Newly announced Lumia 530 will be available on T-Mobile US 'later this year'

Lumia 530

T-Mobile is the first wireless carrier in the US to confirm that it will sell the Lumia 530 sometime "later this year" but offered no further details on when the Windows Phone 8.1 device will be available from the company, nor did it give a price tag.

T-Mobile has stated:

This gives consumers the chance to try out the successor to the Lumia 521, one of T-Mobile's best-selling Windows Phones ever – and take advantage of all the benefits of being an Un-carrier customer: no annual service contract, no overages, and international roaming in 120+ countries and destinations at no extra charge.

The Lumia 521 is T-Mobile's variant of the Lumia 520, which has been by far the most successful Windows Phone device in terms of unit sales. Microsoft officially announced the budget priced Lumia 530 earlier this morning, which will have a 4-inch display, a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of onboard storage. It will also be released in single and dual-SIM models, along with a number of color choices.

What do you think of T-Mobile becoming the first US wireless carrier confirming its plans for releasing the Lumia 530?

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Newly announced Lumia 530 will be available on T-Mobile US 'later this year'


I have a Qi charging Lumia 1520 on T-Mobile USA. The phones are there for you to get if you don't mind paying upfront. Research it. Buy it. 

On a different note. Good job Microsoft marketing firm. I like that they used the cord of the Nokia Treasure Tag to cover the "Beta" part of the Instagram Beta tile. That was a misstep I caught in the original promo shot. You really don't want to put a Beta app front and center on your promo shots, it reeks of desperation. 

Agreed. You should be able to vote comments to the bottom so others don't have to sift through the "floaters".

Downgraded from what - it is a new model with its place in the new models' portfolio. It is not supposed to be "520-improved". It is suppoded to be and is the BY FAR cheapest Lumia to date. 520 launched at $183, 630 at $159, 530 at 85 Euro.

Thank you. The upgdrae to the 520 is the 620. The upgrade to the 530 is the 630 ect. The 530 is part of the 500 series eg 510, 520, 530. And its going to push down the price of the 520 and is so cheap. This is going to add numbers to the wp users for sure. In my country with the pending release of the 530 the 520 drop 25% in price and people are buying it just because of the price .I live in South Africa

For the consumers who are buying low-end phones, this numbering system is definitely not confusing. /s

The thing is though, why would people buy this phone unless they stop manufacturing the 520? Because 520 already satisfies the need of its target consumers (who are apprently not likely to be the type that notice slight increase in processor speed, but might actually notice less storage and downgraded screen). According to you, this will push the 520 price even lower, so even more reason for them to buy 520 instead of this. So is it just created to bump up the sales of 520 even more??? Seems like an odd way of doing that.

I agree that the numbering system is confusing as most people think that a higher number means automatically significant more specs. Then again, many "normal" people don't necessarily pay much attention to the previous models or the model number etc. so hopefully it won't matter THAT much to its sales.

I think regarding your second point, the thing to bear in mind is that the roll out to various markets and carriers will vary. Say for T-Mo for example, they will sell the remaining stock of 520s and then 530 replaces it. In other markets and/or carriers the 520 may continue for a while and then get replaced by the 520 and 63X phones. And all along 52Xs may continue to be manufactured for a while to allow such phased rollout of the 530 and 63X models. Sure, there will be cases where both are offered and some may go for the 520. But that is nothing new, consumer product manufacturers and retailers deal with such situations every day.

How? The only real downgrade is the on-board memory, from 8 GB to 4 GB, but the processor goes from a 1.2 GHz dual core, to a 1.2 GHz quad core. I'm thinking this is more of an upgrade.

