Old Photo, a simple way to age your Windows Phone photos

Old Photo

There are plenty of options in the Windows Phone Store for those looking to add creative filters to your photos. One Windows Phone photography app that hopes to catch your attention is Old Photo.

Old Photo is a simple app that lets you use creative filters to give images an older feel. The effects are nice, the user interface simple and images are not resized. Old Photo may not have as many bells and whistles other Windows Phone photography apps have but it does a decent job of things nonetheless.

App Layout

Old Photo’s user interface is simple and straightforward. You have the option of launching the native camera app to capture a new photo to stylize or pull an existing image from your Pictures Hub to edit.

The editing page has your photo filters running across the top of the screen and an image preview just below. Old Photo includes a collection of over fifty effects filters. The filters are varying degrees of grayscale and sepia effects that are designed to give your images an aged feel. There are also a handful of filters present that add a colored tone to the picture and one that is a little on the psychedelic side. I'm not sure where the "old" comes into play with these filters unless you consider the "60's" as old.

Old Photo Editing Screens

Tap on a filter effect to preview things and when you find the filter effect that is just right, tap the save button located at the bottom of the screen.

Images are saved at their original resolution in the Saved Pictures folder of your Windows Phone Pictures Hub.

Overall Impression

Old Photo is a basic photo editing app that has a large selection of effects filters that will give your images an older feel. The interface is simple and images are not subject to downsizing when saved. The more I used Old Photo, the more it grew on me.

One thing I would have liked to have seen with Old Photo is a tool to add a little vignette to your images. Something to darken the edges of the image to further the old photo appearance.

Old Photo Sample

Old Photo may not be strong enough to become a daily driver for your photo editing needs but it may be a nice supplemental photography app for those times you need a quick and easy way to add an old photo feel to your images.

There is a free trial version available for Old Photo that will give you a feel for the app but won’t let you save the edited images. The full version of Old Photo is available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and currently running $.99.

You can find Old Photo here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Old Photo, a simple way to age your Windows Phone photos


Well you could certainly get these images from a film camera, probably be pretty had to get the film you would need and the effort wouldn't justify the means, but it's still doable.

poor wording on my part aside, my point is people are idiots if they are using current technology to create vintage imagery, if you want that buy a vintage camera.

Different strokes for different folks, right?  "Art" is a big part of photography; it's not always about trying to capture the most realistic possible representation of the world, is it?  I admit to often shaking my head at the whole Instagram phenomenon, but there are lots of instances where a few tweaks here and there, or even using B&W or a sepia tone, or a smidge of HDR can really transform a photo and give it new life.  It's nice if you can do that without massively degrading the underlying image; and even better if the changes enhance an already great photo rather than covering up an inherently bad one.  

It's funny how much work I've put into restoring old photos to make them look modern.  Digging through old negatives is like being able to digitally photograph the past.

So with my 41MP digital super wank fest camera with optical stabilisation and reframing, the best camera on any smartphone I can make my photos look like they were taken in the Wild West?

Genius. Why wouldn't we want such technology?

Opinions...this is a good app.People use these filters to breathe new life to their images(ie. make them look better,or old).I hope this one is faster :D

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