Nokia's Lumia 710 and 900 headed to Canada?

Nokia's 710 and 900 headed to Canada

Back in November, our concerns about the state of Windows Phone in Canada were somewhat alleviated when we heard that Nokia would be bringing a number of Windows phones there in 2012.  While details were scarce at the time, MobileSyrup says that they have confirmed that both the Lumia 710 and Lumia 900 (Ace) are packing their bags for the trek up North.  No timeline has been provided, but the 710 is expected to arrive first, followed by the flagship Ace shortly after. 

While Rogers is the likely carrier, TELUS and Bell are possibilities.  And since we don't even know who will be carrying the Nokia handsets, we still don't know how much they will fetch in the marketplace.  Despite the vagueness of it all, it's certainly reassuring to hear that Canada will be seeing some WP7 love.

Source: MobileSyrup; Via: UnwiredView


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Nokia's Lumia 710 and 900 headed to Canada?


I asked Rogers if they were getting any new Windows Phones and I got the typical statement- "We don't comment on eventual new services and devices but we'll keep you posted!". I've had a hunch that the Nokia phones would come to Rogers, hopefully I'm right. I'd like to know where MobileSyrup got their info.

When I aked Rogers on twitter, their reply was they were working with Samsung to hopefully bring us something soon (Nov 2011).   I would definitely be more interested in Nokia.

Hope Telus steps up and gives us the 900. They also state that the 710 may just be $375 without contract. That sounds tempting.

This will be long overdue. Im so tired of my friends saying my phone is good but they want a newer version. And since there aren't any new versions here, they go to Android or iPhone. Seriously... Canada is an important market, and MS needs to tell its manufacturers like Samsung and HTC to invest a little more here and give us the titan and the focus s.

Sure, a 34 million people is tiny in comparison with countries like the US or Brazil, but Canadians have money. That's the biggest thing, Canadians here are practically throwing their money at the newest phones and HTC and Samsung need to cash in with windows phone.

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I don't know because I've never bought a phone from Europe. Your best bet would be to check what bands the 800 uses and then ask Rogers what bands they use and if they know whether it'll work or not

Like the first commenter I e mailed Rogers to see what was going on for Windows Phone options, and didn't get any meaningful response other than "you'll know when we release it." Ugh. I am a BB user and I need something new, my 9810 is simply too buggy, and change is good. The looks, features, and apps of WP seem to suit my needs, and while the eco-system may not rival Apple it is more than sufficient. Plus I have confidence in MS to keep throwing money at this thing, because it looks like they've got a winner.
Breaking into Canada is essential, like someone else said. We have one of the highest proliferations of smart phone users, and despite a small population I am sure that Windows could make a mark here. I'd actually stumbled across several WP ads lately (done my MS) so I figure it was headed to Canada. That's how I first got the idea to get a phone, from an ad in a Canadian magazine. I was saddened at the time to see a year old device that is "just okay" was my only option.

I think this is about time. I love my HTC Surround. We had some on Telus, HTC Surround & LG Optimus, but time for an update. I would love the Ace or even the 710. Hope it comes to Telus. I am no fan of Bell, hate Emily (IVR assistant). I would go to rogers if the deal is enticing.

I work for rogers at the corporate office and can say that emailing about new devices  dosn't  give you much info as most people that answer phones and emails are not given new info about devices upcoming tell a offical announcement

FINALLY good news! If Bell carried nothing but the Nokia devices I would be very happy. Maybe they pulled a Verizon and waited for the LTE devices to drop first.
I love my HD7 but the Lumia 900 sounds to good to resist.