Nokia Lumia 922 Windows Phone headed to Verizon?

Nokia Lumia 922 headed to Verizon?

We know that AT&T is getting the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phones. T-Mobile is slated to get the Lumia 810. We've also seen a Nokia Lumia 822 floating around that is headed to Verizon.

We may need to add another number to the mix, the Nokia Lumia 922. A series of tweeted rumor is out there by @NokiaPureView who is claiming to have handled a Verizon Lumia 9XX (presumably the 922). The tweets mention that the mysterious device has a "matte finish, Pureview, is thinner, lighter and better."

Granted no pictures were offered on this mysterious device and according to @NokiaPureview Nokia CEO Stephen Elop doesn't want any pictures taken of the Verizon Windows Phone.

Rum: 5

Take it for what it's worth. While a tweet isn't the most reliable source, they have proven to be right before. For now, we'll ride the fence and say that a Verizon Lumia 922 isn't beyond reach in the future seeing how the 8XX series is being handled. We just don't know the extent of AT&T exclusivity on the Lumia 920 and it may prevent variations from hitting the shelves right away.

One thing is for certain, we all may need cheat sheets to keep up with all the Lumia model numbering that is being generated.

Source: PhoneArena via: PocketNow; Thanks, Jason, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 922 Windows Phone headed to Verizon?


I wouldn't trust a random rumor. I too can start a twitter account and tweet that I've held next line of Lumia flagships. Just another attention seeker, sorry. There are only a handful of twitter accounts that have been right in the past. I don't believe this is one of them.

I understand where you are coming from. I'm not sure if I trust this twitter tipster, but the news is posted on more than one tech site. Keep in mind the tipster has been proven to be right before about a couple of things related to the Nokia lumia line. Oh well I'll try not to get my hopes up just yet.

Uh, I think you missed the whole point of this discussion.  Just because the Twit user posted Elop said no pictures, does not mean it's true, nor that this said person had any conversations with Elop.  This is all hearsay. 

Agreed.. Especially the "matte finish, pureview, lighter and better" part sounds a bit like its made up.. I mean, its exactly what people want to hear.. Allot of people have also been complaining about the glossy finish.. And to just throw it in for 1 carrier and make it better than the international one spunds a bit stupid.. Ofcourse if its true then verizon got a nice deal out of it.. But to be this is the top of the cream when it comes to spreading nonesense..

Oh I hope there is a Nokia Lumia 910 out there. T-Mobile really needs this. All Android high end phones are on Tmo so Nokia would be stupid not to have it. Please make it happen Nokia.

This would make me sad. I don't want a "better 920" coming out right after!
I think it would be cheaper for me to cancel my service with AT&T and pay the charge, and get on Verizon for this... rather than use an 'early upgrade' to get the 920.

I wouldn't recommend it for just one phone. Verizon has been super slow and somewhat reticent to have WP devices on their network. Who's to say you won't get stuck on VZW and that'll be the last WP device they offer? See what happend with the Trophy when they launched that - ended up being the only one, and they let that languish (no support, in-store sales people hated the phone publicly, no updates, etc). If you're going to jump ship, go with the carrier that has, at least to this point, shown support for the platform - in this case, ATT. 

That's a lie. The trophy was well supported by Verizon. It got patches and all the updates. At least Verizon didn't screw their customers with legacy devices this past spring.

That's right.  How many 1st Gen. phones were updated to Tango (officially)?  The Trophy was.
How many 1st Gen. devices have Internet Sharing?  My Trophy has it.
Shockingly, Verizon has supported their lone Windows Phone pretty well.  I'd just love to see that support extended to a mythical 922.

You have a good argument dhafiz... And I haven't had any problems with at&t... Perhaps I shouldn't be so hasty

It's not going to bother me as I am going to load 7.8 on to my L900 and wait to see if MS is making their own windows phone. After seeing the surface, I believe that MS could rival anyone of the current manufacturers when it comes to design. If the surface is their design standard setting device, I know they will only use the best materials and pay close attention to design details.