Try explain to your mom and grandma that, and see which set of specs they pick. Even for more advanced users, 520 isn't really lagging when running WP8(.1), so this isn't an area that needs priority in fixing. 520's biggest problem is compatibility with games due to only having 512mb of ram, this is not addressed; on top of that, 520's screen resolution isn't the best, this is not improved; 520's camera is very average, this is not improved; and is there any decent smartphone out there that offer less than 8GB of storage nowadays? For the less tech-savvy consumers, going out to buy a microSD and put it in correctly is also not the most intuitive and easy thing to do.

Lots of grandmas have small pensions and mas many uses for the family budget. You can talk about specs to them all day long, and once they see the price points of $183 vs $114 they may well go "I really like this 530 and it has these cute swappable color backs too." :)

I agree and in 8.1 you can load apps to the sd card I'm going to guess will support up to 128 gb cards.So what down grade it would be nice if it had 1gb of ram but the 520 is an outstanding phone, (I hate putting for the price but it is a consideration)  I was knocked out by how good it was and bought one, I'll expect more good stuff from the 530.     

It's okay as long as they don't stop making mid- and high-end devices.

The downgrading of the line is there to give an impression of progress. Just like using a quad core processor that isn't actually better than the dual core processor of the last phone.

It makes the Lumia line more accessible to the masses. It's called Blue Ocean strategy, which Nintendo was successfully driving during the Wii era (Even if the coregames jumped ship, causing Wii U to have basically no buyers).

For Microsoft, this means making Lumia available at all price points, while retaining the fluid speed that made Windows Phone so special. If they also keep Glance for all new phones, they'll have an important niche carved out.


I wonder what an equivalent to the 105 would look like in the future Lumia line...



I waited about a year to get an annoucement for the upgrade of the 620. Then they announced the 630, so I just bought a 620 and was pissed at Microsoft.

But now I realize their tactic. The 730 will be the phone that I was waiting for, for example... That is, unless they decide to make another retarded 6" behemoth. They need to have at least one phone with the 620 size factor to be appealing to all groups of users.

Hell, I'd even appreciate a 3.5" device, considering that the 620 is still a little bit too large for me. Or keep the screen size and reduce the bezel to make it smaller.

Not everyone can afford the most high end device that's released every two seconds, especially in emerging markets.

I bought a Lumia 520 at launch and today it's still as fast and rock solid as it was the day I bought it.

I was looking at the 521 last year around christmas when they were having deals left right and center, but the newly available 630 is barely a sufficient upgrade to that old 521, I can't imagine how mediocre this is.  But then there are many different needs and markets.  I hope the build quality and user experience are great for the people who get this.

The build quality is great, it may be a budget phone, but it is surprisingly sturdy. I dropped mine on my tile floor and that thing didn't even have a scratch on it. These little phones are stronger than an iPhone.

Wait, you were looking at the 521, but decided against the 635 because it wasn't good enough. What exactly are you looking for?

I didn't decide against the 635, I said it was a "barely sufficient upgrade to the 521", actually I said 630, but 635 is what I should have said.  What I'm looking for is value, we all measure it differently.  A lot of what shapes my expectations is what is available from competitors.  From blackberry to motorola to Nokia X2. When competitors keep offering better value at declining price points the 521 and now 530 look less like bargains.

Fair enough, but keep in mind that these are introductory, MSRP figures. We shall see what these will typically sell for, so methinks value will get better.

I think its great...since tmo has sold more 520s than any other carrier I believe... Its probably a wize decision on their part...hope they also release the 1525 or any upgrade Microsoft plans to issue fir the 920/925/10200

I'm not really into the arguments going on whether or not the specs should have been bumped up. It is interesting that some here said this isn't the successor to the 520 when Rich and now T-Mobile have said it is.

I think that word should not be spoken. Elop described the 63x as the 52x successor. Clearly there are mixed messages. But it is also clear to me that the only ones who are likely to notice is us.

Better CPU / GPU with half of the on-board memory to help keep the cost down. I'm pretty sure it's an upgrade.

