Nokia's Deadmau5 Event Live Stream


If you couldn't get tickets to the Nokia Deadmau5 Event or simply won't be in the London area today, you can catch all the excitement online. The event is to celebrate the successful launch of Nokia's latest Windows Phones, the Lumia 920 and 820.

The Deadmau5 event starts at 8PM GMT and you can catch it here. Our London Staff (Jay, Rich and Rob) should be in attendance and will report back later on all the goodness that was on hand.

Thanks, korggy, for the tip!


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Nokia's Deadmau5 Event Live Stream


Every single phone in the air is a Lumia 920. I wonder how many of those people are actually Nokia reps.

Was anyone able to stream in on their Lumia 920?  I was at work and my co-worker was on his iPhone 4S.  He doesn't know that mine wasn't but that is pretty embarrassing that my NOKIA device could not stream their own event.  I understand the network was busy.  It took me several attempts to get to the live streaming page on Deadmau5's site, but the window where the video should have been was black.  I tried to open the window to see if it would open full screen and NADA.

That is shameful.  I was trying to watch it from my computer using Windows 8.  The Metro version of IE wouldn't play it but then I went to the desktop IE and it played just fine.  I thought Microsoft was trying to push Metro or however is called these days.

I agree. It was kind of shameful that my Nokia 920 couldn't stream the event. I was thinking of bringing my iPad to lunch just in case but thought that Nokia would surely make certain that the fans could watch on their Nokia products, right?

Why isn't this streamed on Xbox 360 using the Live Event Viewer? Its a perfect event to bring WP exposure to the millions of Xbox users. I don't understand Microsoft missing opportunities all the time.

This was the best night ever with Deadmou5! The after party was even better! I'm still raving away! Pics and vids later in the forum :)

Even thou if anyone could not view it. They just posted a replay of video at YouTube or at.deadmou5 site