Nokia teasing Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade on Lumia 800. [Updated: Not quite]

Update: Ah, as it turns out what is shown above is actually an app called Emotiboard (found here).  In other words, false alarm! Sorry folks.

It looks like Nokia is getting frisky as they're showing a glimpse of the Lumia 800 evidently with the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade. The image above comes via their Facebook page and while it does not mention 7.8 directly it does show some new emoticons off. Those emoticons are not found in current 7.5 builds but they are found in Windows Phone 8 as we demonstrated in our video tour two weeks ago.

In addition, you can clearly see that button presses now reflect the current Accent color, a small touch that helps brighten the typing experience on Windows Phone. That's big news as it shows that Windows Phone 7.8 is more than just a new Start Screen as it will presumably include a lot of smaller enhancements, like the new emoticon system (which surprisingly is not in color).

Watch the video below to see the Windows Phone 8 emoticons in action. Thanks, mcmaui, for the tip!


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Nokia teasing Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade on Lumia 800. [Updated: Not quite]


if they bring 7.8 now i think more people will upgrade to wp8 then without it, people can see whats new and the start screen is a big step to an upgrade to wp8. So if every wp7 user has this experience, there is a bigger chance to upgrade sooner or later.

Microsoft said clearly "every wp7 7.5 will get this update." if not officially, there is an unofficial way with cab updates of with some custom roms with stock functions And 7.8 OS.

First of all ,need to know when we can have a clear information about 7.8... like a release week or a something to wait for....untill then we just make a lot of assumptions...

I can't upgrade so 7.8 coming by January would be nice but I keep in mind they do want to sell Wp8 and some people with an upgrade will hold out on buying a new phone once they get 7.8 which is something I probably wouldn't do but not sure I can blame them im sure talks of the next wp8 phones won't be too far away

They need to hurry up with the update, and hope there more to it than just the screen. But I'll be ok with whatever...

Men wp8 has a long way to go..with or without 7.8 im buying a wp8...but that doesn't mean I will buy the lumia 920...

I finally got to play with WP8 yesterday. The 8X's screen is nice but if 7.8 has all of the non-hardware dependent features that 8 has, I won't need to leave my Titan II for a new phone. Now if MS would just give us some info.

It's funny how the ads system works on this page. Nexus adds on top of the page and Nokia WP add at the bottom where hardly anyone would notice.