I really think 4GB is a terrible idea, there will be zero storage available at go and it won't work properly, I have problems with just 8GB! =[

42 out of 42 of my downloaded apps were able to install on the SD card on my 635. The only apps on the internal memory are like 4 apps which are the ones that come built in to windows like Music and Video app. So I would say the 4GB memory with SD slot would be fine.

What about the temporary files of the apps stored in SD card? They will consume atleast 0.5Gig of memory atleast in phone memory

But if pictures, games and music can be stored, that should leave about 2-1.8 gigs left. Notwithstanding the Others file, of course.

There won't be much space left in phone considering the temporary files, of all apps including those stored in SD card, will be stored in phone memory.
Totally not a cool idea to purchase this mobile phone

Most budget customers will whine, complain, roll their eyes, and walk away from a phone that they have to make an extra purchase with. MS should have gone with the 4gb of storage.

You clearly don't follow wp news. In wp8.1 is you can move your downloads and apps to sd card. Further there's storage sense to help do this effort less

And when the consumer uses the shit microSD class4 card they have sitting around from three phones ago? Yeah it dosent work so good. Then they conclude WP is junk and get an Android.


This is NOT a smart move by Microsoft.

If they attempt to use a class 4 card the phone will not let the user move the apps. That means the user will know he needs a class 10 card. Do some research first before you post these kind of comments.

Thanks research master.

Guess what? I have a 521 and even without moving maps to the microSD it runs like garbage with a class 4 card installed. I. Have. Tried. It.


Yeah, and the average consumer who just expects everything to work without a lot of fiddling is going to want to do that. Heck, if they are dropping storage down to 4GB they might as well drop it down to 2GB, set the OS to automatically store everything on the storage card, and require the customer to buy a storage card.

Maybe we need to have minimum requirements, such as 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. I wonder until what year they're going to keep producing such BS specs. If it's an upgrade, then specs should be equal to or better than the predecessor in every way.

If it will really come at the end of the year (q4) it's too late. And another fail from Microsoft coming. Damn, they don't really learn from their mistakes, do they?

So much blind hate over something as trivial as a cheap phone. You do realize they just started selling the 635 which in reality isn't that far from a replacement to the 521.

Poor choice of words from me. I think their new strategy is great. Amazingly cheap entry level phone to WP. they need, much more cheper phone, to get Asha owners buy Lumia. By fail, I meant availability. But if its coming in august, it's fine. Anyway I am waiting for successors of 720/820/1020 devices. 730 should be successor for 620. If it will be 4-4,3" and at around 160€ I think I will take it.

This is the right time for MS to be reall aggressive, as Times said. And is later year really aggressive? No.

Yes I thought the curved edges belongs to the 6xx and 13xx family only. But anyway what I'm really pointing here is that the MS doesn't give any innovation on 530's design, even the new 630 offers a new design. Well beside the on-screen button and any other on the screen, you can consider it as a change from the old 520, but when you look closer, they just took 620's shape to this phone, how boring.

Not sure why all the hate- I would gladly take the quad core of the 530 over the memory of the 521 since you can easily add a sdcard and use it for apps with Windows 8.1.  I bought a 521 last Xmas for my then 13 year old daughter.  For parents who want to get a child their first smartphone the 521 is fantastic.  You cannot beat the 521 with the Tmobile $30.00 a month plan (100 minutes talk, unlimited text and data)- no other carrier in the US can touch that.

I don't get it either.  These are high end budget phones for the budget-wise buyers. If this is you embrace it. If it isn't get your rich ass off TMo and head to Verizon or AT&T and put your big talk to work.

A fool and his money will part. Most rich people are extremely good with budgets and frugal with their spending. I have 5 lines with T-Mobile. As bad as I wanna ditch my Note 3 for a 1520 I can't justify the switch. I know there's a 1520.3 but I need T-Mobile's WiFi app. To get 5 lines on Att or Verizon would be double my price. I guess this means I'm outta luck.

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That's were they get u, its a quad core with an older architecture and downgraded GPU so essentially its no better than the 521.

