The next Nokia Lumia Challenge, Reflections

photo by Abdul Abdurrab

The Nokia Lumia Challenge is a series of challenges by Nokia involving the Lumia line of Windows Phones.  Most of the challenges deal with photography, challenging Lumia owners to show off their camera skills.  The challenge covers a wide range of topics such as panoramas, night-time adventures, Cinemagraphs and the latest Lumia Challenge is Reflections.

Be it a reflection on water, in a window, from a mirror or any other reflective surface.  Much along the lines of the above photo by Abdul Abdurrab, one of our readers who won last week's challenge.

Entering is simple. Tweet your reflective image taken with a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone using the #NokiaLumiaChallenge hashtag. You have until midnight on June 6, 2013 to submit your entries and the winner walks away with a Nokia Lumia 520.

Good luck everyone.

Source: Nokia Conversations; Thanks, AAA, for the tip!


Reader comments

The next Nokia Lumia Challenge, Reflections


Bah, it isn't your equipment, its your eye. Although a kick ass piece of equipment can make up for lack of eye to some extent.

My 810 can't take that good of pictures like the 920 or 928, and that's why I said I need the 925 which will not be out until mid of June.

Do you have to use Twitter to compete?  I'd love to submit a photo, but I'm not going to sign up for yet another Internet account.

Sry, I probably get wrapped up in Nokias marketing BUT do these have to be low light photos to qualify? I'm guessing not, but that aspect has been driven into me...