New photos of Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 hit web before announcement

Next week in Berlin, Microsoft is expected to announce at two new Windows Phones, specifically the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, both mid-range Windows Phones.

This morning, new photos of the Lumia 730 – first revealed by us a few weeks ago – have hit the web ahead of the press event. Even more, the photos confirm what we suspected: there are single SIM with 4G and dual SIM 3G variants.

The new photos show the devices in ample light, finally revealing more details about the highly anticipated Lumia 720 follow-up. The phones look thin, and they remind us of a cross between the original Lumia 720 and a Lumia 800/920 for design.

Rumored specifications of the Lumia 73x include some noteworthy specs, including:

  • 4.7-inch HD ClearBlack display
  • Quad-core Snapdragon processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 6.7 MP rear camera; 5 MP front-facing camera
  • 8 GB of internal storage; micro SD expansion
  • No camera button, on-screen keys
  • New Lumia 'Debian Red' firmware
  • 4G LTE

The Lumia 73x is looking to be a snappy device and a great followup to one of our favorite Lumias. Next week may prove to be an exciting press conference, especially for those looking for a solid, affordable mid-range Windows Phone.

Source: Tieba Baidu; via The Pocket Tech; Thanks, Fakhre, for the tip!


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New photos of Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 735 hit web before announcement



You're over complicating it. It's a straight-up Lumia 900 copy minus the Carl Zeiss badge and dedicated camera button. I think this is a very good thing. Curious how close the dimensions will match, certainly will be much lighter.

Correct. It looks EXACTLY like the 900. Which is a good thing. Gorgeous phone. Hope this comes in different colors as well.

I thought that, it has the flat back like the 800/900 rather than the curve of the 920. Thinner though, and smaller bezels. What's not to like?!

I really like it, but i really would prefer a camera button! but overall, looks like an amazing and sexy midrange phone!

Agreed. How much money can they possibly be saving by leaving the buttons out? Ugh. I guess it at least had an ffc.. and at 5mp, a pretty good one.

its not neccesarily about cost with on screen buttons, its coincidentally chaper than hardware buttons, but it also has a bunch of perks to it as it does cons, likewise, hardware buttons have a bunch of pros over onscreen as well as cons, its its a preference feature, I personally havent tried onscreen buttons, but one pro I already see with onscreen buttons is not bumping them all the time, everytime i hand my phone off to someone they bump the search button :P

I just can't stand them.

One thing I WOULD like to see though is a toggle to disable the capacitive buttons. Now that we have the notification center, there is an easy way to get back to settings to turn them back on again. This would be great for games, and letting kids play with an app.

Yeah my girls 1020 volume up is stuck and it cripples the device. Unable to get any help so far so on screen buttons would be a blessing.

Volume buttons will almost always be hardware, so you can adjust your music without turning on the phone

Personally I am for camera buttons, but this is a mid-range phone not a high end camera-phone device so making it simpler and cheaper is important. The other day I gave my phone to my gf (she has an iPhone) and she got confused by all the buttons (yeah I know...); so I think for people coming to WP a sleeker and simpler device is the right way to go. Hopefully the 830 will have a dedicated button, I'm more likely to get that to replace my 925 as the camera on the 73X series wouldn't be good enough for me to upgrade.

Camera button is what differentiates Windows Phone from other phones. I dont know why Microsoft wants to copy other manufacturers. Camera button is super useful and its one touch to take a picture.


Infact in the start MS touted camera button as one of the unique features of WP. Sadly they are just copying iOS and Android

I think it's more about differentiating the high end Pureview Lumias from the low end Lumias. They are thinking of ways to encourage their low end customers to upgrade to a higher quality device. (33% of WP users have Lumia 520/521). The type of person who buys a Lumia 500 series may not think much about camera quality when buying a phone, but the presence or absence of a camera button makes it immediately obvious that one Lumia has a significantly better camera than others. The Pureview branding now includes the presence of a camera button.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the in screen buttons in the 635 but no dedicated camera button is a no go for me. Is that button really that expensive to incorporate?

