fun game. now 3 of us at the office are playing it and every so often you here F'ing God damn IT!! we all know why now.