Nokia Lumia 925 to go on sale in Ireland soon with Three

Lumia 925

Nokia is looking to launch the Lumia 925 Windows Phone on Three IE this coming Tuesday (October 29th), according to a report over at Nokia News Ireland. The Windows Phone is a popular handset that packs a unique design with an aluminium touch. Improving on the camera technology found in the Lumia 920, the Lumia 925 is a worthy upgrade for anything moving across from other platforms.

Details are expected to be available later today on Three IE's website (www.three.ie). We'll update you all once pricing and available contracts have been confirmed on a live product page. There's not long to wait until those residing in Ireland will be able to take the high-end Lumia 925 for a spin. If you haven't already done so, we recommend you check out our full review of the product.

It'll also be interesting to see how consumers react to the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320.

Source: Nokia News Ireland


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Nokia Lumia 925 to go on sale in Ireland soon with Three


I wonder if this is even worth upgrading to when the 1020 is already miles more powerful. Argh this is what Nokia does to you, they give you so many options and now you're stuck with the paradox of choice. Haha.

For me I would actually prefer the 925 over 1020. Im not a camera buff, I just snap off quick shots with auto settings. Quality is important to me, but I'm to lazy to tweak ISO settings or whatever to get the most out of 1020. So weight, feel, and price of 925 win out.

This all the way. Far too much hassle with all those twirly settings. 925 is the same as the 1020 if you discount the camera. 1020 is a niche device for photo buffs.

That's just ridiculous.
The 1020 was made as a point-and-shoot, not a DSLR. The automatic settings takes care of it all - what you have to do is point the camera and click the button. Your photos will come out looking a looot better on the 1020 compared to the 925 (check camera tests if you need to verify that).
So no, you don't need to fiddle with any settings. The "Pro Cam" application is available for all Nokia phones, yet you don't see anyone complaining that they suddenly need to fiddle with it to get their photos looking right. It just gives the user the option.

925 is Nokia's best balanced phone to date. In such a big body 4.7 screen would fit easily. Then you have a winner. Instead Nokia went for unnecessary big bezel. AGAIN.

Nokia need to get their launches right.
This phone was announced 5 months back and they are still yet to start selling in many countries.

They should start sales in at least 20 countries after announcement and expanding quickly to other countries.

I bet Nokia agrees with you, but it's not that easy to just mass produce a phone for many different markets, especially when Samsung and Apple are buying up the production capacity.

I've owned one since the middle of July. Got mine through eMobile. In fact, I've just typed this comment using it. Fantastic Ted.

Three Ireland have finally ended their long running dispute with Nokia, which dates back to the Lumia 800 and they have not stocked any other Lumia's until now. Hence why the 925 is only launching now, along with the 1020 and 520 shortly after.

Too late for me as I had to get the 1020 sim free but its great to see that they have finally sorted it out.

Can't believe Ireland got a mention on this!! Fair play to ya lads!! Will get the 1020 though for the camera, already have the 920

I understand why Nokia launched so many models in different price range however small gap in specs. But that left me confused on what to get since the features that I wanted come from different models and not "all-in-one".

Well in a way its not a problem with iOS. You have one choice a year and that's that. I prefer Nokia and samsungs approach though, even if it means I have to wrack my brain over choices.

How is this nothing new? Considering 3 have not stocked a lumia since the 800.This is big news!
Plus there is more coming.

1520 camera should be very good. Might be hard to tell the difference from 1020. So if you like the size of 1520, get that one.

This is a huge DEAL as Three.ie have been anti-Nokia Lumia from the very beginning, even though they sell the HTC window's phones they never sold any Lumia devices till now.
I hope this is the start of good things to come for Windows Phone.
Its nice the 925 is coming, maybe the 1020 will be next!

Bought a Lumia 925 with Vodafone Ireland four months ago. Best mobile device I have ever bought. Besides the camera, there is very few differences between the 925 and the 1020. Let's be honest, the 925 camera is pretty damm good.

Praise be to Jesus. Three Ireland are starting to stock Nokia phones. Disappointed it's not the lumia 1020..surely they could have released a newer version than the now already dated 925

About time, I went into my local three store (got my 8X there) asking about Lumia devices and they just said "We don't stock them because they just don't sell." Yeah clearly the HTC WPs are outselling Nokia's... No, no they're not.