Amen to that sweet powers. Although, I'm all for a 922 on Verizon as it puts the best (subjective view) WP device on the largest U.S. carrier. This should translate into a significantly higher market shares, thus more users, more devs, more great apps and games, and increased innovation for our platform of choice.

I tweet T-MO every day about this.... they did answer a few twee's with we are getting the very high end 8x I answered back NOKIA!!! They never got back to me so I tweet them every day....

Yeah I'm really tired of Verizon customers bitching and blaming OEMS when it really Verizon's own apathy toward Microsoft/Windows Phone.
I say stop bitcing and start switching...

I'm pretty sure the Galaxy S III (their best seling phone to date) is not low or mid range. And they are also getting the Note II which definitely isn't low/mid range either.

if i'm not mistaken, this same twitter account hinted at a 910 model for T-Mobile.  Also, it does not appear to be some random fly-by-night account.  it has a couple thousand followers...not that that means anything, necessarily...as i saw a commenter on another page indicate that the @nokiapureview account has been quite wrong on several things lately...but it at least seems to be linked to someone who might have a few connections.

I don't know if I'm patient enough to wait that long. Have to get my high end WP8 fix, whether it's the 8x, Ativ S, or 910.

thinner, lighter and better....so maybe no wireless charging? I wonder if Nokia would remove the wireless charging and risk diluting the brand features they've been marketing so heavily. 

I'm not sure about this phone being thinner. If they are able to make 920 thinner, why do they market the current 920, not the thinner one?

Tmo out of luck. More or less customers out luck because as someone have said, they just can't afford it, except for high end Androids.

Meh, matte finish, gief! :P I dont think we'll see these "super exclusive versions" in finland regardless..

At this point I'm almost certain a 9xx will head to Verizon. Continued speculation only hurts Nokia. It will make Verizon customers feel more aggrieved. Not to mention stop them switching in the mean time. If there is no currently planned 9xx Nokia should say so before rumours and hopes do more damage.

Sure it will, just not this year and maybe not until Q4 2013.  Why would Nokia come out and quell this 'non rumor' and confirm a forthcoming 9xx so soon, when all that would do is stave off purchases of the Nokia 8## rumored to be released within a few weeks?
Aggrieved Verizon customers across the web have already expressed their pisstivity, and have 'avowed with rage' to support the HTC 8X. 
Nokia will give the standard 'pat' answer once the 8## is released - "We will continue to offer unique propositions to the carriers".

NokiePureView has nothing to do with Nokia. He is some kid who has some webpage that looks like it was designed by a Helen Keller. Embarassing that this is showing up on the front of WPCentral.

Oh please, you're so far behind the times. Please look for my new twitter account IAmNokia where I talk about the 942 I'm already using. :)

I don't know what i should think of all those different designs and model numbers. On one hand it is great that Nokia is providing enough choice and everybody will be able two get at least one of those devices depending on the carrier, but on the other hand i really dislike confusion and don't think it's in Nokias best interesst. Granted, this strategy was successfull for Nokia before. But it was a different time back then. A time where no one knew what actualy was in a phone and processor speed and stuff like that didn't matter. 

The tweet could just be an attempt to create buzz. The 922 on Verizon is sort of a holy grail.

A 920 or 922 on Verizon is the only way I would switch at this point. Verizon and crappy sprint are the only two that works well in my area. So, I sit on sprint until, if, Verizon gets a device worth switching back to, for me the L920 is that device.

Personally, I think there is a whole batch of new phones coming out within a few months of the initial WP8 phones.  I think Nokia will have phablet, MS will have Surface phone, VZW will have something at least as good as the Nokia 900, probably 922 (much sooner than later).  In addition, I feel MS phones will be unlocked.  Therefore, as bad as I want to get new phone as soon as possible, I'm taking the wait and see approach.  I bought the Nokia 900 as soon as it was available.  It's good enough for me to wait a few more months especially if WP7.8 delivers added functionality.  I generally get contract free phones so that I can change whenever I want.

Well it will really suck if Verizon ends up with the best Nokia Device. I switched to ATT to always have the greatest WP device. 
Anyway, I’m really debating as to getting the Surface or the 920. I'd love to upgrade my Lumia 900 and Dell Duo (W8) but I can only do one this year. Sometimes I hate decisions...

