Nokia Lumia 900 Dicota case giveaway

Dicota Hard Shell Case

We've got three Dicota Hard Shell cases for the Nokia Lumia 900 sitting around collecting dust and felt it was time for a giveaway contest.

Keeping things simple, if you are using a Lumia 900 and have a case to recommend, sound off in the comments. Be it a belt case, shell case, one of those bumper cases that Nokia is offering or if you prefer pocket carry, let us know that as well.

We'll give it twenty four hours (May 1, 2012 at 9:00am CST) and then randomly pick three comments as winners to receive the Dicota hard shell case. You'll need to be registered to be eligible to win and that easy process can be found here and there are no residency restrictions.

Good luck everyone!


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Nokia Lumia 900 Dicota case giveaway


The blue Nokia Gel Case is a good way to disguise a black Lumia 900 as a blue one if you couldn't find a blue and had to settle for black. Adds hey little bulk too...

Agreed, with the cases fitting so well who needs any other colour than black?

Seconded, black and blue look slick. An accent color to match makes it perfect...hmmm deja vú ;)

I ordered a TPU case, I like the in between effect. Smooth like plastic but flexible like silicone. Also it was light blue to match my Cyan Nokia ;-)

Simply put, I use the zagg invisi shield full body case. I keep the look of my 900 as well as protecting it. :)

Currently using a 2 piece ifrogz case that I got from the AT&T store. A lot of people comment on it and I do like it, but id love a new case. Also, its my birthday so a present would be nice :-)

My black 900 sits in the nice sleek black bumper case, really like it, people don't even know I have a case on my phone. 

I have a black Lumia 900 and don't have a cover yet mainly because I'm not sure which to get, yet.

@kayb27...There are a lot of cases on Amazon at really affordable prices.  You could probably experiment with 2 or 3 of them from for the price of only 1 from ATT.

What do you think about the kickstand?  I almost bought this case but was concerned about the kickstand staying securely folded back into the case.

When I took my pre-ordered Lumia to the AT&T store to be activated (porting issues), the rep who helped me had this exact case.  I asked if I could buy it, and he said that he bought it off of the internet and it wasn't a case that AT&T sold.  Whoops!
I almost bought the case with the kickstand, although I didn't think the kickstand folded very securely into the case so I passed.  Still rocking my 900 sans case, although I'd love to win this giveaway. 

I currently have the AT&T Bumper case in Cyan for my Black Lumia 900.  I also have the Zagg full body shield to protect the finish.

Wasn't too sure if I wanted to cover my Cyan 900, but this would match my argyle sweater quite nicely.

I have the black Lumia 900, and bought the Incipio NGP hard shell case for it.  Adds a little more bulk to the phone, but not too bad.  Only thing I don't like is that it covers up the chrome buttons, and makes them require a harder press to use. 

Right now I just have an Invisishield on my 900. I think a case like the one shown here might be a good thing to have however.

Smoke Argyle TPU Gummy Shield Case Cover - This is my every-day case.  I like it's simple gel-type case, although it's a little too smooth making it a little slick (some people prefer this as it is easier to get in and out of a pocket.  It also gives the phone a bit of visual texture and intereste with the Argyle imprint on the case.  When I travel, I like to use hard shell cases, but for day to day use, this is a perfect match for my needs with a mild sense of style.

I had just bought the Diztronic High Gloss Translucent Black TPU case when I first read the review of this beautiful blue case. As blue is my favorite color, I have the Cyan 900.

Black, Cyan and Magenta Nokia gel case is a good stylish choice to change the color. It is thin and the grip is good. Only down side is that these gel case cover buttons and it makes it less agile to press camera button though.

White Lumia owner here. I almost always keep I naked except for when I'm traveling or in a high stress situation (concert, ball game, etc). I use the black gel case from AT&T. Helps cover the whole thing and give it a professional look should I need it.

Black Nokia 900, pocket carry with protective sheet on screen. Would like a leather holder, but this will do.

I have the black oem case from Nokia on my cyan lumia and I love it. Blue accents look great and coupled with a tron wallpaper makes thus phone seem out of this world!

I really like the CaseMate Barely There case. It protects the phone yet doesn't make the phone twice as big as a lot of others do. The Barely There cases are awesome. I've had them for many other phones in the past.