Looks like Microsoft has finally decided not to create carrier variant devices (except the frequency bands), tomorrow if T-Mobile bails out with providing firmware updates (810 :( ), one can always flash to another ROM

Yaaay another low end phone for t mobile... Smh. Then when you walk in the store they down talk the OS, saying what all it can't do... Come get the s5... Smh.

This is SO true.  I even called their Customer Service to complain about this.  I was ready to "JUMP" out of my HTC 8x to a Lumia 925 and the salesman practically refused to do it and kept trying to tell me how stupid I was to want that when I should be getting an LG G3.  I finally walked out and called 611 to complain.  The customer service lady there was just as rude and said he was just trying to help me avoid getting an inferior phone.  I don't know what kind of commissions T-Mobile offers their salesman on Android flagships but they must be pretty sweet because they are over-the-top pushy about them.  They didn't even seem particularly excited to sell me my wife's iPhone 5s.

I would bet you that there is a sales contest for the LG G3 and that is why they are pushing it. I have the Lumia 925 and it is a great, solid device with the best camera I have ever used. The G3 is all plastic and not as solid. I would get a 925. I got mine on HSN for $199 outright, no contract. They might still have it at hsn.com.

Only memory what yah fail to realize is that the 521 520 525 630 & 635 all have dual core processors were this phone has quad core processor

... Which doesn't offer any advantage when the device is neutered by losing 4 GB compared to its predecessor.

How would 8GB make a quad core more advantageous? You mean because some apps may crash or what's the link? Genuinely curious to understand that better. :)

Is it really so hard to understand the difference between Eur 85 and $183 (respective launch prices of 530 and 520) and what kind of opportunities that can offer for WP and MS?

Lol this is still overall a predecessor due to on board memory, and I don't see any use in dual sim unless you want two carriers on your phone, Miracast is pointless if your TVs are old, and with 8.1 on the way for the 521 I'm sure it will remain dominant until a say 535 or 540 comes along with like... 8-16 GB hdd, 1 GB ram, with all that fancy quad core n miracast stuff and possibly a weak say .3 mp front cam. THAT is a true successor

Think in terms of replacement (as the lowest priced Lumia), not successor.  Ignore T-Mo marketing language - for them this also a replacement as the cheapest WP, and given that MS will wholesale it to T-Mo much cheaper, T-Mo gets mo money, thus mo interest to support WP, thus mo marketing money, thus all better for all WP users.

Whatevs, I'll stick to my 521 I got for 79$ till a true successor in the 500 line emerges or I finally have the money for a 1520/1525.

Get the 1020 unlocked. A once in a generation phone that's getting cheaper online by the minute.

I have a Samsung ATIV S. It's got a 4.8 screen. It looks tiny next to my note 3. I need at least a 6 inch screen. The 1020 is smaller than my ATIV S so that want work for me.

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The point is wasting resources and time on a underwhelming presentation of a NEW / OLD phone. Its a 520 with Windows Phone 8.1. This should be a Lumia 400

And the 'later this year' still continues with Microsoft...

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Because as much as the group of you Instant Gratification types of people keep on with that dumbass comment, there are new phones every month or so and still can't satisfy you. So what if its not the phone you want. The 635 just went on sale a week ago on Tmo and is a better replacement than the 530 already.

And yes its a Dumbass comment, just like the Seems Faster, First........... comments.

Maybe the question that should be asked is, have owners of 4GB phones like the HTC 8s users found WP 8.1 to help with the low amount of storage? Apps and games can theoretically be installed to storage cards but do you have to have a certain amount of phone storage free first? If there is any such kind of requirement then this phone's low storage will eventually cause problems for its owners but I'd like to hear what current users have experienced.

Still, overall this is not an appealing phone, you would think a successor would have improvements, even small ones over its predecessor but apart from the CPU this phone is mostly a step below the 520/1 it replaces.