How stupid would it be for Nokia/AT&T to trumpet "Nokia Lumia 920: Exclusively from AT&T" if Verizon gets pretty much the exact same phone with a slightly different number?  Not that I would put it past the moronic US cell phone market.  I hope it's true; I'm not holding my breath.

I doubt Nokia will produce anything close to the Lumia 920. Maybe in design but not in camera and hardware. I have no idea why Nokia would make another flagship phone. We might as well be disappointed now, every other carrier besides At&t (possibly tmobile with the Lumia 810) won't be seeing much of good looking Nokia phones.

I wonder why Verizon is being so quiet about WP8.
Could they play a big part in New York on 10/29?  Maybe that is why T-Mobile and ATT have shown off a lot of their new WP8 toys, but Verizon has remained pretty quiet? 
Verizon did say they want to promote 3 ecosystems. 

VZW said they want to support three ecosystems because it allows them to sit on the fence and do nothing.  They also say they will continue to support BlackBerry.  So which of the four are the "three ecosystems" they intend to support.  VZW has been completely silent probably for the same reason they were a couple years ago with WP7.  They are only on board if the platform gains traction. I think VZW customers fantasizing about all those WP8 choices in Novemeber are going to be disappointed yet again.  I am a VZW customer but cannot be disappointed on this one since 1) they have made no real promises; 2) have a track record of non-support for Windows Phone; 3) have made NO product announcements at all; and 4) even some of the products people have thought would obviously be carried are identified by the manufacturers as being products for the OTHER carriers.  Again, the HTC 8X is front and center on HTC's website and if you click on more information, the carrier is identified as AT&T. 

A rational Verizon customer for once.
VZ customers should know not to get their hopes up because VZ doesn't give and eff about WP/Microsoft. Its all about DROID for them. The iPhone only serves as a "get people to switch from ATT" device.
Looking back its a miracle that they even carried the HTC Trophy in their stores at all.

1) Verizon was listed as one of the partners in developing the security technology in the wallet app at the Windows Phone 8 reveal.  Given this, I would say they are onboard with WP8. 
2) HTC plainly stated that the 8X and 8S were going to be on Verizon, T-Mo and AT&T.  It just happens that AT&T are the ones that have done their product reveals. 
3)  Verizon chose not to carry phones until WP8 other than the Trophy because they did not carry the technology Verizon wanted in their phones.  They have however, been excellent at supporting the Trophy.  We have recieved every update to the OS released by Microsoft was well as all the firmware updates released by HTC.  What other carrier can say that about their phones? 

Hard to believe Nokia would make 920 exclusive to AT&T and then turn around and make a "thinner, lighter, better" phone for Verizon. Verizon hasn't shown any support for Nokia with the Lumia brand. Why reward them with something better than what AT&T offers?

If this is their way of saving not showing their full hand until right before launch they sure are pissing off a lot of folks in the process

We'll see how this goes. History repeats itself. Remember, Verizon initially denied the Iphone hence the reason it was an AT&T exclusive at first. So it could b happening here. Many blame Nokia but maybe just maybe Verizon is playing hardball.

I just read an article about people shouldn't get their hopes up and play the wait and see game, yet rumor articles still get posted....and when it doesn't come true, you wonder why people get angry...

I like the glossy finish. I want the glossy red 92(2?) if it is indeed heading to Verizon. I seriously hope it doesn't look much different than the 920 we're all accustomed to. I think the 920 is perfect the way it is and if it changed too much I probably wouldn't buy it. Especially if Verizon decides to put their UGLY logo on the front of the screen somewhere like they did with the 822. I like a sleek, simple design with little to no branding at all, just like the 920. Maybe I'm the only one but the tacky Verizon logo on the front would be enough reason for me not to buy it.

