Not flying out to Abu Dhabi? Tune into the Nokia World live stream on October 22nd

Abu Dhabi Nokia World

Nokia World 2013 is soon approaching and is now only weeks away (October 22nd if you require reminding). Nokia has announced on its official blog that the press event taking place on the day over in Abu Dhabi will be streamed live on Nokia conversations for everyone to watch. Great news if you're unable to attend. So, what are the details?

The press event is set to begin at 11am local time in Abu Dhabi (that's 8am UK time / 3am EST). What's more is Nokia will also provide numerous webcasts after the main announcement has taken place. The interactive sessions will go into more detail about what's unveiled in the morning, so if you're excited about the new hardware, be sure to stock up on energy drink, coffee and cookies.

We'll be on the floor, as noted numerous times already, so remain tuned to our feeds for the latest news and hands-on footage.

Source: Nokia Conversations


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Not flying out to Abu Dhabi? Tune into the Nokia World live stream on October 22nd


You dont get it. I will watch the apple event over and over 24 times that day to soak up the whole revolution. This minor Nokia update event can wait till next day.

Apple... wait wait... Apple rev-- revvvvol--- Hang on sorry... Apple is im-- grrr Apple is Import---... I am sorry let me try once more... Apple is innno--- innova--... I am sorry I guess those words cannot be used in the same sentence as Apple... I can't remember the last time that Apple inve--- Invent---... That is it I give up...

You are totally right. I am pretty sure Apple is going to innovate the crap out of everyone else by making the iPad5 /even thinner/.

Guys he's been trolling/providing humor for months now. And the two events are not mutually exclusive. :p

please go back to imore forums, where your "comments" should be "appreciated"... and of course I find hilarious your statements...

12am noon AFAIK. You'll be able to view it on Nokia Conversations, we'll attempt to grab the feed for our website too.

8am? Jesus Christ...for the first time I wish I was in America instead. It's much easier for me to be awake at 3am than at 8am...

lol i was thinking the same !!! but if i'm excited about something i will wake up, watch the announcement and go back to sleep :P

America, where we still have two out of three branches of government still working, and that ain't bad!

If I could describe Apple, over the last couple of years, with one word, it would be repetitive lackluster unexciting monotonous tedious unremarkable dull... oh wait that's seven words....my bad

I'd love to go there . Not only die the Nokia goodies, but also for the weather. It will snow here soon ... Way too early in the year...

I read on the news Yesterday that Gulf States are very open to Gay tourists coming to visit them.  What a great place for Nokia to hold this sort of event. 

I don't like ms because of games for windows live, xbox and many more good (or bad ressions). Now nokia is getting more and more under ms. Should I still like nokia or not?