Nokia tosses out some minor updates for HERE City Lens, #2InstaWithLove

It’s a bright and cheery Monday, at least here in New York, and what would a day going by without some Nokia updates be? Boring, is the answer. Luckily we have two so far, albeit minor ones that should make sure your Lumia is performing in tip top shape.

The first is the awkwardly named HERE City Lens, which has received an update to version, which as far as build numbers go signals to us that this is a minor undertaking. Indeed the release notes only point out “minor bug fixes”, making this a minor update.

The other update today is for Nokia’s Instagram campaign app, #2InstaWithLove, which went from a simple one-trick pony to a decent four-trick one with added filters, enabling more user creativity. Oddly, version 2.3, which just rolled out, has no new filters nor a Changelog.

Actually, there are no new features that we noticed but if we had to say something changed, it’d be that the app is faster for processing and posting now. While not exciting, it does make things a little bit snappy and Windows Phone users do love their app efficiencies.

Lumia owners can pick up HERE City Lens v2.2.18.304 here in the Nokia Collection and all Windows Phone users can grab the update #2InstaWithLove app, now at v2.3 (though still listed at 2.2) here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, andreirlopes, and others for the tips!

QR: City lens

QR: #2instagram


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Nokia tosses out some minor updates for HERE City Lens, #2InstaWithLove


I feel like each time Nokia adds a filter (I know this time didn't), it seems like instagram has less of a chance coming to windows phone.

Weird, everytime I see the #2Instawithlove app get updated I think... Well, its that much closer to turning into the instagram app.

I want a Nokia top notch phone like the 920 so bad because they have so many apps that HTC just don't have.. I can't wait to get rid of my HTC 8X for a Nokia phone, I love my 8X but it lags, no exclusive apps, support but I love the screen on my 8X it's the best! T-Mobile here of course..lol!

Daniel we are waiting for the info about gdr 2 update when its coming :D and what we gona get please answer back otherwise ima take over ur job :P

Just joken pal :)

definitely!! I'm also waiting impatiently for gdr2 (and 3 too :D) I so want FM Radio on my WP8. btw, FM Radio is in gdr2, right?

Nokia and Microsoft together could crush Insta with their own product and web hosting or partner with Yahoo with a re-vamped FLICKR or a MS SkyDrive/Azure sync option, etc..
I see the feature creep as a good thing. Flickr and Tumblr and Photobucket potentially  are three great back ends for sharing with a UI tag based refresh of the older services.   

Yeah, but if no one on iOS or Android uses it, what's the point?  Sharing your photos with your Instagram friends, as well as seeing their shared content, is why Instagram is so popular.