New OS walk-through video of AT&T Lumia 900 appears

In case you couldn't get enough of the Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T (and which is expected to be announced tomorrow), you watch this nearly 10 minute video of "Enrique" turning on and playing with the Windows Phone OS. This is the same fella from yesterday's unboxing video, so consider this a sequel of sorts.

The only interesting thing in the video is just seeing the device and screen in action, but the OS tour will be very vanilla for most of you who know your way around quite well. Still, watching the perspective of new user is always interesting as those first thoughts can highlight the pros and cons of the OS and device.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Manoj, for the tip


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New OS walk-through video of AT&T Lumia 900 appears


I really wish ATT would just go ahead and announce the phone and release date so that the Enrique can stop making these video's.  I've seen better demos at CES and MWC!  I'm ready to see some 'professional' reviews.

I think I'll wait for HD screens next generation processors, and NFC. In other words, I love the 900, but I'll wait for devices made for WP8.... Just to make sure I get the total WP8 experience.

im with sprint and you can block calls and text thru your acct online I would imagine at&t can do the same

Must resist watching the video. I wanna do everything myself for the first time. How do you know you are a geek? These kind of things make you all happy.

it should be crisper since the 900 uses a non-pentile display like a SAMOLED+ screen, where the 800 is a pentile SAMOLED display.
i know i noticed the difference b/t the normal and + displays when i went from my focus to my focus s.
the way WP is designed the stretching of the (now) low res screens is virtually a non issue for normal daily use.

He puts out a video but doesn't know the first thing about the phone? Weird. Right from the start he says about the Windows Live ID "I'm assuming its like Android where they want you to create a google account" He doesn't know? In the pictures hub he says he doesn't know what social networks they support? Wouldn't you think he would do some research or a test run, reset the phone and then film. Crazy. I guess it's nice to hear how smooth the OS is but how about a little prep before shooting. You mentioned its always nice to see someone else operate but not from a true newbie. Oh well, thanks for letting me bitch.

it would be nice if he did a little bit of research, but it does show the typical reactions of a completely new user. personally i just muted the video since i was pretty sure i wasn't going to hear anything i didn't already know and i get pretty easily annoyed by most voiceovers in youtube videos.
doesn't lessen the sting of a n00b getting to use the 900 before the rest of us :P

The criticism is ridiculous... Not everyone studies things before purchasing... That's what makes us nerdy;) Will watch Enriques video and experience... Seeing he's an iPhone convert... Just works U know!

Dan, he's just an AT&T employee? I'm an AT&T employee and if he worked for me he wouldn't be. Are you sure he's an employee cause we train like crazy and he didn't have a clue. Wow, that's why our store leads the district I guess.

Finally it's here. I'll have to admit that this long expected device created some waves among the consumers, I have some friends that where very enthusiastic about it. It's then when I wished I was an online store builder and have this product on sale.