Nokia 922?
Released from VZW at the same time VZW announces the early release of the Surface Phone (which - despite the KIN - they will also support)? 
Where is all of this sitting on the Rumor Scale?  When will the “piling on” stop?  Perhaps a lesson to just keep cool and sit tight until a real announcement from the carrier?
I would say that a 922 device would be the only way for Nokia to pull themselves out of the Windows Phone “house of ill repute” right now.  ENOUGH, I say, of the Nokia midrange prostitutes.  They are turning this WP8 rollout into a very trashy event.


I really wish people would stop putting devices on VZW's shelves that would not even count as vaporware.  They are all just rumors about products for a carrier that has still not announced a single WP8 product and we are now less than three weeks from launch.  Until they announce a product, it does not exist and their WP track record should convice most reasonable people that few of the products will likely ever exist. Anyone who thinks VZW is just playing coy has obviously paid no attention to their marketing of Android products, and all of the talk about VZW committing to three ecosystems fails to take into acount VZW has also said they will support BlackBerry.  It is all just BS until it is backed up with product commitments. BTW, garbage along the lines of Elops doesn't want any pictures of some magical device is not only contrary to everything else Nokia has done on the marketing side but also adds about as much credibility as someone saying they had lunch with bigfoot or hung out with some aliens in a UFO but didn't have a camera handy.    

Well, if there are ANY plans to release a 9xx device on Verizon, they should announce around the official launch. Many folks will just settle on the 8x. I know that is my plan.... "settle" for the 8x if there is no 9xx love.
I just jumped ship from Sprint and went to Verizon. Got a couple iPhones. Wife loves her's but I am having problems with it. Nothing wrong with the device... just ... im not comfortable with iOS. So I plan on grabbing a WP8 device ASAP. Yeah. gonna have to pay full price.... but after seeing what the i5s are going for on eBay, it should be a wash.

The part about being matte/thinner/lighter makes me doubt the validity. Sounds too much like a fanboy wish list than reality.

In fact I'd go so far as saying it's almost an impossibility of being true because the Purview camera makes it unfeasible to get thinner.

Ugh, I want a Verizon announcement soon. We obviously all have questions about Verizon and what WP8 devices their supporting and we all need answers very soon.
I mean WP8 launch is about 3 weeks away.

I want this to happen on release but, I know it wont due to AT&T having an exclusive. I guess I wont be upgrading to a 920 because when it comes out there will be rumor of 8.5 devices and this wait will be starting all over.... Will it come to
It needs to come out within 30-60 days after Windows Phone is released. When they start showing new models at CES and WMC (world mobile conf) in 2013, the 920 will be old news.
With Microsoft's 18 month upgrade policy, I do not want a phone that is 6 months old.... I want it when it's new.
If we were lucky, we would get one with a MicroSDXC slot with a sim slot(or no Simm slot and replaced by a MicroSD slot)...better than the 920...

But this will happen every time there is a new model announced. All phones are old after 6 months. You can get one now or get one later, but after 6 months, they are all old. So why wait? You'll just be waiting forever for a mythical penultimate phone...

After 6 months the Lumia 920 will still be making new phones look old. I wouldn't be surprised if the thing still puts midrange devices to shame in 2 years, and the camera will likely still be superior to other companies' flagships.

As for the 18 month support guarantee, that guarantee is realistically in place for the last generation of WP 8.X devices. This first salvo is pretty much certain to continue getting updated for AT LEAST the next 24 months, and then some.

i would be extremely happy if this is true but the lighter thinner concerns me, whats missing? will it still have the same battery and will it have wirleess charging, from what i have been reading the 920 is heavier and thicker because of the battery and wireless charging. i hope this is not the case so i can be a very happy verizon customer.

This concerns me also, for it to be lighter and thinner they got to be removing something....smaller battery, different screen, wireless recharging coils, or a different camera system.  Or perhaps they are changing the antenna.   Depending what get's changed will determine if it's a deal breaker for me.  I like the screen, and I like the wireless recharging coils.  I might live without the highend camera, but wouldn't be thrilled about a smaller battery either.  Is this a good rummor?  Hard to say, I saw another source in the forums here that has a good contact with verizon who claims there will be a 920'ish device by black friday.  So this could be a good rummor also....

