Nokia CEO discusses the Lumia 900 and more...

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sat down on the eve of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show with Nokia Conversations to discuss the Lumia 900 and the other Lumia Windows Phones. He made no bones that Nokia is eager to become a presence in the U.S. Market.

“The Lumia 900 is designed specifically with the North American consumer in mind. The Lumia 900 is also Nokia's first 4G LTE smartphone and will take advantage of AT&T's 4G LTE network."

Elop also noted the presence of the newly released Nokia Lumia 710 that is designed for the consumers who have yet to make the transition to a smartphone. He feels the entry level Windows Phone is the perfect combination of operator and device.

There was also mention of the Lumia 710 and 800 coming to Canadian Markets and the Lumia 800 becoming available through Microsoft stores.

Elop continues to use battle front analogies with their approach to regaining North American market shares. So far the first three installments in Nokia's battle plan have been impressive and there's no telling what we'll see once that beachhead is established.

source: Conversations by Nokia


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Nokia CEO discusses the Lumia 900 and more...


I apprecaite that he said "North American" consumer, and not "American".  It gives me hope that we might see it north of the 49th some time soon.

Yea so long as you use AT&T..nope not for me. Oh but if your on T-MO you can have our low-end job. all other's sorry.

Yes, I cried a little when he spoke about the Lumia 710 coming to T-Mobile. Also, ATT gets the HTC Titan 2.:( This is really disappointing.

Wah Wah Wah  dont blame Nokia or ATT  The 900 was by most accounts offered to VZN  they wiffed,    Tmo does not have the 900 because Nokia chose ATT's offer on the phone and ATTs conditions.  Money talks and hot air walks

Kinda hard to judge the true color of the phone from this vid. I really want a colorful phone but the black looked so much better as the display practically disappears into the body.

Will this Unlocked Lumia 800 support T-Mobile 1700/2100 or just be an import of the EU version with the charger changed out?
Anybody care to ask Nokia staff at CES?

This is unacceptable BS if Canada is not getting the 900! It`s bad enough that we don`t have any 2nd gen Windows Phones here months after the US and UK got them, and now the only new phones are mid range!!
I serously feel like switching back to the iPhone. At least there`s no market favortism or restrictions as to who can get their new phones. 

Do you even remember how long it took for RoBellUs to get the iPhone? We shouldn't be surprised at the Canadian Big Three dropping the ball on the Lumia 900. I'm just glad to see some 2nd gen devices on any network up here. If the 900 comes I will cheer but will be in line for a Lumia 800 on Telus in the meantime.

i agree, i kind of wish there is some sort of regulation from the gov't to stop the carriers from being a dick or at least give us a place to order these phone off contract

I don't think I've seen it posted here, but Thurrott is claiming a non-LTE Lumia 710 will come to Verizon in April. Maybe I missed it; it's hard to keep all this straight.

So the 900 is not coming to Canada?
I find it nearly impossible to buy the 800, now that 900 is coming out so soon.
Please bring 900 to Canada (preferbly Rogers even though I hate it), Nokia!

WP is virtually unknown in Canada..
to give you an idea, here are the main carriers here:
Rogers: 1 device - Samsung Focus, and it's hidden under "Windows Mobile"!!! WTF!
Bell: nothing
Telus: LG Optimus 7 - and "Lumia 800 coming soon"!! I was surprised to see this.
Fido: nothing
Videotron: nothing
Mobilicity (Toronto): nothing
Virgin Mobile: nothing
Wind: nothing
Koodo: nothing
Public Mobile: nothing
PS. all the carriers have Android phones. Most have iPhone and Blackberry.. and people still wonder why Windows Phone is not selling well!! lol
If nothing's going to work with the carriers, at least give us a couple of unlocked multi-band phones (like Nokia 900 / 800) that we could buy online (for a reasonable price)!