Nokia’s World of Apps promotion could land new U.S. Lumia owners a $20 Windows Phone Store voucher

Nokia World of Apps

Have you recently switched to a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone or planning to in the near future?  You could be eligible for a $20 Windows Phone Store voucher with Nokia’s latest promotion, the World of Apps.

If you have purchased a Nokia Lumia 521, 925, 928, 1020, 1520 Windows Phone or a Lumia 2520 tablet all you need to do is head over to this website and register.  If eligible, a PIN code will be emailed to you with instructions on how to redeem your $20 voucher.

The offer applies to purchases made from authorized retailers in the U.S. made between November 15, 2013 and January 15, 2014.  Vouchers are only available while stocks last and you have until February 15, 2014 to stake your claim.  Once redeemed you will have 180 days to spend the gift card. 

It is an easy way to get a jump on purchasing all those apps and games for your new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

Source: Nokia


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Nokia’s World of Apps promotion could land new U.S. Lumia owners a $20 Windows Phone Store voucher


I did it for Canada earlier.. It gave me an error tho:'(. 141107-GfeFBwAAAAAAAAAA-75004128-d6cb-4481-a9d8-8bb71b862629. I didn't buy my phone in the time period, got a code from nokia, but my account won't accept the gift card.

This + $50 from Microsoft on the 1520 preorder. What the heck does one spend all that one? Especially considering I don't play many games.

Xbox 360 games, avatar stuff, move all your free apps to the paid add free versions, Xbox one games, phone accessories from the MS store?

Simple, if you say you don't play many games, you can move all your app to paid version which more nicer that will remove advertisement. As simple as that dude. I am willing to get Lumia 2520 expecting at the end of this year but not eligible to get this voucher since I live in Malaysia. A little sad but still looking forward for the release of Lumia 2520. (:

Oh man, I got my 925 in October. I still signed up, though... All that they asked for was the IMEI and your email address. Hopefully they send me the voucher :p

Did you get anything back yet? I also redeemed mine a few days ago from my 928 that I got on launch day. I got to the confirmation page but haven't gotten anything in my email yet.

That's because they know Indians would hardly spend on apps. All that Indians care about is good hardware, Facebook messenger, Facebook & good camera. Except a good fb messenger Nokia is good at everything and they don't need to give these app vouchers. But getting this vouchers would help me buy those gameloft & ea sports titles, which are very big and need wi fi which is not available very easily in India

Are you kidding or over-generalizing about Indians not buying apps?  I'm just curious to know how true that is (and the reasons why).

I just registered a used 928 that I bought off of eBay a few weeks ago and it told me a voucher was on the way??

Going to be pretty awesome if I get it!

Nice offer, but whomever was responsible for the pic needs to be beaten. There are more than enough apps in our store to NOT have to repeat icons. This just fuels the iDroid herptyderp app store argument fires.

Same here. I got my code from Nokia and the device i won in a raffle so i don't know its exact purchase date. When i try to redeem, i got a please try later error. Help..... UK user btw.

Seems to work for me. I was able to get it for my 1020 I purchased in September.

Will this work again if I get the 1520 next week?

How about some recognition for everything non US. U know,where the market share is higher than 2%.

While I'm in the US, I agree with you. On the other hand, this may be a way of trying to generate some more word of mouth buzz here in the US where it's needed. You'd have to imagine the number of people who will sign up for thie x$20 is going to be less airing an ad on TV and they'd hope those people will talk about it.

Plus, we didn't get in on some of the goodies like free Monster earbuds when the rest of the world did on previous promotions :D.

I have a 1020 that my job purchased for me in October.  Looks like when I entered my code, it was accepted and displayed a message mentioning that I'll receive my voucher within 24 hours.  :-)

This is great. I'm scheduled to buy two 521's for my in laws. This just makes it that much easier to get those lumias. Thanks Nokia and MS. Love my WP's.

bought my lumia 521 a couple months ago, and they accepted me, this is awesome.. this is why I love nokia! They share the love :P

have you noticed that the voucher is in Euros and not CAD? 


I've emailed support as well...

How long does it take to get the code? I filled everything out and it said they would send a voucher sometime in the next 24 hours and its been 18 hours now. Tick tock.

Same Here, i'm Kinda concerned since reading this from nokias website ??


Warning on hoax lotteries/promotions: We would like to warn our customers that there have been several hoax messages about promotions and lottery campaigns, sent via email or SMS, purporting to originate from Nokia. Nokia has not initiated any such campaigns and has nothing to do with them - the messages have been sent via parties that are not associated with Nokia in any way. Please do not reply to these messages or pass them on, as it is possible that by replying to such emails that your personal information could be misused by the originators of the message or others. The most effective action is to delete the message without responding to the sender.


I registered my new 521 right after receiving it.  The website said I'd get an email voucher within 24 hours.  I didn't.  After 72 hours I decided to check with Nokia.  They said this was a trial and there might be some irregularities along the way.  I gave them my IMEI number again and they just today said my voucher would be sent within 5 business days.  Glad I said something.


I'm guessing they're rolling this out in the USA perhaps as a trial run to iron out the kinks, at which point they may go live worldwide.  Hopefully.

Took a week (since the 15th) but I finally got my code! This is awesome! Thanks Nokia and Microsoft! I have redeemed it and its 100% legit! Just wanted to report.