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Nokia adds personalized notes in latest Glance screen update

Nokia has today pushed out an update for its Glance screen. This Lumia exclusive feature enables consumers to add images and display the clock while the Windows Phone screen is locked. It's possible to configure the Glance screen to display at intervals, as well as setting night modes, but Nokia is extending functionality even further.

This latest system app release introduces a new feature for consumers, making it possible for custom messages to be created for display when the screen is locked.

Glance has been bumped to version, which introduces new functionality in the settings area. A new drop down box is available, allowing consumers to select between notifications, custom text or nothing at all regarding the Glance screen. Selecting notifications will mirror the lower notification bar on the Glance screen, while 'my text' lets you create custom messages (see above).

Glance Text Update
We strongly recommend a cheeky reboot before configuring the Glance settings

Hitting 'my text' will take you through to a simple configuration screen, letting you enter custom text and select the size of the text. You can also pin this screen to your Start screen, just in case you wish to frequently change what's displayed on your device when it's locked. 

Please note that we were prompted to reboot our Windows Phones after installing the latest Glance update. Extras + Info has also been bumped to a new version (version, but we assume this update is connected to the new Glance features.

You can download both Extras + info and Glance from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. Scan the QR codes below on your Lumia Windows Phone (Extras + Info is the first code, Glance the second code). We've also had reports that Lumia 620 owners can now use Glance. Let us know in the comments if you're now able to configure Glance screen on your Windows Phone after this update.

QR: Extras + Info

QR: Glance


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Nokia adds personalized notes in latest Glance screen update



I hope it should be soon, in the uk it is the only device without black.
Btw, the new glance update lowers the glance resolution to how it was in amber :(

Even in India, it is the only phone that has not recieved the Lumia Black update yet. I really think they are ignoring Lumia 620. :(

I think most of countries. Only 620 that's still running on amber. Maybe, beside hating the number 4, nokia now hates number 6:((

Same in SA. It is the only freakin' device without Black here, 520,720,820,etc they all got it. Not sure what is going on.

The extras + info update is to fix a small bug concerning Nokia Camera where you couldn't reedit smart sequence shots.

Yeah pretty shameful that (according to some numbers) it's the third most popular Lumia after the 520 and 920, and yet checking the charts sees it sitting in 'Waiting for Approval' for Black. It's not even 'Coming soon..'...sheesh..what's going on?



I bet it does❕ I saw that phone yesterday, and wow!!!! That's got to be the best designed phone since the 925.. I have to admit that it does resemble a iPhone, but that's not a bad thing at all... As a matter of fact, it resembles the iPhone so much that it seems almost intentional on Nokias part.. And that tapered glass looks, and feels, just amazing.. We should've had this device in November❕

Please tell me that was sarcasm. The 925 was the best designed unquestionably but the 920 and 1520 are WAY better than the Icon. That thing is just plainlly boring and like a brick with a stuffed back. The front is great, though.

That's what I thought until I actually saw one in person.. Have you actually held this device?...
BTW I have a 1520, and a 920, so my opinion is super unbiased, and worthy..

Jared Hayes asked "How do you add a picture to glance?"

Search for and install Glance Background app.

I love, and to know there is an app coming is just great. I have quite a few I've created myself that I plan to upload tonight.

GRD3 preview bricked my Samsung Ativ S.Won't be doing that anymore,now a have a 600 dollar paper weight.

Worked on my 925 after downloading Lumia updater and updating it that way took four try's but worked eventually

time display on glance screen getting smaller after update on my lumia 620. Text display is working fine.

Yup,Eroselim,you were right!even though there is no notification option in glance settings,I still get notifications AND personalized msgs.Thanks alot :D

i have my L620 with amber dev preview, and nitification is showing in glance, you should restart your phone twice

Same with my 1020. Don't see any section on Glance where I can add text after updating and restarting.

I set it to custom text, and put some words to the text box. Then one moment later I got a missed call. Both are showing on the glance screen.

I've got my calendar details set for showing on my lock screen. Guess what shows on my glance screen now too: my calendar details. They are on top and my notifications are on the bottom. Way to go Nokia; homerun!

WPCs reporting on this is a bit hard to understand. notification icons will always show. the setting only applies an additional text. selecting "notifications" will enable the information that is defined as "detailed notification", in my case i got a missed call and the text said "<Name here> missed call"

So fucking awesome!

1. Glance Screen Info set to "off":

2. Glance Screen Info set to "custom tex"t:

3. Glance Screen Info set to "notifications":

as you can see, the notification for the whatsapp message is in all three photos. But the last image actually shows me that someone has called me, ON THE GLANCE SCREEN! :D. The setting will show you whatever the app set for "detailed status" displays.

I think that's what happening, when you set to "Text". My understanding is as follows:

'Off" is Off. "Notifications" is only notifications and "Text" Is notifications + Text.



Glance notifications are now working after this update. My phone is Lumia 620 without Black.
Although the clock resolution has distorted.

Oh what's with the part saying Lumia 620 users can use glance? We can already use it... Oh wait.... You meant --glance--, that's right - we still don't have black damn!