Death by a thousand cuts. I wish to God that everyone would just throw their cards on the table and let us all know what the hell is about to really happen. These slow leaks and rumors are not helping the brand. Stop being coy. It's too late for that mystery bullsh$t.

For the love of pete, when is the 920 varient for Tmo gonna be annonced. If the 920 comes to just VZW and ATT i'm gonna be ticked.

I'm guessing you picked up a Trophy when it was released in May 2011? The happy surprise is that you're eligible to upgrade every 20 months, not 24 months. So you may be up for new goodies sooner than you think.

"Thinner and lighter" better not translate to "smaller battery and/or no wireless charging and/or feebler camera."

Dang it. I think I just made myself grumpy.

Well, they'd damn well better! I intend to go AT&T for the Lumia 920, but there are A LOT of people that really stick to Verizon, often as a need for coverage. Unlike Apple's stuff, which can (and usually does) sell on name alone, Nokia's big flagship WON'T be the huge success that it deserves to be if it's only on Verizon. Nokia and Microsoft NEED Verizon if the phone(s) are to take off. Don't get me wrong, the 820 and it's variants are nice, but they can easily be overshadowed by other phones. Few in the know about tech, however, would argue against the Lumia 920 (Other than those blinded by fanboyism) being the best overall phone to come out this year.

TROLL!  @NokiaPureView  is a Troll (a person that posts drivel to elicit emotional responses from the reader).
1) "I have held it, but can't prove it because the CEO said no pictures."  Right... the CEO said no pictures but it was fine if you talk about it all you want!
2) "matte finish, Pureview, is thinner, lighter and better."  Right... Elop has a lighter, thinner, better phone that he is holding back from the US carrier that has shown the most support!
Listen, ignore the troll.  Here is what you should be thinking about.  Elop himself said that the Verizon issue is a non-issue, and will soon blow over.  Translation, Verizon will get the 920 (or whatever they call it), just not immediately.  I would expect AT&T to have a 60 day exclusive agreement to carry it through the Holidays, and then Verizon will get it in January.  30 days if we're lucky as has been rumored in Canada, 90 days at the most.
If you need/want a 920 before 2013, you may have to go with AT&T.  If like me you need Verizon to maximize LTE coverage, wait until the new year (or at least a month).  If the announcement doesn't come by the end of January, decide if the 920 on AT&T is more important than the Ativ S or 8X on Verizon.

I really don't understand the secracy. Seriously, just tell us. What is someone on Verizon says "Well, looks like I'm getting the IPhone 5" or someone from Tmo goes for a different phone?

Well we do know Verizon will offer several models of WP8 devices. Which of course we do not know. But WP8 better hurry with the newly announced RAZR maxx HD. I mean if the original maxx outsold the 4s wp got to bring the heavy artillery. HTC 8x is not enough ammo. And the ativ has not budged since ifc lol. So no 920 on verizon is not the best move. But Verizon passed up phones to only get something better. We did not get the note but we will have the note 2. We did not have a galaxy s2 but got the galaxy nexus and s3. No 920 could mean we could get something better :)

It's great that we will have a choice for WP8 phones on Verizon.  I've been waiting for almost 2 years.  Not everyone will choose the same phone because the phones are different.  That's great.  For me...I like the fast lense of the HTC 8x along with the size of the screen, the thiness,  the design, and the beats audio.  I was leaning for the Lumia 920 if on Verizon. but the list of features of the HTC 8x and design is winning me over.  The final decision will come when I actually try both out at the store.  FINALLY A CHOICE!   

I'm pissed at myself for buying the Lumia 710 back in April.....dammit i could have waited.....signed with att....and id be getting the 920 from Santa!!!!!! Impulsivity will be the end of me! I can't stand this iPhone size screen anymore!!! And this damn 8GB's of storage!!!!

Being in the retail industry.  I've seen so many of my customers with Nokia Windows Phone, and yes, there are many more android/iphone phones.  But haven't seen much HTC nor Samsung Windows Phone.  I think Nokia so far rules the Windows Phone platform. 
I think with Nokia 920 and on Verizon/AT&T/Tmobile and hopefully Sprint.  We are definitely seeing the king of Windows Phone, and that is Nokia.