I have always been intrrigues with the cases for the lumia 900 because it seems as if it doesnt need one, and the phones design is such an amazing design. But in the end of day, phones get dropped and need protection.

Got a TPU case made by Diztronic I think. Fits nice, grabbed off amazon got a couple bucks.

I also purchased the Incipio semi-rigid NGP case.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Very durable material
  • Covers the phone in all the right places
  • Rubbery texture as extra grip that my white L900 sometimes needs


  • Leaves about 1/8" gap in coverage at top and bottom of screen.  Not worrying regarding protection, but it does look like they didn't measure it correctly
  • No cutouts for buttons.  This isn't a problem with the black gel case from AT&T, as the very thin gel facilitates pushing buttons.  This can be more difficult with the NGP case from Incipio

Overall, the NGP is one of the better cell phone cases I've used on any phone.  It's hard to resist leaving my white beauty naked, though, and I'll probably only use the case in situations where I anticpate risk of dropping.

I have the ifrogz case and the cyan blue is not bad....not a fan of the hard case so hopefully this one up for grabs will do the trick

the gel case sold at at&t stores fits better than any case I've ever seen on any buddies can't believe it's a case it looks so much like it's the actual phone.

I have the same case and phone as IVEYS. I bought the Incipio NGP hard shell case for it at the microsoft store. It add's a little more bulk to the phone, but not too bad.  If you ever do need to take off the cover it is a pain. The other thing I don't like is that it covers up the chrome buttons thus making it harder to press.

Love the pink case; but agree with you, it would look better with cut outs for the button.  Price is ridiculous, though.  I've seen a few on Amazon that look as good or better, for less money.

I use the black Qubits Gel case for my Lumia 900, which is also black. There are times when I want it to be a little funky and this case would do it. It should fit the phone and inside the belt case I originally bought for my Titan.

I have a Lumia 800 and a Works with Nokia Airflow Case, which is excellent. As we don't have the 900 in the UK yet I'd like a 900 and the case, please... :)

I'm not convinced that the shell would look any better than my polycarbonate white lumia. Then again, who doesn't want free stuff?

I bought a case from amazon that said it was rubberized but instead was a hard case that I over paid for. It cost me $12 all together (most of that was shipping). I think I would like one of those silicone cases where I can get some grip. But this case looks cool and it would be nice to switch it up from time to time. Oh and stop the hate on the black Lumia. Black is beautiful ;).

For my Cyan Lumia, I have the Moshi screen protector sold via AT&T. Although it cuts down on the beauty of the slick glass gloss, the material allows my fingers to smoothly explore the screen without fingerprint build up or awkward finger movement. Finger tips don't play well with bare glass, as skin friction is common on clean glass.
For the rest of the body, the Nokia Blue Gel Case. Although I love the polycarbonate feel, combined with the size of the device, even in my rather large hands, the Lumia still feels suspect of sliding out rather easily. The gel case removes that worry and protects (I hope) the body from denting as well. And because the case is so form fitting, it comes right up to the edges of the glass, creating the allusion of the Lumia 800, where the glass is curved into the ploycarbonate. It's as if Nokia had intended the case and phone to be married to one another all along, when they designed the glass to protrude out ever so slightly. Sure, the sheen of the silver buttons are covered, but there's a price to be paid for protection.
P.S.- The blue gel case by Nokia is impossible to find. Trust me: I spent the last month searching NYC and Long Island for it only to continuously be turned away. Last Thursday, I received it in the mail via Amazon. At $29 and change, it was a little more money than in a store maybe, but well worth ending the search.

I've been using a TPU case from Qubits as well as just pocketing it. Been looking forward to getting the barely there case from case-mate possibly.

don't have the 900 yet, an 800 with some random semi-transparent blue gel skin case, and it currently does a pretty good job of taking good care of the phone :D

I started out with the Incipio NGP and didn't like it. Button pushes were very inconsistent. I got a CaseMate POP! over the weekend and just love it. The rubberized sides make the phone that much easier to hold and the opening for the charging port is a ton better.

I use the OEM black gel case. I show the phone to people and they have no idea it's sporting a case!

If you search on amazon, the clear argyle TPU case is really excellent. Its a solid 1/8th of case between the phone and the dangerous outside world. Plus since its clear and has a cool translucent argyle design, it really adds some pizzazz to my cyan Lumia.

the best case is the gel type, which can protect from a drop as its bouncy.
I love the cyan color.

