Nokia Lumia 925 comes together in new advertisement

Nokia has hit the ground running releasing a new ad for their latest Windows Phone, the Lumia 925, that was officially introduced to the world this morning in London.

The forty second spot offers an inside look at the Lumia 925, highlighting the 8MP Pureview camera and aluminum body. The spot is rather generic but is just enough to catch your attention.

Source: Nokia (Youtube)


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Nokia Lumia 925 comes together in new advertisement


The back is not actually aluminum you know. But colored aluminum would be cool.

I'm disappointed by the lack of color, but at least there are colored shells. I appreciate the size improvements, but I'm not a fan of this design at all. Looks like a Sony phone mixed with an old iPhone. Completely lacks the signature look of a Lumia in my opinion. I'll still buy it for Tmobile though since it is the best phone on that carrier.

I think I've concluded that the black model looks pretty darn nice. The grey is as awful as it was in the leaked shot, and the white simply doesn't look cohesive enough.
I hope Nokia positions the black more prominently.

Yes sir, that's how I was able to read your comment. Now, I'm using my eyes (in culmination with my fingers, brain, nerves, etc.) to reply back to your comment. Human anatomy is crazy huh? :)

I've been following the comments on various blogs, most are childish. let's talk real, its a beautiful phone and now tmo has a flagship phone, period. verizon has a flagship phone, period. that's what Nokia wanted to accomplish so far. this talk of 41 megapixels and a tablet etc is speculation. come fall i see a new product or products. 900 /920 /925/ 928 are esentially the same. now get over it kids.

I do agree, most of the tone towards WP / Nokia is negative on other tech news sources after the announcement.  Hell, I tried going over to Pocketnow today and read the articles, and nothing but bashing is going on in the comments.  The fact that Nokia had set up an announcment for a refresh of a device is what is drawing all this negative conotation.   Granted, I'll agree somewhat that I was disappointed as I expected something to shock and awe me with the 925. 

I agree with you but also another point of view is it was stated T-Mo would get the phone some time later this Summer. We honestly don't know a date at this time. That could mean sometime in Aug - Sept. I think if that is true, by the time these actually hit T-Mo, they will be a last gen WP Flagship.
I'm on T-Mo and have been looking forward to this phone since I picked up a Radar. With this receint time frame news, my interest has dropped considerably.

Why have I seen more ads for this phone than the 928. I wonder if Verizon will even promote it. I'd be happy to see one commercial.

Verizon hasn't sold the 928 yet.  They will not air ads until people can buy the phone at a VZW brick and mortar.  It's that simple.  My bet is we'll begin to see ads prominently placed beginning this weekend if it does go on sale Thursday, as expected. 
We know Microsoft, Verizon, and Nokia are launching a multi-million dollar campaign to promote the phone.  I expect ads during the NBA playoffs and during prominent TV programs, plus a tone of internet ads.  ESPN has had a lot of banner WP8 ads of late.

According to context clues...I figured there wasn't going to be an EOS announcment after evleaks leaked only Catwalk/925 renders earlier this week/last week.

you should be dissappointed about yourself being clueless. "upgraded flagship models" are announced only once a year, or at least close to. Not half. 

My eyes can see plastic back cover that looks removable but is not, can't change battery, my eyes also read a memory drop of 16gb and no SD slot. But my eyes also see a beautifully thin nokia, I will get the 925 and relegate the 920 to work duties so please don't bring out another flagship this year........EOS

Ideally, there should be a 32, 64 and 128gb offering depending on what you want to spend. I'd even order it and wait a week if I was able to get exactly what I wanted.

This is a BEAUTIFUL PHONE for TMO users in the States...IMHO...The Bump on the back is negligible (Spelling) and it is really sleek and sophisticated looking. The Storage issues aside, I think this will satisfy most Tmo users who are looking for something on Par with the 920 for ATT. It may be lacking in some features for US savvy TECH GODS but should sell nicely for Tmo. Hopefully this includes Tmobile's Wifi calling App on it out of the box because that is the ONE app I am looking for. I travel a lot for work and having that ability to call while using Wi-Fi without necessarily having to get a new SIM is pretty cool...I understand Google Voice does the same thing ( using Metro Talk) over wifi with airplane mode on....
This really is a great phone....I will get it...and if i long for something better....i will save my pennies and get the newest flagship when it becomes available ...which will probably be exclusive to ATT for a like 6 months...and then made available to all ...or the international version but I think for now...as a user of the 810, this will be good for now

As an 810 user, I would recommend against anyone buying a phone that is exclusively on T Mobile.

geez dammit I was hoping this to be not-so-good so I won't want to sell my 920 for the 925!! This phone is a sexy beast!

Thanks for the link to the add!!! Simple but effective...makes it look cool, sleek and high tech with all the components being put together.