(Apps and games can theoretically be installed to storage cards....)
You do realize that you CAN store everything except System Files to SD, it's not a theory.
I don't have a 4GB but I can tell you, if you do have 4GB but store everything to SD, you will have a little less than 2GB for you to use on the phone.
On my 521, I have around 4GB free on the phone (never moved maps to SD) and even with as many apps I have 14.6GB free on my 16GB SD.

Can wp run on 3-3.5" screen? If yes, why not a super budget phones for markets like india or china, just keep it @ $50. Today selling hardwares is not as important as having a profit app store.

I think if MS is serious about selling the next billion devices with wp8 software someone is going to have to create devices between $29.99 and $69.99.

I'm sure we'll get there. I believe WP8.1 added support for resolutions below 800x480

Another "win" for T-Mobile. Bringing the most hype for the least capable phones. So glad I got my unlocked 1020 instead of trusting them to deliver a 32gb flagship device. Will I ever know what it feels like to hold a 32gb Nokia or high end with SD slot option with T-Mobile branding? I'm starting not to care anymore. Unlocked devices work superbly so no complaints except for absence of WiFi calling and 100% MMS support. Plus I'm too busy taking gorgeous pictures.lol

I'm with you. If we wait a bit, the Latin American versions come to 3rd party online stores. Better to pay cash or buy with a 0% credit promotion than pay T-Mobile's inflated prices and deal with their update approvals.

Well their phone prices are a little inflated for the total cost of the phone but their bills more than make up for the $50-80 more you pay compared to paying that much more every month for ATT or Verizon.

No, the bills make up for less coverage and poor building penetration in my experience. The phone is and should be totally decoupled from service charges.

Well I guess it depends on where you live cause I gets nothing but bars where I live and 95% of the places I travel to.

Where the hell are the new high-end, flagship devices? We keep getting entry and barey-mid-level phones lately. And what the hell happened to Sprint? No more devices there at all. :/

This is the first comment I've seen mention sprint in forever. I think they'd get an HTC, but HTC news has been sparse as well

"Later this Year" LOL, seriously? Not even the low end devices will come out in Fall...dreadful

All these low-end devices lately. I get it. They sell like hot cakes in other countries and make for some good cheap backup phones everywhere else, but where are the high-end flagships to compete with Samsung & Apple?

Here in the U.S. we want our high-end spec'd out flagships on all carriers! Why doesn't MS get this by now?

Yep, it's coming from what I hear from a friend at t-mobile but I don't know anymore than that, like model name or date/price. I have a suspicion it will be the 930 or something with the same specs. I have the Lumia 925 and am patiently waiting for a new device to upgrade to

Side by side the L521 is still better, no? Phones are not SMP platforms so dual vs quad core is negligible. One year newer should have resulted in better tech and specs.

Launch recommended retail prices - they are the only comparable prices, pretty much. I.e $183 vs Eur 85. (about $114 if one converts directly which may not be the case of course in reality(. And once 530 has been in the market asd long as 521 has been, its price may well be close to $35. :)

The 635 is $99 on AT&T so I would hope this device is less. Though it is $129.99 on T-Mobile so they might try and slot it in at $99.99, hope not though.

Why can't they just get a higher end phone. I'm sick of only having cheap Nokia phones as the only options.

The Lumia 520 sold well coz of great ads. We need great ads. Microsoft has to more ads now like how they did for 520.

IMHO this phone will need to be hitting $40 on sale very quicky for it to be viable. The 4GB storage is asanine.


I don't know, the 521 ranged from $59-$99 and it had 4gb and it was one of the best selling handsets for t-mobile and Nokia. This 530 is basically the same device refreshed and with 8.1. I do agree it has to be priced at the same or less than the 521, however it will sell like hotcakes especially on prepaid because of the features and quality of the camera, just like the 521 did.

