Nokia launches DVLUP, a game and reward program for developers

A teaser image for the DVLUP site.

Nokia has launched a new game and reward system for Windows Phone developers called DVLUP. The program allows developers to earn points for prizes, earn badges and compete against one another on a leaderboard.

The game component consist of badges and a leaderboard, developers can earn badges through a variety of activities and accomplishments on the site. For example, reading the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page unlocked the "Big Time Lawyer Person" badge for me. The leaderboard is where developers can duke it out over the number of apps under their belt, number of badges and their amount of total points. Check out these three badges below:

DVLUP also has a variety of challenges that when completed award points. This is where it gets fun, because those points can be used in the reward section  to get some awesome prizes. The range of prizes is fairly awesome too, from gift cards to Starbucks to a Lumia 920. Below is what a sample challenge looks like:

A picture of a DVLUP challenge.

The program is currently in private beta and only open to US and Canada residents. However, you can visit their site (www.dvlup.com) and sign up to be notified when registration opens. 



Rich Dunbar, a Nokia Developer Ambassador has reached out to us. You can contact him or any other ambassador for codes to join the site early. You can contact him on Twitter or check out his blog for an ambassador near you. 


Reader comments

Nokia launches DVLUP, a game and reward program for developers


All Nokia Developer Ambassadors have invitation codes to DVLUP if you want access now. Find the list at richarddunbar.blogspot.com 

isn't a developers main concern how he can monitize his work? what's the point of this program.

Just because our main objective is to make money off our work doesn't mean that it isn't nice to have other incentives.  One of my favorite extensions for Visual Studio is the "Achievements" extension because it makes coding just a little more fun than it already is.

Thanks for the tip. I reached out to an Ambassador near me via Rich's blog post, and they said they'll send me the invite info.  It sounds interesting, and if it might give me an extra "push" to get some other apps done and reward me for doing so, I'm up for it.