You are forgetting the "Clear Black" screen tech. I was in Mexico with my 1020 and was able to see the screen mid-day, full sun.
I actually have more trouble seeing my phone while wearing my sun glasses as they are polarized.

My 925 have so many glitches it's ridiculous. It super lags etc... I've had a bad experience with that phone. It honestly had lots of lag when I got it, so now I'm on my 4th 925 and nothing has changed.

Have no idea what you're talking about because my 925 works just fine, before and after updating to WP8.1. In fact, battery life is better now compared to when it was on WP8.

Mine crashes and gets stuck about once every 3 weeks now, I've had to rely on my Jolla phone to wake me up after almost being late from work a couple times.

Go to settings and then date and time and try switching the 24 hour clock option and you'll see it takes a lot of time and sometimes even crashes!

Yea! It happens with me too. I have seen this crashing problem for the first time in IE. There are a lot of other problems that microsoft need to work upon. There is no cursor in the dialler, this is some basic stuff and if basics are not good, it is not going to attract many.

Yeah. IE in WP8.1.1 is VERY unstable. Lots of links can only be opened in a new tab (though not all the time, only 3/4 of time or so), and the back button crashes the app a LOT. It was somewhat like this in 8.1, but not to the degree it is now.

I love the Lumia design language, but I think it's time for MS to start adding a little more pizzazz to devices.... I like how the 920 had that metallic bezel down the back... Not too little, not too much...

Doesn't look one bit like the Lumia 820, from any angle. Doesn't look like the 720 either. In fact it looks extremely similar to the 920.

They changed the 720 design for the 920 design... I don't know if I liked this.
And, I was expecting a update in the rear camera, to at least a 8mp sensor... :/

I got my eye on the 830.. depending on what the specs turnout to be, I may go to it from my 925 (even though it seems like it would be downgrading haha)

Uhm... you're writing that there are "single SIM (730) and dual-SIM (735)" variants... but doesn't the pictures show that it's more like, 730 which is available in both single and dual-SIM mode but without LTE and the 735 which actually has LTE (just like the 63x series)?

Agreed :( not sure how I feel about on screen buttons either. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. I just think of them as being un responsive like on the nexus 7. But maybe that's just an android issue :)

yes i'm kinda disappointed with that too but well, I use my android phone without it. I guess they will only put camera button on from upper-mid range devices (8xx to 15xx).

Yeah I'm not too keen on losing the camera button either. I probably press that button even more than the power/wake button! And definitely more than the volume buttons. The camera button is so special because it is a dual stage button, just like a real camera.

I mean, I understand phones like the M8 not having it, because it an android phone originally. But these Nokia phones are destined for nothing else besides windows phones.

Yeah, it's a little disappointing to see the camera button vanish on newer phones. I am not fond of using the on-screen buttons to take pictures. I really like having that dual-stage button for the camera on my phone.

Don't some android phones carry no camera button on the side? We all know iPhone dont.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Most don't I think. 730, being a "selfie"-phone, would be designed for portrait photography so no wonder there's no camera button.

Looks really slick. Kinda disappointed with the lack of the camera button (well, it's 60/40) and the bezels on the bottom. On-screen buttons is okay for me. I hope Microsoft will get the price right to beat some competition.

No Apple's iPhone 6 is announced on the 9th and Google Nexus 6 is suppose to be in October sometime!

But Microsoft could announced that the 930 will be available in the U.S.  I would buy the 930 in orange if T-Mobile would carry it in other colors then White!  But probably buy it in White but it does not come in "white" as far as I know!

Well, at least there aren't any "dot connectors" to be seen on the back. My bet is that qi is a no go for this one in any form. The rumor was that 730 is "super light" so doubt it would have qi built in.

Actually all these low end and mid range phones they are releasing are McLaren successors since sadly MS/Nokia now consider high end and niche devices dead :(

As well as it shares the 7xx, the 630 was actually a downgrade from the 620. This is what people thought the 630 would be like except with a smaller front cam, smaller back camera and smaller screen. This is what the 620 users want to update too. But you can see how it's the 720 successor to with the unibody design.

