Neon Battleground

Neon Battleground is an awesome multiplayer shooter that goes to Windows Phone first, Android and iOS later

If you like playing games against other human players, you are going to love Neon Battleground. It's an online multiplayer shooter that has just released on Windows Phone, and will be going soon to Android, iOS, and the Web. The game is simple. You pilot a ship that can fire lasers. Shoot down other ships and collect coins.

We have installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930 and we've been having a hard time putting it away. Check out our gameplay video to see if it's something you might be interested in.

The controls are very straightforward. The left side of the screen has the directional pad while the right side of the screen lets you control where to shoot the lasers. You'll have both thumbs on the screen to tactically shoot other ships while dodging other ships' lasers.

There are two ways to earn upgrades for your ship. Destroying another ship gives you XP points. These points can be used to upgrade your ship's health, fire speed, accuracy, or damage. When a ship is shot down, coins are left behind. When you collect the coins, they can be used to buy new ships or equip boosters. The boosters only last one round, but they give you some advantages over the other ships like double life, more accuracy, faster fire rate, and more. Each booster costs 300 coins.

Neon Battleground

In every round there's one nuclear booster that gives one ship double the damage. It also turns that ship red. When the ship is destroyed, the nuclear icon becomes available for the other ships to take advantage of. Keep in mind however, that being the red ship makes you a big target for everyone else.

Also placed within the arenas are shields. The shield level will decrease first before your health level. When the shield level hits zero, the health level goes down after getting shot.

Neon Battleground

Neon Battleground

The end of the round displays each player's kills and deaths along with pings. It just takes a few seconds before another round starts.

Neon battleground

We really like Neon Battleground and we're currently addicted. We have some tips to help make you play this game better than most players. First of all, those coins are really important. Make it a priority to collect coins. Let ships kill each other and swoop in to collect! If you need XP points, it means getting credit for the kills. A great way to do this is to target ships that are already getting shot. Another tip is to master moving around enemy ships while keeping the lasers pointed at them. Even if you have a weaker weapon, you will usually win the fight if they keep missing you.

Neon Battleground

Neon Battleground is a free download from the Windows Phone Store, but there are in-app purchases available to gain more coins or XP points. For example, 500 coins cost 99 cents and double coins for one day costs $4.99. You absolutely don't have to spend real money to enjoy this game. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

512mb support

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Reader comments

Neon Battleground is an awesome multiplayer shooter that goes to Windows Phone first, Android and iOS later


Don't be so harsh, dude. When a dev bring his game to WP first, his efforts should be appreciated... And this game, you call it sh*t?

It's usually the number of milliseconds between when your device sends out a network packet and when your device receives a response (so full round trip time). Lower is definitely better in this case, high ping will lead to lag, very rough gameplay, and sometimes even disconnects from various web services

Actually I was not connected to internet by any means and still could play the game, so I doubt it to be a multiplayer game (my guess is that its a fake multiplayer...).. Still fun to play (even with the bots)...

Shooting like crazy all those other crazy people, great game. Welcome the developer on our store with a warm purchase of bonus points.

This would be even better on a tablet, esp with MOGA or xbox controller support.  Any indication of it coming to Windows 8.1?

Hi all, my name is Andriy and I am the one of the developers of the Neon Battleground.
Thanks to all of you for feedback and support. We are very happy to know that you like our game.
I want to make one point clear, this game use bots, that's right. When you start the game, if you don't have internet connection, or if game can't find other players, or other players have a very poor ping - game uses bots. When new player/players will join the match - game removes the bots, when other player left the match - game adds new one.
The more popular the game, the more players playing it, but when game is just launched and we don't have enough people to play it at the same time, it not so fun to fly alone :)
In this way you are not dependent on the internet connection, time of day or other factors. You can play it in anyplace and anytime and have fun.

Hi, great game!

One of my favorite games all time is Turboraketti on the Amiga. Roketz is also one that i love. If you havent tried them, do it! :) (emulators?). Do it now and get som inspiration.

Have three things i would love to see.

1. Zoom out 25% more so that you get a better overview

2. I would love more speed, both in turning and accelaration.

3. Time-laps where you challange other ships!



The game rocks! Keep working on it =)

There is some way to remove the ads?

Making the ships a little bit more quicker would be cool, when turning specially.

I would like to have a way to create or invite friends to play with people i know ?

maybe hosting a round or maybe there is a better option than that =)

Anyway the game its really cool right now =)

Wow... This was a great premise. A MULTIPLAYER game! Yay, right? Nope... It's not multiplayer. 
Suddenly I find out that I can switch out of the game, and it continues excactly where I was. I can always do this. 
Then I got suspicious and turned off my internet connection - boom, still a ping around 40! 

Then I read through the comments here, and apparently it uses bots when no other players are available. And thats fine, but I would like the decision to be mine. I would rather play against 4 humans and wait a bit longer for a game, than play against 7 stupid bots. They are way to easy. I usually end up with like a 40-10 score. I don't believe I have played against a single human yet. 
And why the misleading ping numbers in the score screens? Why do some bots have one around 40 and some around 100... It's like they purposely mislead us. They didn't say anything about the bots till people started noticing it was wierd... 

Really bad style on the developers in my oppinion...