I have a casemate pop case its a little bulky but offers great protection it also has a kickstand. And casemate is a great company to deal with I had a problem with my tough fade for my Samsung focus s and they replaced it very quickly.

Living in Canada there's very few options for in-store cases. I ordered a cyan gel skin case but it hasn't come in yet. Hoping it gets here before I drop it or my daughter drops it :).

I have the white lumia 900 so of course I really don't want to case it but then an image of it flashes through my mind of it falling to the concrete floor where I work and so I have a cheap Chinese bumper on it that covers its' beauty.

My Family is stoked that they can get upgrades on AT&T starting tomorrow... This would be a great way to protect those beautiful Lumia's they're getting.

I've mostly had my Cyan caseless. Did mess with the clear Zagg protectors, but I miss the feel of the body with them on.

I have not found a good case yet, although all the comments above give me great places to look around.

Don't have a case for my black one yet. I was thinking about the Nokia gel case (for better one-handed grip) or settling for a holster because the phone is pretty big in my pockets. But I'll take a free one too =)

Wife and I both have Cyan 900s.  I pocket carry right now, but she uses a case from Ifrogz we picked up at the AT&T store.  It came in a pack of two, a cyan and white case and a black case.  Wife uses the cyan and white case.  Covers her Lumia well, rubberized buttons for volume, power, and camera.  Access remains good to the camera lense and flash, speakers, mic, sim slot, USB and accessory spots.  The case looks good on the phone and should do the job nicely.

My Lumia came in the post today, I need a case now :D But I have no mone- what a coincidence ;D

I use the black gel case on my Lumia 900 Black. It is a nice tight fit on the device, and doesn't make it feel bulkier or bigger and the phone still looks great, in fact most people don't realize there is a case on it.

I am getting the 900 on May 1, 2012  tomorrow  I hope  depends on what available color wise at my local ATT store.  I like the dicota blue case I think it would look great with either the black cyan or white 900.  I have not useda hard case since I had a swivel case for a treo 750!  This one looks like it would work well for me.

I use a $5 leather pouch case I got from Five Below. Clips onto my belt and the Lumia fits perfectly in it. Would love a case, so here's to my random entry!

I pocket mine, so far. I bought the slim gel-case that was waved in front of me when I purchased the phone.. but preferred the phone naked to the case. This little hard-shell looks intriguing enough to want to try it.

Pocket Carry. I don't dress up my pretty lady in a parka in Florida. I gotta show the goods and show 'er off.

I'm using the casemate for my Nokia.  It was the only case to offer full protection for my phone.  Only downside is it is very bulky.  Either way I have to keep my phone in beautiful shape.  She sure is a sexy device.

I have the Nokia black plastic case. Looks pretty beast for minor protection with style. My friends can't even even believe I have a case on my Lumia 900.

Going slick-naked here with classy black Lumia 900... The "solid color" material of the unibody is great... Could be sweet-talked into trying out a snazzy case like this, though. ;) @dwight_mobile

Using the Nokia branded gel case bought from the online at&t store. Best fitting case I've ever used on any phone. I think my lumia 900 actually has better grip with the case. At $15 its not a bad deal either.

I have the cyan and I use the bumpers. I have the cyan color as well as a Shrek green. I think these work great and allows me to show off the color. That is the reason why I chose this color. ;)

I have the iFrogz case that was sold at the AT&T store. Closest thing to an otterbox I could get.

No case for me - polycarbonate scratch proof body made me pass on a case, and the Gorilla glass is psuedo scratch proof too.  These Dicota cases are too sweet to pass up, though.

I'm actually looking to try a PhantomSkinz full-body skin (both sides) to see if that protects well.  But if you guys can hook me up with one of the free case here, I'd love to try it out!

I've been using the OEM cyan bumper case for my 900. I've gotten a lot of compliments about how natural it looks. Personally, I think the case buttons work better than the 900's native buttons, but that's just my 2 cents.

The hard Qbits cases you can get on eBay are pretty good. Wife got one, she's happy with it. Fits tight and close.

Just put it into the pocket, here we have to buy high-end phones from other countries so i can't buy any case for it :(

my 900 currently bounces around in my pocket waiting for me to drop it on the floor or chuck in some keys to mess it up.
a case would be lovely.