It has nothing to do with cost; it because Microsoft want to make it easy to convert existing Android based phone manufacturers to use WP OS.  Without the separate camera button; it will be directly ported over! 

Except this is a MS/Nokia device. Are you suggesting they might be intending to load Android on it? I get that relaxing the requirements to allow manufacturers to load WP on what is currently Android based hardware, but leaving WP differentiators off of Windows Phones makes little sense.

Rats. I love the design of this phone but no dedicated camera button! Seriously.... come on. I have the Lumia 920 and I use the hold camera button "shortcut" constantly. ::Sigh::

No camera button?  BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT.  Might as well get one of the other brands.  ONE thing that really sets the WP phones apart that ANY fool can understand and MS drops it.  Please come home, Nokia. 

Agree, we are not getting new WP users if we are eliminating all the features that distinguish WP from the rest. Today I read that Here will also become available for android! Another distinguishing feature gone. And Microsoft is improving the one drive functionality on android.

Sorry but no one is going to buy a Windows Phone for a dedicated camera button, unless it was a high end device with a crazy good camera ie. Pureview devices.

I hope you are selling your great insights and ability to speak for millions of consumers to big companies, friend.  If you aren't consulting, you, and they, are wasting time and money.


Get real.  You can't speak for everyone.  Yes, I doubt many phones are sold only because they have a sutter button, but once you use it, you sure don't want to not have it.  Or the ability to start the camera up from idle with it. 

As indicated, the 730 will NOT be on my shopping list.  And you can take that to the bank.

Wow love the rounded edges. Looks like a 920. Much better than the boring square edges boxy Icon/930 & 830 design!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I like the  more rectangular, square look of my 810 and 925.   Once again, MS is losing what sets WP apart from Android.  At this rate, what with lack of new offerings in mid and high end phones that are Wifi Calling able on TMO, I'm sensing an Android in my future.

We definitely need more designs on Windows Phone, all these phones look the same (Lumia 800, 900, 920, 720, 1020, 930, 520, etc.) At least HTC brought the M8 to the platform, some novelty at last (and Samsung once).

True but you have a ton more devices on android whereas 90% of windows phones are Lumias. So android hardware is varied despite Samsung doing the same thing but windows phone hardware isn't.

It's a nice design, just shouldn't be the only design for the whole ecosystem. HTC is showing the way now, we need alternatives.

Really liking this phone until I saw there was no camera button. I really want to replace this stinkin' HTC 8X I have.

5MP is very tempting. I've never taken a selfie but I do a lot of Skype, I wonder the video quality of this 5MP camera. I hope 830 will come with 5MP ffc as well since I will probably upgrade to 830 and not 730.

Low and mid-range products are more important than high end.

Android did not get to number one market share because everyone is buying a flagship phone from Samsung or Sony.

Low end phones don't sell in the US, and that's where the developers focus their work.  Almost all of the phones in the US are subsidized via contract.  And app purchases drive the developers desire to create apps for platforms.

So without a higher US marketshare, the developers won't invest the time and effort to writing/updating apps because the foreign markets largely have no way to buy them.

  And when you consider the fact that the largest marketshare is in emerging countries, and many of those people don't have credit cards to purchase apps with - you see the conundrum.

Global market share without a purchasing avenue won't yield more app support.




Your suppositions are incorrect in several ways:

1)  Low end phones have the highest marketshare of any location in the world.  Extending your subsidization statement, the low end phones are at extremely low prices or free.  When given the choice, the majority of people will choose the lowest priced item that fits their needs.  Market analysis has shown this is not "flagship" phones.  The sole exception is of course Apple and that is only in the USA.


2)  Having worked at a major software company (actually the world's largest), I refute your app purchases theory.  Resource allocation for software support and development was provided based on the market penetration of said device/platform. 


3)  I question your assertion that developing countries do not possess the wherewithal to purchase apps.  The mere acquisition of a smartphone alone should provide enough evidence of a viable target audience.  Cultural and societal differences do play a difference and are accounted for be dedicated localization teams from every large phone manufacturer.  Do not think that the Western model is the sole method for app purchase.