Anyway, great to see Nokia suddenly providing new stuff.... If only us 620 users had black..............

Is glance not available for the 620? Because I have an L925 with no black and can see notifications on my glance screen

I do not have Black...i got the update notification this morning. If you don't use the notification, use the link on this page to get to it. Glance updated and now can see notifications on my Glance screen

updated glance screen and restarted phone too...but its same as before nothing changed in mine Lumia 620

I'm having same problem. Updated both extras and glance (though in updates it really didn't even show them downloading...really fast otherwise) and my glance options on my Lumia 920 with the Black updates applied doesn't change.

the "notification" setting is damn usefull. you can now see the information from the app defined as "detailed notification" on the glance screen.

For some reasons there aren't any updates showing for neither extras nor glance on my Lumia 820. I've got the Black update, but I'm not enrolled in the preview program at the moment though.

Please bring back Glance to the Lumia Icon... I can care less about the pictures and text on my glance screen. All I care about is the time and notifications.

My 920 did not show it either, so I restarted the phone a couple times and tried to update the app and it worked. :)

Im wondering if they did this for people not getting black. Makes sense. I got it on my L925 but I am getting black soon. Proof they are pushing it out regardless of black.

Download SysApp pusher.  This will take you a lot further than a single link.  Not being snarky, just the truth. 

Yeah, I found the app later, thought it was a different one from the app made to the 1520. Thanks though!

Same problem here. Didn't get a restart message. I do have the glance screen beta....not sure if that is interfering perhaps?

Tested, and it's working beautifully on my Nokia Lumia 920. It now says "Live Long and Prosper" which has been my greeting text on all my cell phones for as long as I could remember.

How can you post anything on this when the Icon lacks Glance.
WPCentral should bitch along with us in every article !

Sent you guys a Tip like 4 hours ago that L925 without Black now has Glance Notifications as well as everything else mentioned in article... Now I could care less about TMO slow ass with black. This is what I wanted.

Hey you're right! Notifications will still show even if I select text on my phone. If you have "notifications" selected, it'll show your calendar events on the top of the screen. Pretty cool

It will not replace the notifications! You will have both those small notifications at the bottom of your glance and the main notification (like whose calls you missed) on the top of the screen! It is awesome, give it a try :)

Weird! On my 620 I have could glance since always, so it's rare when I read comment like "I can now use it on my 620". So, glance doesn't allow notifications, or my glance doesn't show notifications. Anyway, I just want black now :/

what is "glance pin board app agent" it got updated with update of extras+info on L520.. even though it doesnt support glance...

This is good for adding lost/found information to your Glance screen. Some information, or a phone number to call when the phone is found.

You can set this new personalization to show you your main notification, so it can also display your missed calls, Facebook status or Tweets. I liked it a lot.

I deleted Glance when it started messing up with my screen. After unlock (screen) sometimes it would change colors to Very High Contrast. L928 btw

Nah, I decide not mess up with my screen, if something happens can't return phone (lost its box and receipt with it))

Yuck. The text appears at the top, and disappears after a few moments even when "always on" is selected. Only the time and 5 icon notifications remain. Seems like a poorly designed 3rd party app now.

If you hover your hand over the front sensor, the top text reappears. Anyways I agree that the top text or notification should be present no matter what height the clock + small notifications are. I am bummed by this aspect.

Yes it does, thanks for the tip!
I still wish it was as before, between the clock and notifications and always visible.

Yeah... But there is also a bug... When the time keeps moving up and down the custom text seems to disappear....Fyi have dev preview ...EDIT: they appear on the glance screen... But no explicit setting.... All notifications that show up on lock screen also show up in glance screen that is all that is new for us 620 users

L620 with GDR3 DEV PREV installed.... still waiting for BLACK !!!  Nokia has no love for the L620 wordlwide!

 I now have the option to add custom text to the lock screen, but the text only appears outside night mode hours or when night mode is turned off. 


The main thing is the options. The glance screen shows the information that you want to always have readily available (like the time and missed calls and texts). You don't have to have all the information enabled on the glance screen. Or, if you want, you can put all the information on the glance screen and make the lockscreen show your favorite app's information (like wpcentral!). Nokia is just giving you the options. You can do with them what you want. :)

Wish I could have glance and double tap to wake on my 920, but dust is covering the sensors making it useless :( gotta get this to nokia support...

Rich - "This Lumia exclusive feature enables consumers to add images..."  Are images part of Glance?  I thought that was "Glance Background Beta"?

I'm still in shock that the Lumia Icon is missing this feature. The Glance option not being available is literally the only thing I don't like about the new Icon, I love that feature.

In my Lumia 1020 when I choose "lock screen notifications", Glance is showing the remaining battery time too! I'm using the app Battery Performance to show the detail status on lock screen.

Now I get it... Glance is showing the information from any app configured to show the detailed status on lock screen (when "lock screen notifications")!!!

I just wrote two comments here, but this thread doesn't appear in "participated" (using wpc app). This isn't first time happening, how to fix it?

Commenting here wont appear in participated... Only posting or commenting in forums those things appear in the participated part...