Correct on the sales, incorrect on the specs.  The 520/521 is an 8GB device with 2GB or more are taken up by the system and core apps.  The 521 has auto-focus camera, IPS LCD display, 720p video recording, Super Sensitive touch screen.  The 530 has 4GB of flash, fixed-focus camera, LCD display, and 480 video.  The only upgrade for the newer phone is the CPU.  One year later with such high sales they should and could have made this a new and improved phone at the same pricepoint.

One daughter has the 521 we found for $50! Great little phone. Another just got the 635 for $119 on HSN. We pay $10/month for the additional lines and total of $110/month for 5 lines as a family each with 1GB! Seriously cannot beat that. I know people paying 3x that amount.

What's with all the hate on low end phones on this post? Yeah, I get it. Us geeks like the best thing we can get our hands on, but not everyone is like us, and most consumers do not give a rat's ass about specs. They only care about the price, and the cheaper it is, the better deal they see in their eyes. I can say that from expirence.

Besides, if you've been a Windows Phone user for...let's say....the last 5 minutes you'll already know that WP is very fast even on the most minimal hardware, so they're getting a good expirence even if they buy the lowest end device available.

I totally agree with you. I just posted something similar. The high end devices are coming, but until then this is a smart move by t-mobile and Microsoft because the 521 was one of the best selling handsets for carriers and Nokia. People like it because it is cheap and a very good quality handset with a great camera. Most customers see price first, true. I live high end devices, however there needs to be a wide selection so people can get what they want.

Exactly. Most conumers don't care about much. All they really want is the phone to run Facebook, make calls and texts and maybe a game or two when they're bored. A low end device will suit them just fine.

I'm a power user and I've been using a Lumia 520 as my daily driver since May 2013 (since I was very low on cash at the time, and I wanted to upgrade from my WP7 device) and it's been brilliant. I don't play many games on my phone (only the MS Solitare and Minesweeper games, and I rarely play them) so the RAM limitation isn't a problem for me. Even with 8.1 Preview it works fine. Although I am hoping to get a Lumia 930 or whatever the next flagship is to replace it next year. Hopefully I'm not broke next year as I was in 2013. :P

Ok now this low end is fine with the specs it offers but there was no reason for the 635 to be launched without a front facing camera,flash,and 1gram. They blew it there. Quad core was not necessary vs other specs

Microsoft needs to put this phone on CDMA carriers like virgin mobile.

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What a heck of specs.. Microsoft !!! . My Lumia 520 running wp8.1 uses 3.65 GB( and increasing day by day) of space for the OS ... How can a 4gb phone even exist in the windows phone race... The moderns are advance in everything not just 1 and for that getting a downgrade for other... And also if there is less than 1 GB of free space left then the phone send a bit laggy!!

I understand this move from a business point, and it is a smart move by t-mobile. I know everyone is going on about high end w8.1 phones, and those are coming this year also. The 521 was one of the best selling handsets t-mobile ever sold. This is basically a refresh to the 521 with windows 8.1 and it will do very well sales wise. It is not for everyone of course, but there is a huge market for this device as the past sales prove clearly. This being said, I am waiting patiently for the 930 or something equivalent to land at T-mobile so I can upgrade my Lumia 925. I am glad to see another Lumia with 8.1 landing on t-mobile, even if it is an entry level device with low end specs, but as I said, there is a huge market for this device and it will do well as far as sales and revenue for both Microsoft and T-mobile.

Omg your right. I was trying to remember the specs without looking them up. My bad. Yeah, this should be priced at like $50 lol

The way Microsoft is going I am sure that day its not far away when windows phone again slipped to 4th spot behind Blackberry, going with the Microsoft purchase history, whatever they purchase they ruin it ex- Skype, Hotmail, MS studios, etc and now Nokia, the way MS is doing I am sure that Nokia will not come out to be a major player again in smartphone market and windows phone will just stand on 4th position because we dnt have a platform beyond that right now