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Password Protected Office Files

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 opens up to password protected Office documents

You can now open password protected Office documents on Windows Phone. We've been enjoying Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for a little over a week now. During the past seven days, we've uncovered some small changes to Windows Phone like snooze control settings and more. Add opening Office documents...

China's raid on Microsoft offices is part of a new anti-monopoly probe

The government of China has officially announced it has begun an anti-monopoly probe of Microsoft in its country, one day after it raided the company's offices in four Chinese cities. China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce claims that Microsoft has not fully disclosed...
bill gates

Bill Gates wants to help Microsoft improve Office, praises CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is currently spending most of his time with his charitable work at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but in a new interview he reveals he wants to help Microsoft, and its current CEO Satya Nadella, in his role as technology advisor, particularly with Office...

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Word Online gets a little smarter with Bing-powered Insights

Office Online gets a little smarter with Bing-powered Insights

Office Word Online is about to get a little smarter with Insights for Office, which integrates Bing into the Word web app. But instead of being a search bar, Insights looks for key words or phrases in your document, and gives you information relevant to your topic. Using Insights is pretty...
Windows 10

A new patch for the Windows 10 preview won't work if you have Office installed

Microsoft is releasing a security update for the Windows 10 9879 preview build today that it knows will not install if a user's PC also has a version of its Office software suite in place on their hard drive. In a series of messages on his Twitter account, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul admitted...
Office 365

Deal: Microsoft Store offering 'Work and Play' service bundle for just $149 (US only)

If you live near one of the Microsoft Store locations in the United States, you will be able to get a terrific deal on their already impressive Work and Play bundle of services. The package, which normally costs $199, is now priced at just $149 from now until January 4, 2015. The bundle itself...
Microsoft's Sway gets Bing image search integration

Microsoft's Sway gets Bing image search integration

Microsoft announced today that its new entry into the presentation space, Sway, is picking up Bing image search integration in the first of many planned feature improvements. Integrating Bing image search into Sway is also serving as a testbed for Microsoft's machine learning ambitions in the...
Office 365

Office users can now access clip art from Bing's search engine results

Users of Microsoft's Office desktop applications such as Word and PowerPoint will now have a new way to find and use clip art in their documents. The company revealed that their Office Clip Art website has been shut down, but Office users can now access similar images from Microsoft's Bing search...
Office 365

Microsoft reveals Clutter to help Office 365 business customers manage their inbox

Office 365 business customers now have a new way to manage their inboxes that can get full of emails that are less than important. Microsoft has started rolling out a new tool called, appropriately, Clutter, that is designed to learn which emails are a top prioroty for users and which are not...
Unlimited OneDrive storage starts rolling out to Office 365 subscribers

Unlimited OneDrive storage starts rolling out to Office 365 subscribers

It looks like the wait is over for Office 365 subscribers. The unlimited OneDrive storage that Microsoft promised has officially started rolling out. The news comes from an email that the company started sending out to those who initially signed onto the waiting list for the increased storage...
PowerPoint for Windows 10

Here is the touch-optimized Microsoft Office demoed on a Surface Pro 3

As part of their many Office announcements today, Microsoft has released a video b-roll showing touch-optimized Office apps, including Word and PowerPoint, running on a Surface Pro 3 tablet with Windows 10. This video is the first time we have seen these apps actually running, as opposed to...
PowerPoint Windows 10

Microsoft confirms touch-friendly Office apps are coming with Windows 10 [Update]

Microsoft will offer touch-optimized Office apps for Windows, but there's a big catch; the company will launch those versions alongside the release of Windows 10, which won't happen until sometime in 2015. Microsoft didn't offer any other information on those touch-based Windows Office apps, but...

Microsoft announces new SDKs for Windows, Android and iOS, teams up with IFTTT and others

Microsoft today announced a wealth of new functionality for its Office 365 suite that will enable developers to add a number of new features to Android and iOS applications. The gist is that there are now a number of new APIs for email, files, contacts and calendars, allowing developers to...