OneDrive now available on Windows Phone

We’re expecting the official OneDrive rebranding of SkyDrive to take place any moment now. In fact it might take place sooner than a lot of us expect. Why? SkyDrive for Windows Phone has just been updated to reflect the branding changes to OneDrive.

New OneDrive features for Windows Phone

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see an update for SkyDrive. Update the app and you’ll no longer have SkyDrive, instead you’ll have OneDrive. Not only is there a rebranding, but there’s new features in this updated app now at version 3.5. Here’s what’s new:

  • New thumbnail view
  • Improved view of shared files
  • Share multiple items at once
  • Pin folders to your Start screen
  • Open your OneDrive files in other apps
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The new thumbnail view is really nice. It’s perfect for folders with a lot of photos inside. The ability to pin specific folders to the Start screen is also a welcomed addition.  You can also open OneDrive files in other apps, which a lot of you will probably put to good use.

You can grab the newly updated OneDrive app in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks for the tip Mark T!

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Reader comments

OneDrive now available on Windows Phone


I think, when you have a Camera Rolls folder saved (meaning you enabled the auto-save option before and just disabled it now), it will automatically gives you the add'l 3gb.

Yay for update.. Too bad they forgot to change the name on the tile. It still says SkyDrive. And yay for 20gb extra storage :D

Just like to add that if you got any music files on there, you can play the whole track under lock screen where's before it used to stop playing when the screen goes off.

I still don't like the rebranding but hey, at least I got the +3GB storage without ever had any auto-upload enabled, which is a first since none of the other promo emails ever arrived. This should be good to backup things when 8.1 arrives.

I know that. And, as a lawyer, I also think Microsofts legal team must suck if they lost. Because you can't copyright words of any language.
In any case, even if this wasn't forced by some illegal court decision, the rebranding would still be horrible. "OneDrive" is just appalling. And curiously it's already used by another company. And this time it's the entire composition and not just "One" :P

about time too !!! im verry happy that microsoft is now putting effort in the the WP ecosystem! Im very glad i made that switch over from android to WP. This app is great especially that i got 3GB free not to mention the free 20GB i got when subscribing to the newsletter earlier this month.

Interesting...i didn't get a notice from the app store to update SkyDrive to OneDrive. I had to search the store for OneDrive and select to install it. SkyDrive was removed from app list after that. Considering the type of change this is, you'd think MS would put it on the front page of the store or advertise it as an app update.

Guys It's kinda broken. It doesn't update/refresh if you have synced a bit volume of files on your pc. It requires an app reeinstallation for it to work