Keyboard in Windows Phone 8 makes use of user's Accent color

A number of Windows Phone Central readers, who happen to be incredibly observant, have noticed a small change in Windows Phone 8. As one can see in the image above, the Windows Phone keyboard now shows the selected letters in the accent colours, as opposed to black or white.

Readers noticed a fresh look for the keyboard in a HTC 8X video tour, which shows off some features in Windows Phone 8 - something that was disallowed by Microsoft and OEMs in the past. 

As one can see in the video below (at the 3:10 marker), characters selected on-screen will pop-up with an accent themed selection overlay. This is usually black for light themes and white for dark. 

Thanks to everyone who informed us of this change!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • You're welcome! :-)
  • This is really old news and Im pretty sure you guys have already covered this.
  • Pretty sure we haven't and it's not, but if you can dig up a link, we'll be glad to eat crow.
  • They had this showing at the Lumia 920 keynote when Joe was typing.
  • So you're saying I'm right, we haven't covered this before? ;-)
  • I don't know what you are saying. Can you make your sentence easier to understand?
  • We haven't covered it yet.
  • When Joe belliforie took the screenshot, then posted to twitter "First ever public screenshot!". Watch it Daniel. :-)
  • Sorry maybe it was Pocketnow who did a report on it a while ago. Like they say this could be seen in many hands-on videos when the Lumias was presented.
    Its a cool feature and its great you guys pimp it too! :)
  • Yeah I remember seeing a video that showcased yellow accents at least 3-4 weeks ago for memory.
  • K, while that may be the case...we haven't done a story on it. That means most folks are unaware of it too.
  • I think it just wasn't really important. But it is cool. :-). You made me remember it.
  • WP Central is my only source of WIndows Phone news and I hadn't yet heard of this feautre yet, so thianks guys for posting about it. 
  • Yup
  • Yup, thanks guys :)
  • Its part of the emulator too..
  • i noticed the same in the Dev Center. If you use the option find my phone. You will see you current accent in some detailes like the circle around the location your are, or the search bar if it searches your phone...
  • Great rich but how bout making it your business finding out if surface is coming to UK the UK guy and we NEED to know :D
  • It is my business, sir, and rest assured we've asked, enquired and even offered our bodies up for payment to gather information.
  • Off subject I know but needs must lol
  • Your title made me think the keyboard will speak to me with a Chinese accent. :)
  • Hahah this made me chuckle.
  • So now southerners won't have to train their phone to recognize "y'all" and it will automatically leave the letter g off the end of words??!!?
  • Nice touch.
  • It's the little things that make WP8 so spectacular
  • i need the major things, 
    when will they fix the app restarting when you tap on the tile instead (hold back then tap on open ) that neeeds fixing!!!!
  • +1 billion
  • I like that feature.. Just use the quick switching of apps to go back in. If they changed that feature and an app was playing up, you would then have to restart your phone..
  • Or they could add some way to close an app like swiping down on the screenshot in the multitasking menu. That's how its done on windows 8...
  • +1
  • Closing an app is done by taping the back button. And there's really no good reason for closing apps anyway.
  • That is actualy a useful feature when you are texting with different persons you can have multiple instances of the Messaging app open. Each for every conversation.
    Simply use the back button to go back to an app.
  • They can't fix it cause it's a feature, not a bug.
  • how is that a feature?  so you  rather unlock your phone press and hold back then go to the app, than  just tapping on the tile? that is just stupid for me..... and like  for example the whatsapp app :) it takes  for ever to load up again.
  • What's app and Spotify totally blow on WP. Can't put my head around whether it's the OS or the lack of interest from their respective devs.
  • This off topic, but I'm trying to find out if the large tile on the HTC devices with the clock, date and temp is a HTC feature or WP or WP8 feature? I really like that.
  • That's all HTC buddy. Slick huh?
  • I'm beyond excited for WP8 to release. The coloured keys are a nice touch
  • you always know the product is perfect when you notice they are focusing on each and every small detail
  • Bing search did not display, Bing music, vision, or local scout am I missing something.
  • It's really great to see the accent color show up in more places around the OS. It's little things like this that make the phone more personal.
  • Anyone know's what's 'kid's corner' setting at 1:20? Has it been a feature before? I didn't see it my Optimus 7, HD7 or Lumia 720.
  • Ah and there's Safe Search in Bing! near the end of the video
  • Am I the only one who couldn't help but notice that the guy in the video had crazy hairy knuckles?
  • i'm not sure with this, it could lead distraction
  • I love this .. i hope i can see this on wp 7.8 !
  • This is showing some nice attention to details.
  • Guys got some hairy fingers... Just sayin
  • Kids corner is new, so is tap+send, anybody notice that? A few of the things in windows 8 i have on my focus already with the custom rom. And i have 36 colors too, more than on that Htc! =)
  • Lovig the Bing picture for the wallpaper too!
  • It's a nice touch, but since they're into that much detail then I hope this is implemented as well into the Windows Phone logo at boot...
  • There should be some colours added to the emoticons too, that's one thing the wife complains about. Metro is nice but has gone too far in some areas.
  • Every button and list has accent color feedback. Look closely.
  • Revolutionary! ;)
  • Gd man keep the gd work. Cus aswel as me wanting one :D If we all want wp8 to be a success w8 is crucial to that and something of the build quality of surface will certainly help things along .
  • Like the business app setting not 100% sure on new transition to home showing app list aswell. Would love to see the FX studio app that was installed though maybe HTC version on Nokia gif maker
  • "This video is private"
  • I got hairy fingers and i am a nice guy...:)