Not to take anything away from the leather belt case sold thru the links on this website, but without holding them and testing them with my Lumia 900 I haven't been able to pull the trigger on one. I have the hard shelled Case-Mate on mine which makes it bulky so I didn't want to get a belt case and it not fit. I did get lucky and find one at Five Below for (get this) $5 that fit mine with the Case-Mate on. It was designed for Andriod phones only, but works fine for my needs. So for a cheap decent case, checkout Five Below.

Currently no case on mine or my wife's black 900. I think my wife would really love this case.

Got the ifrogz for now for 25% off at the ATT store. Not crazy about it as the liner is a little on the hard side which means it will eventually mark the phone up. Want to eventually get a Casemate Tough Case as the inner liner is a much softer gel than the ifrogz. Got a Tough Case for wife's Titan.
I usually have multiple cases for my device anyway and this argyle case is nice as long as it has something soft on inside of it...

Just got the Nokia and need to protect it somehow with the least bulk possible. I'm rough on my phone and usually belt holster it as well as put it in case protector.

Currently, I am using just an invishield.The only problem with the screen protector is that the guy at AT&T not only put it on upside down the first time, but on the second time he got a huge bubble in it. :/

I've been torn between using a gel case or a hard case so right now I'm just carrying my 900 in my pocket.  I think the size of it fits so much nicer in a pocket than my old Samsung Focus - it doesn't rotate in my pocket the way my old phone used to.  Still, I know I'll probably end up geting a nice case/cover just because there are so many coming out on the market.  That was part of the issue with my Focus - no accessories to speak of.  Even though it was a great phone, there never was much market support for it.  Right out of the gate, the Lumia is getting loads of nice accessories and that makes me very pleased.

i just pocket mine, and even though i knew the polycarbonate doesn't show scratches like regular plastic, i still wanna protect it...and it damn near slipped out of my hands today. may go w/ the oem nokia bumper or the oem sleeve in cyan

Yes the silicon cases are the best with the multiple color choices. I had a gentlemen come into my store with the black one, the only reason i knew it was a case was because his phone looked a little more bulkier than mines. But with the color choices you get to pretend like you have an exclusive Lumia 900

I don't have a case for my awesome Lumia 900, but was looking to buy one until I found this. My freind has the purple Dicota case and I found it very slick! Count me in!

Use OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Arm Pack for Nokia Lumia 900 for when running in the park and working out. Really works great, listening to music along the way, running a couple of fitness apps, and etc. Would like to add this case to my already "Beautifully Different" Nokia Lumia 900 to make it an even spectacular friend!

I don't have a case since I usually don't like to add a case because I find that just about every phone looks better without that since that's how the phone is meant to look like. but I must admit that the dicota case caught my eye :D

Diztronic matte black you case.

This case gives you the same look and feel as the naked phone. The smooth matte back mimics the phone nicely as well as the glossy border that frames the screen. The fit is snug and all the access ports are perfectly molded. Very simple, very effective.

I've got a Blue Silicon case from eBay on my Lumia 900.  It protects the phone, but most importantly, it keeps it from always sliding out of my hands! 

Im using a 800 now but will be getting the 900 soon. i am using the 800 without a case but have dropped it a couple times leading to dents on the corners. so for the 900 i was going to get one of those nokia bumpers but since the most recent podcast im having second thoughts.

I go the bumper case for my Cyan 900, and it seems too flimsy and doesn't hug the phone as well as I would have liked it to.

Well, I pocket carried my Samsung Focus. But I'm wrapping my White Lumia 900 in a microfiber cloth 'til my Waterfield Designs ( Suede Smartphone sleeve arrives. (with pocket). I really wish I could find a Golla design wallet case that fits this, but they are just a tad too small to fit it. Those Dicota look sweet, tho!

Have the bumper but would love a little bit more protection, especially the chrome lens for the camera. This case is sweet!

The case i love is the Amzer Soft Gel TPU Gloss Skin Case, i agree that maybe its not the top case for Lumia, but i like anyway.
The ultra Soft Gel Black TPU gloss finish abridges the device's subtle contours, giving the sleek look of a hard case and the shock absorption of a soft case.

Hi folks,
This is the perfect giveaway for me, cause i still dont own a case for my Lumia, so, please look at my message, and make even a little more happy with my windows phone.

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